1. L

    Upgrade Rocky linux 8.9 to the latest Rocky linux 9.x

    Good afternoon all, In the past I have upgrade my server from Centos to Rocky. The community at the time provided a wonderful script to help with that migration from Centos to Rocky cPanel elevate documentation . Now I have Rocky 8.9 currently running on server and want to update the server...
  2. T

    How to remove cPanel ticket using Linux command?

    I have seen that even if it is a solved ticket it is inside a system as access. How to remove this ticket authorization for access? An example to make it active:AUTHUSER=root TICKET=XXXTICKETID SERVERNUM=1 /scripts/autorepair authorize
  3. T

    Linux command to modify files and folders within folder

    I like to use Linux command to modify all files and folders within folder inside a folder called wp-content. 1. Which command should be used to set all folders within a folder named wp-content as 755? 2. Which command should be used to set all file within a folder named wp-content as 644? An...
  4. D

    Unable to elevate from centos 7 to alma linux

    I am trying to elevate one of my servers, so I ran the script after running yum update to make sure the OS was up to date as stated in the document to check for any elevation blockers and fixed whatever the blockers were, but when I went to start the elevation process I received the below...
  5. L

    Alma Linux 8 cPanel/WHM newest --- well is there any way to see the number of Visitors and analytics like Google Analytics?

    I have a web server VPS LAMP Alma Linux 8 cPanel/WHM newest --- well is there any way to see the number of Visitors and analytics like Google Analytics? I have only a domain = blog WordPress but Google Analytics is problematic, not functioning, since migrated here from Cent OS 7.9... well? it...
  6. PCZero

    Install Ruby on Alma Linux running 110.0.R

    OK folks one of my clients wants to use stripe as their payment processor and they (stripe) tells me I have to have ruby installed on the box. IT is not currently installed. By surfing I found instructions from Janary on how to proceed. Got the ea-apache24-mod_env installed but I see no...
  7. S

    Servers updated to 110.0.2 from 108.0.15 (Broken Pipe) [Edit: Not proven, just speculation, read entire thread]

    Hi, Not sure if related but quite a coincidence, all servers that are v110.0.2 They now have broken pipes on everything [root@xxx ~]# cat /dev/urandom | tr -dc A-Za-z0-9 | head -c5 | md5sum | awk {'print $1'} tr: write error: Broken pipe tr: write error cat: write error: Broken pipe...
  8. D

    Security tools for Linux servers

    Hey there! I would like to know what solutions there are to increase security on Linux servers and for malware or detection of possible vulnerabilities in the server does anyone know any effective solution? Thanks!:)
  9. T

    Linux command for total/usage

    I have validated total/usage with the command: free m Is it reliable as charts within hosting system shows CPU utilization as very low percentage? As I understand it should show also inside CPU Utilization chart if it is high percentage and it is based on timestamp when a command is executed?
  10. A

    PHP_FPM not getting optimized

    Hi, I have a tough time managing php_fpm as it consumes too much CPU. I have read plenty of forums but none of them are of help to me. I don't want to switch to a different handle as there will be obvious trade-offs and I have yet not an expert in Linux yet. I am attaching the server load...
  11. O

    WHM says Rocky Linux 8.6 is experimental

    Which versions of Rocky Linux are supported?
  12. L

    CentOS v7.9.2009 STANDARD kvm to Rocky Linux

    Trying upgrade CentOS v7.9.2009 STANDARD kvm to Rocky Linux via: cPanel elevate documentation My log produces: Risk Factor: high Title: Packages from unknown repositories may not be installed Summary: 1 packages may not be installed or upgraded due to repositories unknown to leapp: -...
  13. Z

    Elevation Block to Alma Linux

    I have a ticket into cpanel which has been sitting there for over 18 hours, but I am sure someone else went through this.... I am trying to get ready to migrate from CentOS to Alma.... I run the script to see if I am able to but keep on running into the below issue... I only have PHP 8.0...
  14. H

    Linux kernel auto update?

    Hi, is it safe to have "Enable Linux kernel update during nightly maintenance." ON? Using CentoOS7. Are there any drawbacks or risks by leaving it to update automatically? Thanks
  15. C

    Alma Linux 9.0 Support

    Alma 9.0 is out and I consider installing it to my new server. When does cPanel plan to suport it, if it's already not?
  16. P

    problem with cloud linux and yum

    Hi to all I will be run command "yum update" or "yum update kernel" but it showing me error: Also, I did run command: "yum update kernel --skip-broken" but show errors: Also, I did check it in Google and two page in cPanel was there and check theme but not working. Here this link and...
  17. tecsys | Server Management , Systems Administration and Cloud Management Experts, the outsourcing support division of Tecsys Solutions LLC, offers tailor made outsourced webhosting technical support and server management solutions. Our team consists of people with over 19 years of webhosting industry and datacenter experience. We offer custom...
  18. I

    cPanel & WHM only supports Rocky Linux on version 106 or greater

    Hello, I'm trying to do a clean install of cPanel on Rocky Linux 8.6 but I get this error: 2022-06-29 10:51:18 677 [23577] (FATAL): cPanel & WHM only supports Rocky Linux on version 106 or greater. Please refer to our additional installation instructions at cPanel & WHM version 100 for Ubuntu...
  19. techAMIGO

    SafeAdmin Certified TechAmigo|server management|24/7 monitoring|outsourcing |whitelabel|Cloud Support

    TechAmigo - Server management | 24/7 monitoring | outsourcing | Whitelabel support (Nelux Technologies Pvt Ltd) Do you tired of escalations, Long waiting time, and multiple agents fixing issues every time. You will definitely have a Good Start with us! Techamigo is an IT solutions...
  20. T

    All of our CloudLinux CLN services have been deleted! Have they been hacked?

    All of my services at CloudLinux CLN have been deleted. No warning. No email. No known reason. No nothing. They also haven't responded to my support ticket other than to say it has been escalated to Billing but I know for a fact that the CC is good and that no attempt has been made to charge...