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    cPanel Upgrade to the next LTS is blocked

    Hello guys, I have a VPS with cPanel installed -11.44.1 (build 19)- and today at about 06:20am to 07:15am GMT+2 my server went down. I logged in at WHM to see the logs and found a message saying The last attempt to update cPanel & WHM was blocked. Here's a screenshot of the message...
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    LTS for 11.30 will end soon (Jan 13, 2013) , concerns before update

    Hello AFAIK LTS for 11.30 will end on Jan 13,2013 so in next 2 weeks. We are using this version on our servers, right now it is time to upgrade. We use 11.30 LTS mostly because: - we have custom build cPanel skin for our users, which is build using API 1 - we have cusom settings of Exim...