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    CSF / LFD issue

    Why am I getting clients complaining of such un-necessary blocks? Sample: # lfd: 5 (webmail,cpanel) login failures from - Wed Nov 8 17:34:44 2006 # lfd: 5 (pop3d) login failures from - Wed Nov 8 19:55:50 2006 #...
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    csf / lfd keeps blocking pop3 users

    xxx.xxx.105.159 # lfd: 5 (pop3d) login failures from xxx.xxx.105.159 - Thu Nov 2 23:37:51 2006 This has happened numerous times to this one person. Why is that? The person is not failing to login to pop3 5 times at all.
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    csf / lfd

    I installed chirpy's csf / lfd firewall and when starting firewall I get this Error: IP [ipaddress] is listed twice in ifconfig!, at line 657 How do I fix this? the security check option in csf shows this "You have a nobody cron log file - you should check that this has not been...