1. P

    LiteSpeed not working properly.

    There are too much issues in my server , one of them is LiteSpeed not working. Sometime in whm LiteSpeed web server plugin shows LiteSpeed is running and after 5-10 minutes it shows LiteSpeed not running it happened every time and server shows down. Any have any solution ?
  2. P

    Did Mod_lsapi supports with CloudLinux and LiteSpeed ?

    Hello Buddies , in my server , CloudLinux and LiteSpeed are Installed , did I need to install Mod_lsapi ? Will it help me to speed up and fast websites hosted on my server ? Please explain and give your suggestion.
  3. S

    Litespeed - default error pages cannot be found

    Hello cPanel, before I opened this thread I already asked Litespeed for support, but they can't find something on my server that is Litespeed responsible for. So, they asked me to contact cPanel. For all of my applications I have custom error pages. This works, but if there are no error pages...
  4. S

    cPanel starts Apache instead of Litespeed

    Hi all, A few days ago when cPanel did a software update cPanel stopped httpd and restarted httpd Apache, but I am using Litespeed webserver. As a result of this my websites had errors. Together with Litespeed support we found the reason for this issue. Litespeed told me that they will contact...
  5. S

    Feature Request: Notify Root if Litespeed WS is down

    Hi all, I am using Litespeed Webserver and I am very happy with it. Last night it was the second time when Litespeed was shutting down, but uncontrolled without any reason. There are no relevant error entries that can declare what the shutdown forced. I don't know if cPanel feels responsible...
  6. inteldigital

    allow_url_fopen on LiteSpeed not enabling?

    Hi guys, Done a quick search but couldn't find anything specifically relating to my problem. I know it's probably something trivial, but I'm fairly new to LiteSpeed and can't figure out why allow_url_fopen is coming back as disabled even though I've enabled it within Multi-PHP for my domain...
  7. inteldigital

    LFD LiteSpeed notification: Suspicious process running under user nobody

    Hi I am having this annoying issue with LFD flagging LiteSpeed as running under nobody and using excessive resources etc. I've tried adding it to ignore list in WHM using the following regex but it isn't taking. Does anybody have any other suggestions? pexe:^/usr/local/lsws/bin/lshttpd.*$
  8. inteldigital

    Running LiteSpeed on CentOS 7 how do I install memcached? Through EA4?

    I've just moved over to Litespeed within WHM as I primarily run Wordpress websites, I want to install memcached or redis, but I'm unsure how. Do I do this through EA4 or do I have to run this through yum etc. ? If so, how do I access this from WHM after installation, or do I not?
  9. T

    MultiPHP Manager issue with Litespeed and PHP inheritance

    I use MultiPHP Manager with Litespeed. In MultiPHP Manager I have set the primary domain to PHP 7.2, and an addon domain which is two directory levels deeper is set to inherit its PHP version. In MultiPHP Manager, the addon domain reports it is inheriting PHP 7.2 from the primary domain...
  10. S

    Litespeed Benefits

    I am start using litespeed webserver and i got really a great speed.I will suggest everyone to use litespeed webserver in your cpanel server. But my question what litespeed actually do for make server load speed so much fast. Sorry for bad english...
  11. dzamanakos

    php, mod_security, ea4 and litespeed

    Hi, i've two questions, and my setup is centos, cloudlinux, litespeed 1. I've read on litespeed optimization guide that i can use /dev/shm/phpXX as session.save_path folders for my php versions as a performance tweak. I could add to cagefs these folders through in order to be...
  12. dzamanakos

    In Progress ZC-10149 - whm-server-status requests

    Hi, i'm using litespeed and i've noticed in my /var/log/apache/error_log lines like : [] File not found [/var/www/html/whm-server-status] [] File not found [/var/www/html/whm-server-status] [] File not found [/var/www/html/whm-server-status]...
  13. dzamanakos

    SOLVED [CPANEL-23998] Wrong PHP version detected after version change when using PHP-FPM and LiteSpeed

    Hi, i've posted that thread to litespeed forums, but believe that cpanel forum may be better to post, as adviced from a reply to my thread. The following would apply not only to litespeed, but if i wanted for example to revert from php-fpm to suphp too. i've used a test licence for litespeed...
  14. K

    LiteSpeed Web Server

    Hola! Estuve mirando la opción de LiteSpeed Web Server desde WHM de un servidor dedicado con VPS y veo que detecta como "Dedicated" pero en realidad es VPS instalado, ¿Es normal? Por otro lado, probando desde vuestra tienda me sale 45,00$ al mes... veo que cuesta más que la licencia de WHM/cPanel.
  15. cPanelMichael

    SOLVED [LiteSpeed Notice] LSWS Version 5.3.6 Required For MultiPHP Functionality in cPanel & WHM Version 78

    Hello Everyone! A recent LSWS Version 5.3.6 build includes the following change to ensure MultiPHP functionality works in cPanel & WHM version 78: Fixed AddHandler directive behavior to be the same as AddType. You can check to see the installed build number with the following command: cat...
  16. V

    Litespeed new license options

    Litespeed went through a change in the licensing system. You can now use litespeed for free on your server with 2 gb of ram, where you can now host 1 website. This free license is also free on lscache. Additional info;
  17. U

    Litespeed PHP Warning: mkdir(): Permission denied

    Hello everyone I am new to self-manage server. I use os centos 7 and web server litespeed. I getting PHP Warning: mkdir(): Permission denied any idea what I need to modify ?
  18. X

    lfd excessive resource usage warnings with litespeed

    Hi, I have been getting excessive resource usage warnings from lfd like this: Time: Tue Apr 24 17:03:54 2018 +0430 Account: kw179 Resource: Process Time Exceeded: 1811 > 1800 (seconds) Executable: /opt/cpanel/ea-php71/root/usr/bin/lsphp Command Line: lsphp...
  19. Mauritz

    A little confused - cPanel + CloudLinux + Litespeed

    We've got a cPanel server running on CloudLinux that also makes use of Litespeed. With cPanel already offering MultiPHP manager and CloudLinux offering the PHP selector (which we both have installed) we're really not sure which one of these tools a client needs to use to a) select which PHP...
  20. T

    timezonedb already loaded

    I am using litespeed, we have been receiving the following error I don't have any problem in Apache Whoops\Exception\ErrorException: Module 'timezonedb' already loaded in Unknown:0 Stack trace: #0 /home/xxx/public_html/vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Utility/Error/Run.php(0)...