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    Add Calendar Functionality to Cpanel Mail Server?

    We're using Cpanel to host a website and a mail server and we want to add group/shared calendar functionality? To access our email accounts some of us are using Outlook and some people are probably using iMail or whatever mac people use. And I was asked to see if we could add calendar...
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    Roundcube Server error: STATUS: Internal error occured

    I have this error with Roundcube. Where is location of this error log? I only found dovecot.mailbox.log and dovecot.index.log, on problematic mail account BUT cant read in notepad.. Please help
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    SSL for customers - webmail? mail?

    Hi there! I have 2 questions. If an customer buys an SSL cert from godaddy with 5 UCC mail.customerdomain, webmail.customerdomain, www.customerdomain etc 1. When I install the certificate, will in run on webmail.customerdomain aswell then? Now our SSL is there (our as in...
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    Not getting system/root mail?

    When I first had my VPS set up, I was getting nightly emails, such as from upcp, anacron, etc. However, in the past month I've completely stopped getting them. I can see from /var/cpanel/updatelogs that the upcp cron job still seems to be running, and yet I'm not getting the nightly output...
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    Change default subdomain for webmail to mail

    Hallo All, This is my first post and straight away it's a question. By default the subdomain redirects to the email services. Is there any way to change this to The same goes for cpanel and whm. Ive looked everywhere but could not find anything on this...
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    Internal Server Error 500 No response from subprocess (php): subprocess was killed with signal 25

    Hi guys, Everything was working fine yesterday but suddenly I started to get this error when trying to access Roundcube with all emails. After putting the credentials and trying to go to the inbox this error shows up: ======= Internal Server Error 500 No response from subprocess...
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    Incorrect mailbox size reported in cPanel

    Hi. a users default email account i've been asked to look at on my server is showing a mailbox size of 775.17 MB on cpanel. i've looked at his webmail .. and also checked his home and he has no mail i can see anywhere.. all his usage stats indicate there is no mail in there. could anyone...
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    Remove X-Get-Message-Sender-Via header

    Hi I noticed that the e-mails sent from php's mail() function are having the "X-Get-Message-Sender-Via" header added. In this header, the cpanel username is provided. I know this is useful to track the client from a webhost that is sending spam, but I only run my site in my server. How do I...
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    Need to filter ALL email

    I thought I had it for a while. Was setting up rules in antivirus.exim that included this: or $header_from: ends ".pw" or $return_path: ends ".pw" But spam keeps getting though with address like this in the header: Return-path: <[email protected]> So, could it be that I...
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    Google Apps split delivery for domain

    We host our own company on our WHM server and are currently switchting to Google Apps. 90% of the email addresses on this domain are to be migrated to Google Apps, but the remaining 10% are to be used by our ticketing system, for example, and don't need to be migrated. Google Apps...