1. GOT

    CSF Allow Causes site to NOT load under very specific conditions

    Its not every day I find something this perplexing, so I thought I would toss this out there to the hive mind and see if anyone can guess what might be going on here. Server is a Centos 7, fully updated server, high end specs, bare metal, latest Release version of cPanel. Running Litespeed...
  2. H

    Apache Down after switching from Litespeed

    Apache Down after switching from Litespeed to Apache. service httpd restart Redirecting to /bin/systemctl restart httpd.service Job for httpd.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status httpd.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details. systemctl...
  3. Henry Aspden

    Litespeed .htaccess not working

    I have the following folder structure (/public_html/) (/public_html/sub/) (/public_html/sub/dir1/) (/public_html/sub/dir1/dir2/) if I put the following in my .htaccess file at any of these directories DirectoryIndex...
  4. L

    Question regards Litespeed

    So we have installed Litespeed into one of our server, My Main question, my partition for /tmp is 4GB, as i understand litespeed saves static gzip files that clean daily at /tmp/lshttpd/swap Now i wonder if 4GB tmp partition is enough? or do i need to create a folder on the main partition that...
  5. JAB Creations

    EasyApache removing LiteSpeed suicides two dozen unrelated packages

    I've actually been trying to figure out how to force cPanel to only send headers I approve of and while searching for any semblance of that I ended up in EasyApache. I then was going through the installed modules and noticed LiteSpeed was installed! I absolutely loathe LiteSpeed, it causes...
  6. nixgurus

    EA-Nginx and Litespeed Compatibility

    I just noticed in cPanel v96 we are able to install NGINX with Reverse Proxy on cPanel server. I am trying to find if this is compatible with litespeed web server or not? Please suggest
  7. R

    Debugging Modsec & Litespeed Server

    Hello Everyone, I have a strange one here, I have setup a new WordPress site/Directory and all of a sudden I am getting 404 errors on css and image file loading on this particular website. So, I can only think either ModSec is blocking this file types (they are not being triggered in the main...
  8. C

    litespeed and memcache

    Hi, I just installed recently memcache on my cpanel. I could also install Litespeed? Both are compatible and could work together ?
  9. C

    httpd version changes by a ghost

    hello some while i got below error on /scripts/rebuildhttpdconf: Error: The system failed to configure access permissions for the “/home/customer/public_html/00cod/back” directory because of an error: Apache detected an error in the Rewrite config. <pre>httpd_ls_bak: Syntax error in -C/-c...
  10. T

    Any feed back with LiteSpeed Web Server ?

    Hello everyone, I saw here cPanel & WHM Extensions that Cpanel has LiteSpeed Web Server for 45 USD/month (for 1 account). I have read positive reviews on this API, apparently the fact that it's a server side caching makes it faster than its concurents. Well, they all say that they are faster...
  11. N

    Litespeed and whm/cpanel api

    Does the whm/cpanel api work the same with the Litespeed plugin, eg can accounts and sub-domains still be created via the api?
  12. S

    Exclude LiteSpeed /lscache direcory from backup

    Hello Everybody, I have LiteSpeed webserver and use LScache. LScache stores cached files in /lscache directory. As you possibly know the amount of cached files changes very often and in my case I don't have only 1 cache directory to store cached files. Each cache directory has up to 5 GB of...
  13. Spirogg

    memcached or Redis in cpanel with LiteSpeed web server what's best with LiteSpeed ?

    hello, how can I install memcached on cPanel with LiteSpeed and cloudlinuxOS cantos 7 I use 2 sites: on this server 1. Xenforo v2.2 latest and I just setup LiteSpeed and they have a plugin for Xenforo forum that I got working. so not sure if memcached will help with this site as well? 2. I...
  14. Spirogg

    liteSpeed Unlimited, very vague description of what we get for 45.00 please advise

    @cPRex or anyone for that matter Please tell me: it says auto provisioned to use 1 CPU and below that says 3CPU limit ( 3 workers) DOES THIS MEAN: we have the option to choose 3 workers? do we get free RAM caching included like on they have this: Web Host Professional...
  15. U

    reverse proxy stopped working after installing litespeed

    Is there a way to have apache's reverse proxy setup with litespeed?
  16. P

    Does CloudFlare and LiteSpeed affects on server load?

    Sir does cloudflare and LiteSpeed manage server load ? Like i have a WordPress site , i installed LiteSpeed cache Plugin and then i connected my site to cloudflare , then will my site give less Load than without installing LiteSpeed Cache and connecting to cloudflare ? I mean to say that if in...
  17. M

    LiteSpeed + Redis + OPcache

    Hi, Anybody installed in her server LiteSpeed, Redis and OPCache at same time?. I have server with CloudLinux + LiteSpeed + WHM/cPanel where host 250 cPanel accounts with normal wordpress. And i need know if i will get any benefit if install too Redis and OPCache. Thank you very much.
  18. inteldigital CDN with Litespeed - CNAME issue

    Hi, I'm trying to enable CDN through LSCache plugin provided by Litespeed. It's asking me to set the CNAME, which is fine, but the CNAME record already exists because of WHM. How is this resolved? Cpanel already has a SOA record. You may not mix CNAME records What does this mean...
  19. M

    LiteSpeed number of Workers

    Hi, LiteSpeed offers many plans, and i don't know how many "workers" we will need: LiteSpeed Web Server Pricing - LiteSpeed Technologies Official worker's description: We have 250-300 cPanel users with wordpress, how many workers you recommend me?. LiteSpeed is more fast than Apache and...
  20. P

    LiteSpeed not working properly.

    There are too much issues in my server , one of them is LiteSpeed not working. Sometime in whm LiteSpeed web server plugin shows LiteSpeed is running and after 5-10 minutes it shows LiteSpeed not running it happened every time and server shows down. Any have any solution ?