1. H

    Please help "perl: warning: Setting locale failed"

    My server is used Centos 7. After following the instructions on this How to fix "perl: warning: Setting locale failed" , when access SSH through root doesn't see any error: However, I still see the following error message when access through Jailed Shell: ----- perl: warning: Setting...
  2. K

    Remove cPanel Snowmen locale

    Please remove cPanel Snowmen. A customer clicked on this and asked me anguished if his website had a virus. It has already been asked here for other times. If it is not possible to remove at least give some option to hide. Even if it's a script or snippet. In addition to being statically ugly...
  3. G

    SOLVED Set a default locale for all users when accessing terminal/ssh

    Hi, I have a little problem that might be a locale issue. When I access a file with the nano via terminal and this file has accent, it is not shown. when querying the locale, the following is returned (access via user account): So I set the root account locale to pt_BR.utf8 I would...
  4. E

    No theme available to select on "Edit a Locale" screen.

    I want to change some of the wording in the customer's cpanel. I logged into WHM and clicked into the "Locales » Edit a Locale" screen. In the top section called "Locale Editor - Bulk Mode", I selected the "English" local... but there are no themes available for selection. The only thing...
  5. cetiner

    In Progress [CPANEL-28586] Language WHM German faulty

    The language pack of German is generally "insufficiently" translated from English (e.g., incorrect syntax, lengthy translations). Of course not everything or completely so. Do not get me wrong. It concerns WHM and also cPanel. I would like to translate the frontend completely and in "High...
  6. T

    Updating license error Setting locale failed

    Hi, This is Mohan from Chennai, Tamilnadu. I have a problem with the verification process in cPanel, Can you help with that. I try to verify the process using this command but I could not able to do. The process is not completed, it's showing Updating cPanel license... but not activating the...
  7. G

    Problems with Translation after Upgrade v70.0.44

    Hello, After the lasta upgrade of the CPANEL several of the Menues and mesagges ar not tranlated, i.e. In Email Accounts when you list the accouts the options of each accounts are "Acceder al Webmail" "Disk ando Quota" "Manage Suspension" "Connect Devices" "Eliminar". It's a MIX. Do I have to...
  8. O

    New language

    Hello. I want translate cPanel to Azerbaijani language. How can I do it? Thank you.
  9. leonep

    Better Translations Suggestions?

    Hi guys, what is the right way to suggest a better translation for cpanel interface ? bye
  10. O

    Sobre problemas de traducción

    Hola, disculpen el posible off-topic. ¿Dónde puedo reportar errores de traducción del WHM al español? Saludos!
  11. postcd

    WHM shows my OS language instead of defined English language

    Hello, today i found that WHM started showing almost all things (menu items, icons) in my Operating system language (or web browser language), i do not know. But it is not English which i set in WHM / Tweak Settings / System / Server Locale. I tried to set it again, but still after page...
  12. Patrick Heinz

    Is there a tool for the community to help with translating locales?

    Hello Checking on v64, we found new features that aren't fully translated that could be confusing on customers that speak other languages than English. We know about the Locale Editor, but it would be really awesome if the community could contribute helping to translate the cPanel system to...
  13. Erik Ellsinger

    Edit documentation link

    I'm in WHM editing a locale and I noticed I'm not able to edit the link to the documentation, or add my own links. Do I need to use a special syntax (not HTML) to add links or is it not possible to do that in the edit a locale feature?
  14. T

    What is the best way to report missing language strings?

    I started translating cPanel and I have found several buttons and bits of text that cannot be translated by exporting the locale since those strings are not located in the XML file. What is the best way to notify cPanel of this in hope to have them added soon?
  15. A

    The desired locale has been saved to your browser

    "Getting your IP has changed please login again" is the error that l get when l try to login to webmail and also "the desired locale has been saved to your browser"To change the locale in the browser again,select another locale on the screen"..This comes up when l tryu to login to webmail How...
  16. J

    Locale Editor - Translating to Portuguese adds backslashes

    Hi all, I've been trying to make a full translation of WHM and cPanel to standard Portuguese. First I've tried to download the XML and translate the file locally then upload. Right after the upload all looks OK, but overnight something happens that adds backslashes to the translated text (eg...
  17. D

    Non standard locale delete not working

    Hello and good evening, I've created a Non Standard Locale and try this again to delete. This does not work when I try to delete the locale, the following error message appears: ------- "Are you sure you want to permanently delete the locale i_dhde from root and all themes?" "Removing Theme...
  18. P

    The locale is not included as part of whm/cpanel

    Hello, I use whm and cpanel. I included Turkish in locale xml upload section. But when I list locales for Turkish it shows that "the locale is not included as part of whm/cpanel". How do I solve it? Thanks
  19. D

    Inserting line breaks when editing a locale

    Hello and good evening, sorry for my bad English I'm from Germany and use the Google Translator. I have to insert problems when editing a locale (German) line breaks in the text. All HTML markup are displayed and not executed. A <br> is displayed and does not generate a line break. I...
  20. S

    Bulgarian Locale

    Hi where i can download the bulgarian locale xml Thx