1. D

    Linux Hosting Services

    Hello Friends, First of all thanks for Having such a Pleasent Forum. I would Like to Tell You that I had Launched a New Web Hosting Company We Provide Linux Hosting, Dedicated Server and VPS Facilities. Please Do give me Your Feedbacks and Suggestions so that i can Improve my...
  2. B

    Article: 20 Linux System Monitoring Tools Every SysAdmin Should Know

    Found this article I though some of you may find useful: 20 Linux System Monitoring Tools Every SysAdmin Should Know
  3. sneader

    Linux command to help find disk usage culprit?

    I am getting alerts that /usr is at 81%, and I'm trying to find the right command to find the "culprits". I've read up on "du" and "df", but they don't seem to give me what I want.... which is to see a list of disk usage for each subdirectory in /usr.... then I can go into the high usage...
  4. S

    Linux alert: udev vulnerabilities

    This affects distributions with udev, not just Ubuntu. Ubuntu patch: A few more details...
  5. W

    Dell openmanage server adm. on linux with whm/cpanel

    Hi At this time we installed Dell openmanage server administration on windows server.. On linux dedicated, where we use whm/cpanel, we not installed.. but plan to add this interesting application.. And you ? On linux (whm/cpanel based) you install this on Dell server ? Thanks x...
  6. I

    How to check motherboard model number on linux

    Hello, We have centos 5 and ubuntu 6.06 OS on server. Now I want to know the information of Motherboard number. how to get it ???? /proc/cpuinfo gives the information of Processor. I want the information of Motherboard number . Like in windows we can get information from following...
  7. Robert_

    Will cpanel work on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Desktop?

    Will cpanel work on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Desktop or does it have to be the server version?
  8. P

    moving server (linux)

    Hi, I currently have a linux server with a full lifetime Cpanel/WHM license installed. recently it got hacked and therefore i am now looking for a fully managed server. Does anyone know of any "Unlimited Bandwidth" companies that i can tranfer over too, keeping my CPanel? I've seen...
  9. A

    Creating symbolic links(symlinks) in linux server

    Hi .. How do i create symbolic links in a linux server .. the basic idea is to have a master template for a design .. and each new directory i create should point to that directory .. e.g if "abc" is already there .. and i create a new directory "xyz" .. and if i open "xyz/welcome.php"...
  10. M


    Anyone have any suggestions how to diagnose my Server with CentOS and cPanel installed and the computer is locking up, obviously which kills my NS and domains and e-mail
  11. D

    cpanel on suse linux 9.1

    Sorry for possible stupid question. I`ve never user cpanel, but now i have to. Can you please explain me if cpanel is available for suse linux 9.1 and where can i download it from? Sorry but i dont understand from the website...
  12. S

    How to get linux console from WHM/cPanel

    Hi everyone, Can anybody tell me how can I get linux console( like /usr/appl/ ....) from WHM/cPanel. I want to ftp one zip file and extract it in linux from WHM. Thanks in advance. SAMEER
  13. W

    Adding a regular Linux login (adduser) will it break cPanel?

    I'm looking at hiring another admin. I would like them to have an account they can SSH into and use "sudo" if needed -- it does not need to be in anyway associated with a cPanel/WHM login. Is it okay to simply "adduser" or "useradd" another user and via WHM put them in the wheel group? Will...
  14. T

    Whm/Cpanel works 100% with 64 bits linux?

    Hi, I want to know if Whm/Cpanel and all components (apache, mysql, bind, etc) works fine with CentOS 4.6 64 bits Thanks
  15. E

    Linux Fedora VPS

    Stopping named: [FAILED] Starting named: named: capset failed: Operation not permitted: please ensure that the capset kernel module is loaded. see insmod(8) [FAILED] i try many ways...
  16. B

    Has anyone install bastille linux on their cpanel server?

    Has anyone install bastille linux on their cpanel server? What options may cause problems?
  17. G

    Can SSL2.0 be disabled on cPanel on a Linux Server?

    Is it possible to disable SSL2.0 on a linux server running cPanel? We have ran security tests on our website to make it PCI Compliant and have a vulnerability that requires SSL2.0 to be disabled. Thanks.
  18. S

    linux basic

    what is linux?how it works? path and imp folders and precautions
  19. S


    i am new in linux? just want know the how website works? what is ns? what is dns?
  20. J

    Redhat linux: Remote Desktop, vnc, or something

    I have experience with windows and mac servers, but I wanted to try a linux server, so I went ahead and put down a chunk of cash for a server with redhat linux, and now I'm sitting here with the deer in the headlights look. Let me say this before anyone makes any comments about how great...