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    litespeed, cpanel, php, vhosts, include_location

    Hi I am building a cpanel server for a customer, they have one licensed already, and this one is on a trial license until such time as I get it working correctly as a magento server. I installed cpanel, then the litespeed plugin, and then rebuilt apache using easyapache, then used the "match...
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    Hello, Please get in contact with the creators of litespeed and create an easy way that cPanel support to switch between them. Litespeed have already done almost all the work for you. You could even do a deal with them for licenses and get cPanel customers discounts, but by default let it...
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    Litespeed - cPanel Integration

    Litespeed seems to integrate very well with cPanel. It can auto-install APC accelerator as well. It only took me few minutes to get it running. Has anyone using this for cPanel? In Apache, I use ./buildscript to compile my PHP modules. How will I do this if using Litespeed?