1. V

    Jailshell profile/startup

    Did anyone ever find a solution to make people's profiles (.bashrc ... .bash_profile ... other names ? ) to work within cpanel's jailshell ? cPanel.net Support Ticket Number:
  2. speckados

    How-to for use java on jailshell?

    There're any way for setup a account to use java (jdk) on system. I need setup for my customers. One TPV for a Spanish bank), use java for sign a secure transactions. I've any test with admin, and work fine, but when go to jailshell, I can't use java. I've tryed to export path, but...
  3. dgbaker

    WARNING - Jailshell and files

    We wanted to give everyone using jailshell a heads on something. DO NOT EVER - try to remove /home/virtfs You will find yourselves rebuilding your server. If you delete that directory it does delete the files under it, plus it deletes the real files starting from / Example...
  4. D

    Configuring Jailshell

    Is there anyway I can configure Jailshell to have access to executables such as wc, diff, which, cvs, ssh, scp, ftp, dos2unix, and rsync?
  5. J

    jailshell .profile and Sftp

    Anyone know how to make it work again .profile and Sftp using jailshell? The biggest problem is with Sftp, when I try to connect through Sftp/jailshell I get I looked at /etc/shells, also in sshd_config and Subsystem sftp /usr/libexec/openssh/sftp-server is uncommented Anybody...
  6. S

    jailshell logs

    are there logs on what clients do within their jailshell? If so, where are the logs located?
  7. R

    About Jailshell.

    Where can I get jailshell.c file? In /usr/local/cpanel/src/wrap/Makefile I found: "gcc ${OPTFLAGS} jailshell.c -o jailshell" I think that this file (jailshell.c) help me to configure what applications users can use.
  8. V

    adding/removing programs from jailshell

    The jail shell itself (non cpanel version) normally has the ability to add or remove programs from a specific user's shell. These programs are not included with the jailshell that cpanel distributes. How can we add/remove programs from a specific user's account ? The virtual FS exists under...
  9. silvernetuk


    Hi, If I give a user JailShell, can the user do everything they need to do in shell ? Regards, Garry
  10. N

    jailshell question..

    When I access my account by jailshell, even I can see "setting up account on present" message but my shell point is on /(root). How can I fix this problem.