1. M

    SOLVED Changing cPanel Update Preferences from RELEASE to LTS using SSH

    On CentOS 7.9 and cPanel 110.0.7, it is safe and correct to change the cPanel Update Preferences from RELEASE to LTS from SSH by editing /etc/cpupdate.conf file, instead of using the Update Preferences interface from WHM interface? Basically the change that I want to make is changing the CPANEL...
  2. jmginer

    How to enable the Manage Team feature in 110 LTS ?

    Hello, based in this information: Manage Team in WHM Enabling Manage Team The Manage Team feature is experimental in cPanel & WHM versions 108 and 110. If you are upgrading to version 112, the system will automatically convert...
  3. A

    Nginx status cpanel/whm lastversion LTS

    hello, I have the following problem, I have a server with cpanel with a web server only under apache, sometimes when I renew a ssl the system issues it but before the domain does not recognize it I have managed to solve the error reinitiating the apache and reloading the dns zone...
  4. bellwood

    Ubuntu 22.04 LTS support?

    Wondering what the outlook for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS support is looking like? 20.04 LTS is only going to give ~2 years of support, ending in April of 2025 however 22.04 LTS is good through April 2027. If I'm going to fork truck my cPanel fleet to Ubuntu, I want to get as much time as possible out...
  5. Spirogg

    Ubuntu LTS In Version 98

    Ubuntu LTS In Version 98, we will be launching the ability to install cPanel & WHM on Ubuntu LTS 20.04. This will be an unsupported preview release that will allow customers to get a glimpse of how our product will work on this new operating system offering. In version 100, we will be launching...
  6. cPanelTabby

    cPanel & WHM Version 94 now in LTS!

    We are happy to announce that cPanel, L.L.C. has released cPanel & WHM Version 94 to the LTS tier! To see what's changing in this new version, check out our full release notes. If you have other questions or comments, join us on Discord, Reddit, or our Support Forums! Upgrade to V94 to get...
  7. F

    cPanel/WHM LTS end of life notices

    We have a number of servers that are set for LTS (clients want a very stable environment). Right now that is V86.x. We started getting emails that the LTS version will be EOL in ## days. per this page: Product Versions and the Release Process | cPanel & WHM Documentation V94 is the next LTS...
  8. S

    New LTS version

    I see where cPanel 11.86 will be reaching end of life next month. What will the new LTS version be? I assume 11.92 since it's in STABLE and RELEASE right now, but thought I would check to make sure.
  9. anton_latvia

    LTS autofix

    Hello, Can someone from cPanel give a little bit light on the email "Info You Need + LTS Autofix", that we recently received. I am not sure, but - does it mean, that our very old installations will be automatically upgraded? I mean - auto-MySQL upgrade, automatic EA3 to EA4 conversion? It was...
  10. W

    Updating cPanel WHM 78 LTS question

    Hi, A few days ago I received a notification mail about, cPanel / WHM have new version, version 78. I read the link of doc. Installation Guide - Version 78 Documentation - cPanel Documentation In my WHM-Server Configuration-Update Preferences I have set Release (in my case, now I have 76.0.18) I...
  11. T

    How To Choose LTS

    Guys, I used to be on LTS on my last server and would like to go back to it. I've read the changes to LTS a couple of times but still don't understand how I can choose that tier. Can you please help me?
  12. D

    SOLVED Switching to LTS from version 70 STABLE

    Hello, I am currently running cPanel version 70 STABLE and I'd like to switch to the LTS tier. However, Update Preferences tells me that the LTS tier is currently not available. Has 70 LTS been released? Or has it not been released yet? I'm wondering if there is an issue with the updater. I...
  13. A

    SOLVED [CPANEL-21026] Include cPanel 70 as LTS version in WHM >> Update Preferences

    I am using the LTS tier in all of my servers. Right now the only available lts version is 62 that will reach eol in a few days. When will 70 enter the lts tier ?
  14. S

    Force update to LTS version blocked?

    My cPanel is at version 68.0.38 currently with a message "The last attempt to update cPanel & WHM was blocked. Details" displayed at the top. The details say: "Upgrade to the next LTS is blocked until Monday May 14, 2018 in order to distribute upgrades over a five day period. If you wish to...
  15. N

    LTS 62.0.42 ends Upgrade problems?

    Hello, I have the cPanel (with cloudlinux) version of LTS 62.0.42 that the support ends in 2 days (31 March 2018).... I have some questions before I upgrade to the latest stable v.68. 1st - If I go and make the upgrade after the period of end for example at 2 April my clients would have any...
  16. P

    Upgrade to the next LTS is blocked

    I've got this message on an automated update and it got me curious as I do not have LTS(Long term support) selected, can some one enlighten me on the meaning of this message? I read the page and details which is quoted above but still do not understand it. Upgrade is blocked unless I force it...
  17. V

    SOLVED Update Preferences - Wrong LTS Expiration Date

    Hello there The cpanel update page looks like 11.62 lts times 31st March 2017. But cpanel lts document page appears on March 31st March 2018. Which information is correct?
  18. PCZero

    SOLVED Update Preferences - Error loading the TIERS.json file

    I just upgraded to 62.0 build 7. When I go to Home - Server Configuration - Update Preferences I get the following error. How do I fix this? "There was an error loading the TIERS.json file. The system will default to cPanel & WHM version 62 for Long-Term Support (LTS)"
  19. 6

    Update Preferences Set to LTS

    I noticed since my server automatically upgraded to version 56, the "Update Preferences" had changed to "LTS" instead of "Release". I previously had it set to "Release". Therefore WHM > Upgrade to Latest Version did nothing until I changed that. This may be an issue for others?
  20. I

    [Case 158165] Update Preferences Allows LTS Servers to Update to EDGE

    Tried to upgrade, from WHM 11.44.2 (build 5) to LTS 11.48. I ended having WHM 11.47.9980 (build 12) [TEST BUILD] without being able to upgrade/downgrade. Any thoughts?