1. S


    Is there any cons of enabling InnoDB? If not, how do I enable this? My current /etc/my.cnf [mysqld] datadir=/var/lib/mysql skip-locking skip-innodb max_connections = 750 key_buffer = 128M myisam_sort_buffer_size = 64M join_buffer_size = 1M read_buffer_size = 1M sort_buffer_size =...
  2. M

    How to create InnoDB in cPanel

    The table type is MyISAM as default, one of my users is wanting to create a InnoDB type table, how this can be done ?
  3. 0

    Two MySQL Issues: Priveleges and InnoDB

    I'm experiencing an odd error when trying to update MySQL users in cPanel. No matter what I do, every user is always granted all privileges. I'm not sure if it's cPanel itself or my host. I posted a thread on their support forums a while ago, yet the issue is still not resolved. Another...
  4. promak

    /scripts/pkgacct2 innodb format

    /scripts/pkgacct2 and cpanel backup will not support innodb format backup. can cpanel change backup format to support innodb mysql format. because i need to mysqldump with this command for many mysql user. "mysqldump --single-transaction " :cool:
  5. G

    Error on copy accounts with InnoDB

    Hi We are moving our accounts from one server using the WHM copy accounts feature, but has a problem on mysql databases with InnoDB type tables, the databases are empty on the new server. All users, pw, and databases names are moved, but no tables were created on the new server. Is there...
  6. jackal

    Type InnoDB Tables Moved

    We are in the process of moving some accounts from a server to a new server, we have tried this in whm and also in shell. Both work but we have one problem that continues to exist. Somehow in every db that has this type of table (InnoDB ) they get corrupt in the move. All other db table types...
  7. D

    my.cnf and InnoDB

    Hi Guys, Any of you guys use InnoDB with your MySQL ? I tried to add InnoDB to my my.cnf but it kept on failing on restart. Can anybody share the my.cnf setting for InnoDB ? Support Ticket Number:
  8. J

    Has anyone implemented InnoDB in MySQL?

    Has anyone recompiled the CPanel build of MySQL to support InnoDB? I have a few customers asking for it and can't see a good reason not to be offering it. Any input? Jaz