1. M

    lfd: ignore "excessive resource usage" for pkgacct

    I'm having trouble telling lfd to ignore "excessive resource usage" warnings. I've tried exe and pexe lines, but I'm still getting the emails every night. Here's the message I'm getting each night: Account: [username removed] Resource: Virtual Memory Size Exceeded: 277 > 200 (MB) Executable...
  2. T

    lfd on xxx.xxx: Suspicious process running under user dbus

    Hello, all i know that LFD alerts are not from cPanel/Whm however i want to ask first here because this new (and strange) alert was caused after i run easyapache; I run easyapache in one of my servers and after it finished this LFD alert comes every hour: Time: Thu May 28 00:00:03 2015 -0500...
  3. S

    WHM and LFD root access alert emails

    Hello, Since a few days ago when I access the WHM I do not receive alerts access. If I receive a warning when I access through SSH. And contact ConfigServer but apparently see nothing strange, someone happened and have any solution? Thank You.
  4. F

    lfd - *Port Scan* detected - question

    Hi, We modofied CSF settings, and after was set a few things, own client find us, because the CSF was blocking a lot of IP address: What it means: "Port scan" ? Thanks!
  5. W

    lfd on my.domain.com: Suspicious process running under user myusername

    I got this sent to my email today from my cpanel dedicated server. I'm wondering do I need to be concerned? Do I have a trojan? p.s. I did do an antivirus check 2 days ago and did find a virus in the mail and removed it using the cpanel antivirus. I wonder if this is related? (p.s.s. I...
  6. L

    lfd on XXXX: Suspicious process running under user nobody

    Hi, Impossible to catch this process.. do you have an idea ? Mon Aug 19 21:46:36 2013 +0100 PID: 2281 (Parent PID:2164) Account: nobody Uptime: 68 seconds Executable: /usr/bin/perl Command Line (often faked in exploits): Network connections by the process...
  7. T

    lfd down

    OK, I'm on trial license of cPanel WHM. And before purchasing it, I'd need to know I can get it working (which I hope is understandable) Normally I'm use to Debian Linux with Direct Admin or simply apt-get install packages. So CentOS (6.3) is overall new to me and installing & managing...
  8. A

    Problem with csf / lfd blocking someone due to pop3 for no reason

    Hi I have a problem on my cPanel server where a client is constantly blocked by lfd, with this error in the logs (informations are hidden on purpose): May 10 15:17:03 mail lfd[20531]: pop3d - 61 logins in 986 secs from **.**.191.142 (CA/Canada/bas1-legardeur06-1176354702.dsl.bell.ca) for...
  9. S

    lfd on server.customer.com status: failed

    lfd failed @ Thu Apr 12 15:50:55 2012. A restart was attempted automagically. Service Check Method: [check command] Number of Restart Attempts: 58 What do I do?
  10. L

    lfd on server.mydomain.com failed

    Hi, I keep getting the following error message by mail : "cPanel ChkServd Service Monitor ✆ [email protected] 6:05 AM (19 minutes ago) lfd failed @ Mon Mar 12 06:05:04 2012. A restart was attempted automagically. Service Check Method: [check command] Number of Restart...
  11. S

    lfd on server : Excessive resource usage: cpanel username (23862)

    Hello, Every time i am receiving message as Time: Mon Oct 3 02:31:13 2011 +0530 Account: cpanel username Resource: Process Time Exceeded: 1809 > 1800 (seconds) Executable: /usr/bin/php Command Line: /usr/bin/php PID: 23862 Killed: No...
  12. sniperscope

    lfd: High 5 minute load average alert - 80.90

    I am keep getting this error message. This error message belong to one my share server which has only 5 accounts in it. Detail of report is below: I have no idea why is this mail keep sending but i feel uncomfortable Regards USER PID %CPU %MEM VSZ RSS TTY STAT START...
  13. E

    Help - lfd on server: High 5 minute load average alert - 6.15

    Hello i am getting this message in every hour or two and there are 3 files attached. vmstats.txt Output from vmstat: procs -----------memory---------- ---swap-- -----io---- --system-- -----cpu------ r b swpd free buff cache si so bi bo in cs us sy id wa st 1 1 400...
  14. AutoCrat

    lfd: Suspicious process running under user cpanel

    I've receive emails often with content below: Time: Tue May 31 09:08:55 2011 +0430 PID: 12827 Account: cpanel Uptime: 312 seconds Executable: /usr/local/bin/perl Command Line (often faked in exploits): spamd child Network connections by the process (if any)...
  15. S

    lfd on x.x.x Suspicious process running under user news

    i received more than 3000 messages from lfd, but i don't know the origin of the problem Time: Mon Apr 11 06:23:27 2011 -0400 PID: 13506 Account: news Uptime: 78 seconds Executable: /usr/bin/php Command Line (often faked in exploits): /usr/bin/php Network...
  16. Chriz1977

    lfd on server.xxx.com: Excessive resource usage error problem

    Hi Im getting a lot of excessive resource useage errors that look like this : Time: Sat Mar 19 12:39:18 2011 +0000 Account: xxxxxx Resource: Process Time Exceeded: 1831 > 1800 (seconds) Executable: /usr/bin/perl Command Line: cpanellogd - http logs for xxxxxx...
  17. W

    API for LFD Quick Allow?

    Is there an API or URL with GET params that i can call via cURL to unblock an IP address. We'd like to include this in our tech support engr's interface. thanks
  18. W

    LFD firewall (linux LAMP server) allows IP thru after blocking

    LFD firewall still allowing IP addresses thru that were already blocked I've noticed several separate instances recently, two typical ones are described here. 1. i had manually added an IP address due to web form spam. Then we got several MORE from the same IP address that had been...
  19. E

    lfd failed

    I continuously getting lfd failed messages. How I can get ride on it.. In Service Status it show up.
  20. T

    httpd, lfd, httpd, cpsrvd, lfd failed and restarted multiple times. What now?

    Cpanel installed on Centos 5.2 on a dedicated server. This morning, I received multiple emails about services being restarted. About 20 minutes apart, with nothing that I coudl see going on with the server, I had multiple services fail and restart. How do I trouble shoot this to see if...