1. B

    Cron jailshell permission denied?

    Hello , I got this error email message /bin/bash: /home/mysite/public_html/_cron/cron.php: Permission denied
  2. Kent Brockman

    How to disable jailshell completely and get rid of virtfs folder

    Hello friends. I have one VPS where the virtfs folder is using 10 GB... and it's a PITA. I don't want to expand the server if I can delete all that files. I readed a lot and followed instructions from here: VirtFS (Jailed Shell) to disable _VirtFS here: /home/virtfs/ consuming...
  3. S

    Jailshell - what's included?

    What directories are included in jailshell now? What happened to jailshell? This has really messed up a lot of stuff for me, because of the way cron jobs are run now. Custom php addons located in /etc/php53.d are no longer included in jailshell systems. I don't know what is included in...
  4. F

    VirtFS - Jailshell - Trying to understand

    Hi. The VirtFS and Jailshell, this works only for the users who have shell access? If I don't have accounts with shell access, these 2 ones can be disabled or they are a part of security on cPanel? I see that have docs on cPanel website, but no time to read all. Thanks.
  5. H

    [Case 69685] VPS high load - jailshell problem

    Since y'day my vps is showing high load. My host investigate and told me this: "That jailshell was causing this. This is a known issue with your kernel and Cpanel and we are still waiting for Cpanel to push an update to correct this. In the mean time I have disabled jailshell to correct this...
  6. H

    Read-Only FileSystem - JailShell

    We're getting read-only errors with cPanel users who have the updated SHELL line in their crontab, e.g.: 2013-07-01 09:20:02 Cannot open main log file "/var/log/exim_mainlog": Read-only file system: euid=0 egid=32007 2013-07-01 09:20:02 cwd=/home/<cpuser> 3 args: /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i...
  7. M

    cpanel uses jailshell for cron (problem)

    Hello, I have for all my users disabled Shell Access but I see jailshell activity on the server like the folders been created : # df Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on /dev/simfs 734003200 86170816 647832384 12% /home/virtfs/livecomg/lib...
  8. S

    Is this expected with jailshell?

    I wonder if the following example is simply an expected and normal side effect of commands running from jailshell: # less .bash_profile sh: /usr/local/cpanel/bin/jailshell: No such file or directory The command works, so it doesn't seem to break things, but the warning can be bothersome...
  9. S

    Jailshell Error: -jailshell: /sbin/consoletype: No such file or directory

    Anytime a user logs into jailshell, the error "-jailshell: /sbin/consoletype: No such file or directory" is displayed. What could be causing this? I checked the profile and bashrc file and am not finding anything calling to this.
  10. S

    Jailshell SSH - Vi/Vim cursor keys giving A B C D

    When I log in as root, using /bin/bash then vi seems to work prefectly fine in all respects. When a normal cpanel users SSH's in (jailshell) then they find that vi works fine apart from inInsert mode, where the cursor keys give A B C D, and the backspace doesn't actually delete the character in...
  11. D

    jailshell - what's the point?

    Recently I needed to peruse my site's raw FTP log. Not finding this in the cpanel web interface, I fire up ssh, only to discover that the logs are inaccessible from the jailshell since they're symlinked to outside my home directory. Not a problem -- a file upload and a browser click later...
  12. I

    JailShell Access

    I would like to restrict some of the commands that are allowed in the jailshell + some of the directory. Can someone help me with it? atm anyone who has jailshell can view edit /etc/passwd file also. hence i wanna fix thing in my server. any help appreciated. Thanks
  13. G

    Jailshell ?

    I try login via Putty and i login successfully to some -jailshell-3.00$ ; anyidea what this is and how do I goto the root of the remote server
  14. S

    Jailshell users unable to execute commands

    After migrating a server to different hardware we are currently running into this issue. When a user is given SSH access through a jailshell when logging in it gives these errors: Last login: Thu Sep 10 15:58:45 2009 from ***.**.***.*** /bin/grep: error while loading shared libraries...
  15. S

    Memory issue running PHP scripts from Jailshell account

    I have recently run into a problem where PHP scripts will not run correctly from a Jailshell SSH prompt, e.g.: php -f myscript.php The following error appears in the error_log: PHP Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 20447232) (tried to allocate 4096 bytes) in myscript.php The out...
  16. E

    JailShell and VirtFS

    Hello, There seams to be a problem with the jailshell regarding the link to the access_log -> /usr/local/apache/domlogs/USER Creating the Virtfs for the user the folder /usr/local/apache or domlogs is not mounted and therefore the above link seams broken. Adding the folder to the...
  17. PWSowner

    /home/virtfs eating up space - not using jailshell

    The use jailshell on new account creation is not ticked. The manage shells shows nobody with jailshell, but some of my own accounts have normal shell. Those first 2 statements don't even matter though, as you'll see below. I only included them because searching for this issue has brought...
  18. S

    jailshell and ctrl-o

    I cant make ctrl-o to work in jailshell (like minimalizing mc). In normal shell it works. Can I make it work in jailshell?
  19. J

    jailshell + php + pgsql = connection timeout

    Hello, Under jaishell i'm executing via php cli one of scripts that connets to postgresql (installed via /scripts/installpostgres), but it gives me connection timeout error. When i change shell type to normal, then its ok. How to fix this? :confused: update: Solved. I just removed from...
  20. S

    Problem connecting to MySQL through Jailshell

    We have just moved MySQL from /var/lib/mysql/ to our backup drive mounted on /home2/mysql/ to free up some space and reduce i/o load. This is what I have done: 1. Transferred all files under /var/lib/mysql/ to the new directory /home2/mysql/, preserving permissions and file ownership...