1. S

    Imunify keeps reloading the page

    Hi there! We have an issue with Imunify in all of our servers. We have about 15 servers and in all of them we have the Imunify AV+ licence. In all of them we face the same issue. It keeps showing the following error and after a couple of seconds (around 10-12) it reloads the page (attached a...
  2. A

    imunify notifications (free version of imunify)

    Hi I am trying to change the contact notifications on all of my servers for imunify (the free version). The notification emails that I am receiving about imunify claim that the notifications are set to "high" in the contact manager of WHM. The notification emails say to change the notification...
  3. F

    Imunify AV malware scanner

    Hello After scanning with imunify AV from Cpanel i see 13 detected malwares. So, now my question is : Is this accurate that he recognized a real malwares or? . I do not know if i can erase that files if is malware. Please check attachment. Thanks
  4. HostNoc

    Imunify alternative

    Hi all, Is there any effective malware removal other than maldet or like imunify but it is paid and I am looking for opensource solution for my server Thanks
  5. S

    Reading the Imunify logs

    Hello, Im trying to make a comand line here either with grep grep domainname /var/log/imunify360/console.log or using something like imunify360-agent get but I cant get around it. Thing is data in the /var/log/imunify360/console.log file is not really user friendly and I'd like to extract there...
  6. T

    Imunify360 changes halt Apache

    Mid day, something changed, and Apache failed. These two rules in /etc/apache2/conf.d/modsec_vendor_configs/imunify360-full-apache/004_i360_4_custom.conf seem to be the culprits. I removed them, and Apache would start again. Pretty sure I tried them both individually as well, but things have...
  7. J

    imunify360 constant cron job every minute

    Hello. Is it normal for the free version of imunify360 to produce cron logs showing activity every single minute as well as every 5 minutes as such: May 31 07:30:01 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx CROND[6360]: (root) CMD ( imunify360-agent malware on-demand check-detached 2>&1 > /dev/null || :) May 31...
  8. N

    New php.ini file on php-internal from cPanel or Imunify?

    Hello, Today after a CSF scan I have notice this: PHP Check Check php for enable_dl or disabled dl() You should set: enable_dl = Off This prevents users from loading php modules that affect everyone on the server. Note that if use dynamic libraries, such as ioncube, you will have to load them...
  9. schoeps

    Imunify Notifications?

    has anyone had any success with these? The documentation mentions that you can just enter an email, but the backend only offers the ability to add scripts. I've tried creating a few scripts to run execute when a virus is detected, but they do not work. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  10. R

    Using Imunify360, but see this message "CSF is installed, but LFD is not running"

    I have Imunfy360 installed and CSF/LDF seem to be uninstalled. I see this message "CSF is installed, but LFD is not running" in the Security Advisor output. I realize the notice is not accurate and can be safely ignore it ( I double check for CSF/LDF via SSH, not installed ). Anything I can...