1. H

    The path to iptables is either not set or incorrect for IPTABLES [/sbin/iptables] in /etc/csf/csf.conf

    Been having some issues with CSF causing high ping and timeouts, decided to reinstall ipset but now I am faced with this error message. What is the fix? What does csf need to run [root@cpanel1 log]# yum remove ipset This system is receiving updates from CloudLinux Network server. Dependencies...
  2. J

    IP blocked in firewall won't unblock

    We have a customer that's been automatically FTPing a webcam file (that shows the local surf conditions) from IP to every 5 minutes for years. Suddenly, they started getting this: Error message: "connection failed check username and password" We use cPHulk, CSF/LFD, CXS...
  3. C

    How to allow port 2195 for Apple Push Notification in CentOS with WHM/cPanel?

    I want to allow port 2195 for Apple PN. I've tried running various commands and running more commands to test it but I can't figure out if it is added or enabled. I've WHM/cPanel with centOS 7.9. I've added port 2195 in CSF Home / Plugins / ConfigServer Security & Firewall, TCP_IN and TCP_OUT...
  4. K

    Host Access Control, rules dont load - nftables removed, iptables installed

    I am in the process of preparing a new cPanel server onn Alma Linux 8.5. I ran into a little problem while setting up the firewall. Since I decided to use CSF (I've always used it), I removed nftables and installed iptables. CSF works fine, but unfortunately the rules in Host Access Control are...
  5. J

    SOLVED iptables -L odd chain allow including Amazon ec2

    Hello. I hope everyone is safe and healthy. On my cpanel running ConfigServer when I issue command iptables -L, I see the following and wondering why they are there. Other entries seem normal: Chain ALLOWIN (1 references) target prot opt source destination ACCEPT...
  6. G

    Fun with iptables

    I discovered several months ago that none of my users that used Charter internet were unable to access any of my sites. After much poking and prodding, I discovered that the issue was with iptables! Something I had never even heard of until then. The temporary solution was to disable it using...
  7. WebHostPro

    Is there a way to block total server access to all but one IP?

    I have a server we need to block all access to but a single IP. Any idea how I can do this? I believe it would be with CSF or directly with IP tables. Ideally I would like to do it in WHM.
  8. P

    SOLVED Open port 3306 (without CSF)

    I'm trying to connect remotely to my MySQL database, but port 3306 is closed (telnet can't connect). I guess it has something to do with the fact that I used to have CSF, but that isn't installed anymore (since months/years). Obviously I can't modify its configuration / settings. So installing...
  9. natong

    Need help with iptables for OpenVPN on CentOS 6.9

    I installed OpenVPN 2.4.3 x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu. But the firewall block incoming the TCP port 1194. Which command to unblock these port ? ------------------------------ When I add my current IP to the allow lists, I can connect to OpenVPN but can't go outside. I already did: nano -w...
  10. A

    How to clear blocked ips in iptables from the node

    Hello, I have a list of blocked vps's for my clients they can't access the ssh from the putty terminal i think i have blocked their ips from the main node can any one help me i suffered from searching online
  11. L

    disable firewall (iptables, cphulkd) still cannot login

    Dear all, today i cannot access to login page of my whm/cpanel with or without https but i can login via ssh. i already disable firewall (see command bellow) but its still not work. and i also try ============= root@serv1 [~]# service iptables save iptables: Saving firewall rules to...
  12. M

    Iptables get overwritten over time

    Hello, I want my cpanel server to be able to connect to my proxy on outgoing port 3127 therefore I executed iptables -A OUTPUT -p tcp --dport 3127 -j ACCEPT service iptables save and this seemed to work but roughly every 24 hours that outgoing port gets blocked again. Restarting the iptables...
  13. P

    Iptables not adding rules - DNSonly

    Have a Centos 5.10 server running DNSonly. I want to change the SSH port to a different number, and update the firewall rules accordingly - however they are not being added root@ns3 [~]# sudo iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 4535 -j ACCEPT root@ns3 [~]# sudo iptables -A OUTPUT -p tcp...
  14. C

    SFTP being blocked by IPTables

    Every so often, I don't know what triggers it the FTP user will be presented this through FileZilla log: Command: PASS ************ Response: 530 Login authentication failed Error: Critical error Error: Could not connect to server I've been redundantly using iptables -F which allow the...
  15. E

    iptables -F

    Somehow a few hours ago all my domains and cpanel that I host on a server weren't available. Using a browser I would get an error telling me that the domain could not be accessed. I was able to ssh using the IP address and I started searching the Internet about networking issues and fixes...
  16. postcd

    Can i upgrade iptables on WHM server?

    Hello, on my CentOS 6.x 64 openVZ based VPS where is WHM installed, i have "iptables -v": iptables v1.3.5 and i have Config server installed there, but its test script returns: dmesg returns: Its some centos bug: 0005749: CONNLIMIT feature - CentOS Bug Tracker which i dont know how to...
  17. postcd

    How many ips can i ban in iptables firewall?

    Hello, how i can see how much ips blocked in iptables is too much? where can i check it. Is there any hard limit or how to determine acceptable number keeping in ming that i have 6x2.2Ghz cpu and 8gb ram + basic 7k rpm disk?
  18. B

    after every reboot, IPTables denied all visitors

    Hi guys, i am using vps with WHM/cPanel after every reboot, IPTables denied all visitors, including me so i cant access the sites, whm, cpanel, ftp, or ssh at all so i need to create webhosting support ticket to help disable IPTables from they side, everytime after rebooted this...
  19. J

    iptables Issues

    Hi guys I already posted this n CSF forum but didnt get any reply. I'm using Centos 5.10 with latest CSF installed. Yesterday I did some changes from UI. I only changed SU/SSH login alerts set to root and it was working great for like 6 hours. Today when I saw my mail box I got around 50...
  20. S

    iptables rule

    Dear all, I knew that this forum is basically for the cPanel issue, but as I knew all the talented peoples viewing this forum, therefore posting iptable issue here. Can some one let me know the iptable rule to forward all the secured Apache connection to the port range like 800:900...