1. cPanelDustin

    cPanel High Availability Roadmap

    We have begun heavy research phases of High Availability for cPanel. We have a forecasted roadmap for HA and we will continue adding additional information to it as we flesh out the project further. *edit* x-linking Configuration Cluster thread
  2. J

    Multiple cPanel servers, one DB server?

    Hi all, Wanted to ask some advice here. I have a customer with a number of sites that need to be load-balanced. The idea here is to have two web servers, a load balancer, and a single MySQL server between them. Each web server, running cPanel, would use the single mysql server for databases...
  3. T

    Apache mod_proxy balancer config issue with POST request

    I am trying to setup a Load balancer with Apache mod_proxy and Tomcat. I have the following modules available (mod_proxy, mod_proxy_balancer, mod_proxy_http) I have 2 Tomcat instances and the plan is to route the request to one of the Tomcat server. My application on Tomcat is running fine...
  4. M

    cPanel servers on the Private Cloud with Reverse Proxy and Load Balancing

    Hello, I want to know the possibility of deploying several cPanel servers in Private Cloud, with Load balancing technology and a reverse proxy. Is it possible (on the port fowording side and NAT)? which architecture do you recommend (n-tier, ..)? which technology to recommend to use as a...
  5. behinam

    Forward requests to cPanel server through haproxy

    - Removed - I deployed an loadbalanced infrustructure. I am using haproxy as the loadbalancer and cpanel as backend webservers. I created a test host on the cpanel, and I can see the site in browser when I configure the website in my /etc/host with the cpanel server ip address. But when I...