1. B

    moving from linux to freebsd for all my dual xeon cpanel servers

    Hey all, I was wondering i'm thinking to move from redhat to freebsd on all my servers including dual xeonx and cpanel servers. why? because i feel more confortable with fbsd and more secure as redhat isn't my game really. please share your thoughts and would moving users from redhat...
  2. D

    postgreSQL not working with Linux enterprise.

    Hello, postgreSQL not working with Linux enterprise Why? Is thia a bug of cpanel Please describe me, Thanks in advance. Regards,
  3. S

    FreeBSD 5.1 or RedHat Enterprise Linux?

    Shall I install CPanel on FreeBSD 5.1 or RedHat Enterprise Linux? Which Operating System are suitable for CPanel? Which has less bug Operating System - FreeBSD or RedHat Enterprise Linux if I install Cpanel? This is very hard decision which Operating System shall I choose...
  4. L

    suse linux 9.0 64 bit version for AMD64

    I plan to build a AMD64 system. I wonder WHM/Cpanel can be use with the suse linux 9 64 bit version.
  5. C

    Continued...Which Linux should CPanel support

    My post is in regards to: Which Linux should CPanel support - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I find...
  6. chrisbuk

    New To Linux need some help

    i am brand new to linux, i own the dedicated servers and have a question how do i upgrade to the new AWStats where do i upload to? how do i install it, this above question should also answer my other question what is, if i download software how do i install it, my theory would be to...
  7. Markv

    Will cPanel support Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

    Found on redhats site Red Hat Linux maintenance and errata support is ending April 30, 2004. Why? And what are your migration options? A few years ago there was just one Red Hat Linux. As acceptance grew and Linux reached further into...
  8. V

    cPanel on RedHat Enterprise Linux 3

    Did anybody use cPanel with RedHat Enterprise Linux 3? Is it have a lot of bugs? I need to make a decision in next few hours wich OS to use n our new server: RH9 or RHE.... From one hand, RHE is more stable and this is a future. But cPanel in beta state. From other hand RH9 is well...
  9. E

    Linux Upgrade

    Does anyone have any easy follow instructions to upgrade linux 7.3 to version 9.0? Thanks
  10. L

    Which Linux version do I have

    Hi, This will probably win an award for silliest question ever asked, but, - How do I find out which version of Linux my server is running? WHM does displays this in the upper right corner: WHM 8.5.4 cPanel 8.5.4-R7 RedHat - WHM X v2.1.1 I know I have RedHat, but I doubt...
  11. C

    WhiteBox Linux Support????

    Any plans to include - looks like a VERY good alturnative to Redhat Enterprise and Fedora.
  12. K

    POP account creation script. Runs fine on Win2000, not on Linux.

    I posted the same matter at WHT. But as I have not been able to get my answer, I am posting it here now. <? $host = "hostname"; $socket = fsockopen($host,2082); socket_set_timeout($socket,30); $cpaneluser = "cpanel_username"; $cpanelpass = "cpanel_password"; $authstr =...
  13. Radio_Head

    !!! Red Hat Enterprise Linux v.3 !!!

    Red Hat will discontinue maintenance and errata support for Red Hat Linux 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 and 8.0 as of December 31, 2003. Red Hat will discontinue maintenance and errata support for Red Hat Linux 9 as of April 30, 2004. Red Hat does not plan to release another product in the Red Hat Linux line...
  14. G

    Which Linux should CPanel support (next)...

    With the end of life of the free Red Hat Linux happening at year end and April 30th for version 9. Which distribution should CPanel go to next? The new Fedora spin off or is it time to move on? This is just for fun. I'm curious as to what people think about the future here.
  15. E

    Linux to Windows?

    I am running on a Linux reseller account with cpanel. When cpanel for Windows comes out I am buying a dedicated server from ServerMatrix. Will I be able to transfer over my accounts from my Linux cpanel? Support Ticket Number:
  16. B

    Cpanel: linux or freebsd?

    i was wondering whats best to run for cpanel in ways of staying up-to-date and having secure way to update servers incase of security holes comes out? i'm so fimilier with freebsd and using make world to update the whole system, but i was wondering does it support the related services such...
  17. R

    Antivirus solution for linux

    Could anyone please reccomend a good antivirus program for linux RedHat 7.3?
  18. D

    cPanel Installation at Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS

    Dear cPanel Team, other users, We're using Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS. (is AS already supported?) During the install of cPanel, the following happens: -- Error 404 while fetching url freetype-devel is up to date Loading...
  19. I

    Yellow Dog Linux Support?

    Are there any plans to support Yellow Dog Linux? ( I think it'd be great to be able to run a linux install on an apple xserver machine and be able to run a hosting enviroment on that. It'd be "spiffy!" ;-) - Jeff Link : IntraHost...
  20. J

    Linux RedHat 9.0

    Hi! Anyone using Linux RedHat 9.0 with WHM ? Please let me know if you have any problem with your box. I am not sure if I can put my clients on my new 9.0 box. Thanks. Support Ticket Number: