1. Tarak Nath

    Do we need to reactivate our license on the new server if the server IP remain same

    Hello, Due to hardware issue we are forced to change our current cPanel server to new cPanel server. Suppose current server IP is with purchased cPanel licence and the new server IP is with cPanel trial license temporarily. Once all accounts are transferred to new...
  2. shenzy

    Admin and pro license options for Metal/Dedicated servers

    Hello, I recently posted a feature request about the licensing scheme that you might be interested in reviewing and voting on (still in moderation). I really don't understand why Admin and Pro licenses are only allowed for Cloud/VPS. It is unfair for those of us who have real, physical servers...
  3. B

    What happens if I don’t renew my CPANEL license? And then renew say for example 6 months later?

    What happens if I don’t renew my CPANEL license? And then renew say for example 6 months later? When I Renew would I need to pay for the months it was not used ? ( 6 months in my example) Or do I pay for the month it was only active? Thanks In advance
  4. S

    SOLVED Staging license?

    With the forced transition to a Linux distro other that CentOS, I'd like to first test in a staging VM. Is there a way to get a free license, akin to a developer license, but for staging? The developer license application insists you must be "developing an application that will integrate with...
  5. C

    License expired and cannot renew

    Hello My license was expired a few hours ago and when I am trying to renew, store gives me the error A license on this IP address is currently pending approval. I need to renew immediately
  6. H

    Increasing account licenses from 30 to 50

    Hi all, I've ordered account license increase from 30 to 50 on my existing VPS server from my host, and it looks like I need to reinstall cPanel in order to apply new license. Is that so and do I need to reinstall the server? Thanks
  7. B

    Cannot Read License FileTo access the interface

    I got a license before going to bed last night only to wake up this morning with the below message, I go the license directly from the WHM Dashboard and I assumed I was getting the correct thing which should last until next month but today when I checked it says it expired yesterday. Cannot...
  8. S

    cpanel license issue

    Hello! I have purchased my server license from third party. But due to non payment on due date they suspended my license which I paid later and they re actived it. I, then uploaded some funds for next month. But due to some reason Due date past and they suspended my license again. I paid...
  9. W

    Transfer of parked domains to solo license failed

    Starting situation: Admin license, 2 accounts Account 1: Domain A Account 2: Domain B, two domains (C and D) parked on top Account 1 became obsolete, Domain A still active Objective: Minimize costs by switching to a solo license Park domain A on top of Domain B after transfer of account 2 to a...
  10. PCZero

    Cannot Read License File

    I have had my server for several yeras and all of a sudden today when I am trying to log in, I get my login screen and after entering the ID/PW I get the above error message. All of teh websites on my server fult resolve but I cannot acces mauil on any site and the webmail/cPanel interfaces...
  11. M

    Abusive cPanel license suspension

    Dear cPanel, As you may probably know, many of your clients are buying cPanel licenses directly from the datacenter provider, not because of any discounts, but because of the convenience of the billing (the license is bundeled with the dedicated server). In past 3 months, cPanel has suspended...
  12. T

    AccelerateWP and CloudLinux license

    CloudLinux v6.10.0 STANDARD is installed but AccelerateWP can not be enabled for free due to license? Need help.
  13. Kailash1 legit license provider?

    Hi, I came across website. They are providing shared cPanel license. Do you think it is legit license provider?
  14. Kent Brockman

    SOLVED cPanel license: update number of users in order to downgrade

    Hello guys. This is the scenario: - I have a server with 39 accounts. So, it has a cPanel Cloud Plus license. - I want to downgrade this server to Cpanel Pro Cloud, and in order to accomplish that, i moved out 9 accounts. - But in Manage2 panel, it still shows 39 accounts for this server, even...
  15. H

    Bare metal license

    Hi, by going trough cpanel licensing model, there is no bare metal license for few users, only 100. Is there a possibility to purchase dedicated server license for 5 users? Its silly because my server cost is lower than 100 users cpanel license and I literally have server with 5 user accounts...
  16. W

    Cpanel license error

    Cannot Read License FileTo access the interface, you must install the license and ensure that the license is active.You can purchase or lease a license directly from cPanel, or from one of our Partners.If you do not currently own a license, register at the cPanel Store and request a trial...
  17. sajithgsm

    Selling cPanel License with VPS

    Hi There, I have a question. Is there any way to sell cPanel License with my VPS? It should automatically get the number of cPanels of the customer. I get it from Manage2 Partner Panel. I will bill them from WHMCS. Is there any module to collect the cPanel count from Manage2?
  18. M

    SOLVED [SOLVED] Trial license limit!

    I want to migrate a server from an old OS version. Created a new one with a trial license but in the Transfer Tool I get "Error: Because the destination server’s license is limited to 30 accounts" How am I supposed to transfer the server?
  19. M

    Why cPanel introduce License Lock System?

    I just switch the license of my servers and this issue occurs. The cPanel license server replied that the license has been activated on too many machines (600). Please contact [email protected] The exact message was: The license has been activated too many times on different machines. (££)...
  20. WebHostPro

    How to update a cPanel license without SSH access or physical access?

    A customer reactivated cPanel on their server but we don't have SSH access to run /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt It's stuck on the Cannot Read License File page. Is there a way to active the license still? Maybe it will do it on it's own after a while?