1. N

    Scientific Linux - Making cPanel install...

    I standardized on Scientific for my recent server deployments (CentOS community stability worries me). Problem is, cPanel didn't want to install on it. Not a huge deal, i could have built it with CentOS, but CentOS 6.0's kickstart is completely broken. So i used SL 6.1 instead. Now CentOS...
  2. N

    cpanel WHW linux and drupal cms

    Hello at all, I have need your help. I'm very new in the cpanel, my english is bad, sorry for this problem. I want to create a site that offers two tools, a solution of e-commerce and blog. I do not know how to enable multiple site in cpanel. can help a beginner. My config: * cpanel * cms...
  3. T

    cPanel/WHM and Ubuntu Linux

    Hello everyone, Requirements of your product CentOS, RedHat, Cloud Linux and FreeBSD. But in this list, I can not find the Ubuntu Linux. Why? But to date, Ubuntu Linux has popular estimates and many passing to Ubuntu Linux. So, I want to ask about that, have you some plans about Ubuntu Linux...
  4. F

    cPanel on other linux distros

    Just curious if anyone is running cPanel on an alternate Linux distro based on RHEL other than CentOS, such as Scientific Linux or Oracle Linux. More specifically, running cPanel on version 6 or 6.1. I know the system requirements specify RHEL or CentOS and does not include some of these...
  5. P

    Linux video encoding

    OK, I have spent many hours putting together an script that will save many people alot of time from encoding and building many servers you want to go in quick and just update the server and be done. what this script does is install all popular codecs for video scripts like clipshare more...
  6. J

    Migrating Accounts from 32-bit to 64-bit Linux

    I have migrated accounts to new servers before, but both have been same version of Linux. Now I plan to migrate from 32-bit RHEL to 64-bit CentOS. Both are kernel 2.6.18. Both are WHM 11.28.87. Will I be able to restore a cpmove file created on the 32-bit system on the 64-bit system without...
  7. K

    Is possible to set individual PHP config for each Cpanel Linux user?

    Dear Sir, :D As subject, is possible to set individual PHP config for each Cpanel Linux user in a same linux server? :confused: Thank you. :)
  8. postcd

    Linux shell command to backup configuration files

    Hello, we can use command cd /home /scripts/pkgacct USERNAME .. cpanel account backup is made to the /home directory cd /home /scripts/restorepkg USERNAME .. backup file is restored --- But how can i make configuration files backup from command line (like /etc/my.cnf) etc...
  9. S

    Linux command to connect my shared host

    I am new to cpanel and web technology. I would like to check my server load frequently, so i have to connect my host in my linux machine. So how can i do this????
  10. A

    Old but new to linux dedi with CPanel

    Hi, this is my first post in the forum. Im old into computers the web and SEO,but 100% a newbie to linus dedicated servers and Cpanel. Rented one yesterday, but have no clue on how to manage a start hosting my websites. All I have is the IP username and temporary password. Cab anyone refer...
  11. S

    using Linux as a front-end controller for a SAN?

    Hi all, I hope someone can shed some light on this for me. Has anyone tried, or have experience with, setting up a Linux server to manage a few NAS devices and thus make them all visible to the clients as one large SAN? Basically, I'm thinking it would be a good idea to combine the...
  12. S

    looking for a decent free / Open Source flash media server software for linux

    Hi all, I hope someone can help me with this one. I am looking for a decent free / Open Source flash media server software which I can run on a Linux server. Adobe's Flash Media Server (media server for streaming video | Adobe Flash Media Server family) is very expensive and not within any...
  13. Valuehosted

    run linux .sh scripts from anywhere ?

    I have an odd question that I am hoping one of our more Linux capable members could toss me an answer to. I have certain commands that I like to run sometimes like: netstat -ntu | awk '{print $5}' | cut -d: -f1 | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr |more that displays the number of connections...
  14. M

    FTP from my Linux server isn't working

    This issue is driving me crazy from yesterday. Pure-Ftp on my VPS is working fine. I can connect to my server via Ftp from outside, however I cannot connect to 'localhost' or any remote server from my vps. It says Same message even if I try to connect to a remote server. Ftp is not running...
  15. U

    Hostname appears in 2 IPS -WHM Linux

    Hostname appears in 2 IPS -WHM Linux As I was rearanging our A server's IPs since we have moved some accounts into another server, I realised that the hostname appeared in two different IPs! In fact the second IP needs to be deleted from this server as has been assigned to another server but...
  16. H

    How to uninstall cPanel and WHM safely from linux ?

    Hi ... I have a server which is already has the cPanel and the WHM installed in it. And my work require another application server .. so I need to uninstall cPanel and WHM from the linux based server safely without any conflict ... like stopping all the services and so on ... I tried to...
  17. M

    Migrating from Plesk 8.2 (linux)

    Been trying to migrate from a plesk 8.2 box to cpanel. Getting the following errors when i run "Copy an account from another server" I get the following errors: Now, I am not sure what's up - I have logged onto the server's CLI and logged into mysql manually using the 'admin' user (whose mysql...
  18. N

    Disable logs in shared linux hosting?

    Hi, I am in shared linux hosting My CPU resource limit is 8% in 24 CPUs. I run a wordpress blog and already on the way to control things like disabling CPU hungry plugins, installing Cache plugins and optimizing database, etc., I got a suggestion that Awstats and webalizer take much cpu...
  19. T

    Need help, bought a Linux server.

    Hi, I bought a linux server, and actually all I can do now is enter through the SSH, This is my first time buying a server. When I bought a VPS before I could enter through remote desktop control, how can I do that on the server ? I need a little explanation because I am little short on info here :)
  20. S

    Need help to insall cPanel on Remote Linux server

    Hi Every one, I have just bought Linux Centos (DS450) dedicated server from They have provide me Admin control panel to check status and make changes. Is it possible can some one guide me how i can install and configure cPanel step by step for web hosting. I have already try...