1. E

    ios mail APN, guide is outdated

    Hi the guide found here Is outdated,macos server does not exists anymore. Anyone have a guide on how to create APN certificates for push notifications ?
  2. S

    API to get current mail exchanger routing type

    I am looking for an API function to retrieve the current mail exchanger routing type (local/remote/auto). I can successfully set it using the set_always_accept API call, but I can't find a way to retrieve the current setting. I found the function get_user_information , and while it's returned...
  3. leonep

    add some host for mail client dns problem

    Hi, i only want to add some hostnames for mail setup like pop3, smtp so i added to dns zone template this new record: .................................. .................................. %domain%. IN A %ip% %domain%. IN AAAA %ipv6% ipv6 IN AAAA %ipv6% %domain%. IN MX 0 %domain%. mail IN CNAME...
  4. 360webfirm

    The service “exim” appears to be down

    Good day to all of you. I am having the exim service go down, come back up and then go down yet again. The reason is because of to: 421 Too many concurrent SMTP connections; please try again later. I am sure this is because my Email Dovecot is being attacked as its not because of users as...
  5. F

    Moving mail to another user on same account?

    Hi! Is there any way to move the email from one account to another one on the same domain? For example, move all [email protected] mail to [email protected] without downloading it? Thanks!
  6. Auron

    Mail with attachments stuck/held in mail queue

    Hello I usually manage to search for a solution but no luck this time... For a few days now, any email being sent from my server that has an attachment is being held in the mail queue. Mail sent locally is NOT having a problem only external recipients. Mail without attachments or very small...
  7. M

    office365 mail to cpanel mail hybride methods

    Hey, I am having issues with my company emails since currently, we have 20 licenses for office365 extra 10 emails we are using Cpanel mail without licenses. I have created the rules in office365 in the exchange area, set max rules, etc.. but those 10 emails through we not getting sent and...
  8. WebJIVE

    Mail only node configuration questoin

    We're looking into the possibility of using mail only node(s) for our current environment. Right now we have two normal (parent) WHMCS servers and one DNS ONLY (node) which is our backup DNS for the other two parent nodes (mail, web, etc.). Our question relates to the attached diagram. We're...
  9. K

    Rebuild Reverse DNS Cache and Update Mail HELO Problem [Exim Configuration Manager]

    Hello. When rebuild reverse dns cache and update mail hello , i see this error: (XID m9phdd) DNS request timeout: at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/Config/ReverseDnsCache/ line 67. at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/Config/ReverseDnsCache/ line 67...
  10. Otávio Serra

    How block IP server to delivery mail in WHM

    I found a lot of documentation about block IP address to delivery mail on cPanel. But can't find same options on WHM to apply it global way. Anybody knows how can I do it in WHM? I receiving a lot of mails from specific IPs. I'm blocking domains but ins't do satisfatory solution. Thanks.
  11. M

    SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data: 451 4.7.500 Server busy.

    how do we can fix this ! smtp error SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data: 451 4.7.500 Server busy. Please try again later from []. (S77719) []. after restarting only emails working
  12. O

    In Progress EA-10751 - cPanel check mail isn't working if logged in to cpanel.domain.tld

    Hello, My clients are experiencing error when clicking "check mail" button from cPanel. The error message says A fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive. Surprisingly, the error occurs only if you log in via cpanel.domain.tld but no error if you log in using...
  13. R

    Report Mail delivery - This message was rejected at smtp time by an rbl

    I'm getting several logs in my e-mail delivery report but I don't know how to proceed, since if our server has an open relay, I don't know. Does anyone have any idea how this issue can be resolved? [System] May 30, 2022, 4:31:16 PM 0 [email protected] 1nvl6m-000CgC-vG host lookup did not...
  14. M

    Is SMTP Restriction necessary if using Remote Mail Exchanger?

    We have our email hosted with Google Suite and 'Email Routing' is set to 'Remote Mail Exchanger.' Is there any benefit to enabling SMTP Restriction in WHM » Security Center?
  15. bejbi

    mail storage on another partition ?

    Hi, Has anyone tried to do symlink /home/USER/mail to a folder on a separate partition? The idea is that the customer account should be on NVMe disks and the storage for e-mails should be on SSD disks. I see a few features request from 5 years ago, but they are not being continued and not...
  16. OfficialHax

    Dual PTR?

    Hi. We're having some issues regarding this dedicated server. We run alot of small dedis but this one is causing alot of issues. Our rDNS is perfectly fine. Our current IP is and rDNS is But for some super odd reason I am getting 2...
  17. K

    Disable automatic creation of "mail." domain

    I don't know in which section to write my post, so sorry in advance. By default, cpanel creates mail .___ domains for all new accounts - I don't use such domains, so I don't need it. The only thing that bothers me is that AutoSSL keeps reporting problems to me on some domains. How can I...
  18. chanklish

    sql mail

    hello i have sql server 2019 on server 2019 i am trying to use the sql mail but keeps failing i disabled TLS1.0,1.1 and SSL 2.0 on the server my ports are 25,465 and 587 (465 + ssl gives time out even though i can see on my firewall that a conx was sent to the cpanel server) in exim : +no_sslv2...
  19. R

    Mail Queue Manager - Full of email failing to send to [email protected]

    Hi, As the title suggests, the WHM "Mail Queue Manager" is full of emails that are "Frozen" because it's attempting to send to [email protected] even though my email address is set within "Basic WebHost Manager® Setup". Some example emails: LFD Warning for LiteSpeed Memcached...
  20. K

    server sends email to local account instead of to outlook mail server

    I recently transferred servers, and am now having problems with one mail account. When I coped over the accounts, it looks like WHM created a local DNS record for on my server HOST1. I host website, but their mail is handled via outlook. The main DNS server for is at...