1. H

    How do I completely disable jailshell and get rid of /home/virtfs

    cpanel keeps mounting filesystems inside /home/virtfs which is causing my server to crash. Analyzing the dumps show the crash is occurring during a file system mount. Since I dont mount anything after the server boots, i can only conclude that this jailshell is causing it. I do not...
  2. mwmconsulting

    su from jailshell

    All of a sudden I am unable to "su - root" from my jailshell. My host provider says it's a new "feature" of the latest cPanel release. Is this true? They often tell me things when they don't actually know the answer. I have confirmed my username is a part of the wheel group. Again, no...
  3. D

    crontab -e in jailshell?

    Hi guys, Is there a way to allow crontab -e to function in a jailshell? How would I edit /home/virtfs to do so? Thanks, Otto
  4. V

    sudo & jailshell

    Hi! We run a couple of CentOS based VPS' with different hosting providers. All the users on the VPS' have jailshell enabled and this causes sudo to stop for that user. For example, we are trying to give access to wget to a specific jailshelled user through sudo. When we try and run wget...
  5. S

    Script to automate subversion in jailshell

    This script assumes you have Subversion installed. It checks for the virtfs entry, and if exists, copies the necessary libraries for subversion (svn) to work in a jailshell. ##!/bin/bash ## Setup libapr libaprutil for jail shell users ## [email protected] echo...
  6. B

    Jailshell and background processes

    While it may seem like this defeats the purpose of jailshell, I wondered if there was a way to allow a certain user to launch background processes? I trust this individual enough that they won't be running "bad" background processes but I find locking them to a virtual fs more preferable than...
  7. I

    jailshell root folder

    When I give a user access via jailshell, he still appears to have access to the system root folder and selected sub-folders from there. I understood that jailshell was designed to set the root folder to be the users home directory Is there any way to set it so that is the case?
  8. Y

    JailShell for SFTP?

    Hi everybody, how i can i jailshell the sftp access? I want to allow users to connect only to their home directory via SFTP and not to be able to go up on the folder tree and see /etc, /tmp, etc? I think it is a pretty important setting for the security of the server but i don't find any...
  9. J

    Jailshell ulimit issue

    I'm trying to raise the limit on the number of open files for a user... I entered them in /etc/security/limits.conf and did ulimit -n as root but the user still has a limit of only 100 open files.
  10. L

    Jailshell problems

    Hello. I have enabled jailshell for one user on server but when trying to login i get: tc@support01:~$ ssh -l metclub mh16 Password:****** Last login: Thu Dec 27 12:49:33 2007 from host-static-212 Copyright (c) 1980, 1983, 1986, 1988, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1994 The Regents of the...
  11. C

    jailshell users 'passwd' problems

    Hello Everyone, First time caller long time listener! :P I have a problem, I have been giving jailshells out to friends so they can IRC and what not However we have stumbled across a unique bug and im not sure how to fix it, Ive spent the day rummaging around google to no avail and im not...
  12. carock

    Is ther a way to add allowances to jailshell?

    I have a customer that would like to run the screen command. I installed it on the server, but when they run it, it has the following error. cpanel [~]# screen Cannot access '/dev/pts/1': No such file or directory Is there a way to allow jailshell to access this for this command or do I...
  13. P

    PHP: libcurl.so.4 missing in jailshell

    After recently upgrading PHP to 5.24 and Apache to 2.2, I am experiencing a problem when attempting to call PHP from a jailshell: The jailshell does not appear to include /opt/curlssl/libcurl.so.4 shared library link that PHP is compiled with ('--with-curl=/opt/curlssl/'). Now, I believe...
  14. G

    How to remove virtfs and disable jailshell completely

    Hello, I want to remove /home/virtfs. I know that it consists of hardlinks to actual system files, and I shouldn't do a rm -rf. Currently I don't have any users which have jailed shell enabled, but there is still one /home/virtfs/user directory. And I want to disable jailed shell completely...
  15. O

    Jailshell Permission Deneid

    Hello, I have a problem while working on jailshell. Whenever I am writing any command, I am getting the Permission Denied error. Any solutions are appriciated. Thanks, Onkar
  16. H

    JailShell / Shell issues

    Good morning, I am not sure if this issue is something cpanel can help me with or not... I'm not sure who's control or management it falls under. Ok... SO i have a user on the weekend that needed to have php5 installed. We had our weekend outsourced tech support install it and then there...
  17. G

    Jailshell and limits.conf file

    Hello, When a user are inside a Jailshell environment, the values of /etc/security/limits.conf do not work, being completely ignored. Example: userx hard nproc 500 And ulimit -a output: [userx@doindoin bin]$ ulimit -a core file size (blocks, -c)...
  18. K

    Important Jailshell Question

    Say I'm wanting to give users shell access, and want all of the features of jailshell, however I would like to allow all jailshell users access to read a certain directory that jailshell does not normally allow access to. Is there any way I can set this up? For instance - I'm running game...
  19. J

    jailshell and setting up timezone as a user?

    Hi guys. Where can I find documentation for jailshell? It writes history down to .bash_history, but it doesn't read .bashrc at startup, and if I want to set up my timezone being different from the system timezone, then I have to set up TZ variable, but that ain't happening - once again -...
  20. J

    Jailshell Doesn't Allow 'ls'

    Hi All, New to cPanel, but not new to control panels in general. I'm preparing to migrate a server from ISPConfig to cPanel, but I can't seem to get any joy out of the jailshell. When a jail a user, that user can no longer ls his directory or create files...seems he no longer has permissions...