1. ewerton.sanches

    AutoSSL Mail Node

    Good afternoon! I'm having trouble performing autossl on my exclusive Mailnode server! When attempting to generate a certificate, it simply doesn't react at all. I'm seeking help to understand what might be causing this issue and how I can correct it. Here are some screenshots that show the...
  2. H

    Unsuspension user mail accounts.

    whmapi1 --output=jsonpretty unsuspend_outgoing_email user=myusr is throwing the error ""reason" : "API failure: (XID v96tkp) You do not have a user named “myuser”."". The strange i found is whmapi1 --output=jsonpretty suspend_outgoing_email user=myusr is working fine. For suspension...
  3. R

    Failed to Receive Mail from A Client

    Hello Everyone, I have a client from Italy suddenly cannot send email to me and he receives a bound back immediately stating "550 5.1.1 invalid destination domain". However, I can receive mail sent from other clients. So is it the problem of his side? Thank you!
  4. M

    Packages sync with Mail Node

    Hello, I have configured a main server with a mail node, how can I get the packages from the main server to synchronize with the mail node? Best Regards
  5. J

    Mail messages disappeared

    Hi, I'm having problems with my emails. The mailbox in question takes up about 1.2 GB of space on the server, but both from webmail and from the browsers I use (thunderbird on pc and IOS mail on mobile) they don't see all the mails. Furthermore, on a weekly basis, i.e. every Saturday, the emails...
  6. B

    mail queue sending to root@hostname for imunifyav

    Hello, i am seeing hundreds of emails being sent at root@hostname like this in the Queue manager: Date:Fri, 14 Jul 2023 08:45:01 -0400 From:"(Cron Daemon)" <[email protected]> To:[email protected] Subject:Cron <root@server> /opt/imunify360/venv/share/imunify360/scripts/purge-clamav >...
  7. A

    Mail Queue Manager - Forward Message Option

    We have a bunch of messages in the Mail Queue Manager which are frozen. They are being sent to [email protected]. We don't have a forwarding address set up for Root at this time. I would like to see an option to where I can forward one of the messages in the Mail Queue Manager to one...
  8. leonep

    mail routing default

    hello , i like to have automatically detect Configurarion for mail routung setting when i create an account. is it possibile ? thanks
  9. D

    Spam sent from standard node via distributed mail account

    Hello. We've a standard node for web hosting with a linked mail node. From one of the distributed mail accounts some spammer is using standard node SMTP in order to send spam. We've changed passwords and restarted Exim and Dovecot but immediately continues sending. As their are using standard...
  10. A

    SMTP Port 465 works for Outlook but not iPhone. Also Outlook wont connect using TLS.

    When I configure mail on an iPhone it defaults to SMTP Port 587. This works. I go back in and change the SMTP Port to 465 but it will just spin and spin trying to verify the settings but never resolves. I am able to configure a new mailbox in Outlook using SMTP Port 465 just fine. Although...
  11. A

    Domain - Email Forwarding Only - Junk Mail Folder

    Hi, If we have a domain that is configured to forward emails only. No Mailbox. Does SpamAssasin scan and tag emails that are being forwarded? For example, if the domain is, and email forwarding is set to [email protected] forwards to [email protected] will SpamAssasin tag and...
  12. M

    New Server Setup - Setting up a mail relay using cPanel Mail Only Profile

    Thank in advance to all replies. Have a few questions and looking for guidance and clarification on a few things regarding email services to my clients. Here's the details. 1. I have server #1 that currently handles all websites, mail and as a database server (as well as database server) 2. I...
  13. P

    Exim system wide filter file - mail command not working

    I have written an exim system-wide custom filter file, which is placed in /usr/local/cpanel/etc/exim/sysfilter/options/. The file freezes some emails based upon a condition, so that they can be reviewed by an administrator. The file is essentially: if condition then headers add...
  14. SimpleTechGuy

    In Progress CPANEL-42825 - Ratelimit incoming mail to non-existent accounts

    Hi, so I recently migrated to a new server and since the migration been getting thousands of emails to non existent accounts every day (coincidence? maybe. I don't know) I did keep the same ip, just a different box with the same host. I think it is a dictionary attack, but not sure. Each...
  15. D

    Empty mailbox after migration with transfer tool

    Hello, I just moved my CPanel from a server to another everything went smooth exept for the mailboxes are empty !!! Any help please
  16. E

    Sane values for smapassassin outgoing mail

    I want to make sure my server does not spam others and i want to get the spamassassin to scan outgoing mail. I would like to know what values do you use for the below or any other values you may think are relevant. The settings below are in exim configuration manager. Also if you have good rbls...
  17. N

    SSL for mail sub-domain

    We have a FastSSL certificate already installed for the main domain and www, and now I want to add SSL to the mail sub-domain (we are NOT using LetsEncrypt or AutoSSL). I installed a new FastSSL certificate on the server and then added it via 'Manage Installed SSL Websites' but it overwrote the...
  18. P

    How to reduce number of failed mail retries and avoid triggering the 'exceeded the max defers and failures per hour'?

    Due to (for me) unknown reason mail server retries 10-20 times to resend the mail message and triggers the outgoing traffic block temporarely for each destination mail address that rejects the e-mail message. example: 12 errors in Mar 14, 2023, 3:49:03 AM 552 5.2.2 <*****@******.com> Quota...
  19. I

    Multiple parent nodes to one or two child nodes (mail)

    Hello, Management has asked me to take a look at the possibility to separate the mail services. They want to create one or two larger mail only servers and redistribute quota for site hosting. Is it possible to create a setup like below with parent child node functionality at this time Parent...
  20. P

    How mail suspension works

    Does anyone know how the per-inbox mail suspension works for incoming mail? I've noticed for outgoing the email address will appear in: `/etc/outgoing_mail_suspended_users` And setting it to "hold" puts the email in: `/etc/outgoing_mail_hold_users` However haven't found how the incoming...