1. S

    In Progress CPANEL-43077 - How to stop mailman???

    Does anyone know how to stop mailman from running on startup? I want it off. I turned it off in services in WHM. it never runs properly: main(/temp): systemctl status mailman.service ● mailman.service - mailman services Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/mailman.service; disabled; vendor...
  2. U

    Issue with mailman

    Hi, Our mailman stopped accepting emails to the post valias with have something like: [email protected]: "|/usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/mailman/mail/mailman post" in /etc/valiases/ and this alias receives the following error in...
  3. Crimpshrine

    mailman disabled but keep getting "Excessive resource usage: mailman" email

    Hello, Could someone help me as to why I am keep getting "Excessive resource usage: mailman" message in the email after disabling mailman in Tweak Settings? Notification email always comes around 3:30am. I also shown as disabled in Service Manager and the service is not being monitored. Am I...
  4. PCZero

    Mailman WAY out of date

    I am running WHM 106.0.11Release. I have noticed that for a LONG time the included Mailman mailing list software has not been updated. The version currently on the box is 2.1.38. The current 2.1.x version is 2.1.39 and the current 3.x version is 3.3.7/, Are there any plans to upgarde the...
  5. K

    Starting mailman services error

    Hello, I'm having trouble starting the "mailman" services. ========= [root]# /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/restartsrv_mailman Waiting for “mailman” to start ……info [restartsrv_mailman] systemd failed to start the service “mailman” (The “/usr/bin/systemctl restart mailman.service --no-ask-password”...
  6. I

    Mailman mailing list

    Hi all, I have a mailing list set up for all staff and when an email is sent to [email protected] everyone gets it. The issue I have is every time someone sends an email, I have to go in and approve the email to be sent. Is there a way that members of the list can send emails to it without...
  7. H

    MailMan Error

    new server installation completed on yesterday. But mailman not working.
  8. T

    Restrict outgoing SMTP to root, exim, and mailman (FKA SMTP Tweak)

    When I validate security advisor it is possible to restrict outgoing SMTP to root, exim, and mailman (FKA SMTP Tweak). Is it possible within the current WHM version to block SMTP on particular accounts as applications will not send any email messages due to general restricted outgoing SMTP to...
  9. R

    How to redirect mailman bounces to the actual list-owner instead of to mailer-daemon

    When mailman can't deliver a mail it seems the mail is bounced back to mailer-daemon and eventually ends up in the root mail. I realize I can change where that goes, but wouldn't the correct place be back to the list-owner so he can take action and eventually remove the list member? Can that...
  10. K

    Mailman 3 with Postorius UI + HyperKitty

    Howdy! My VPS (CentOS v7.9.2009 virtuozzo [server] v100.0.11) is running Mailman 2. 1) What would it take to upgrade to Mailman 3 with Postorius UI + HyperKitty? 2) What would it take to import a Mailman archives export from another server into a new Mailman list? The archives are in a...
  11. V

    Mailman Error

    Good evening, I have detected that since the last cPanel update to version 100.0.3 mailman has stopped working, when I issue a systemctl status mailman I get the following output: mailman.service - mailman services Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/mailman.service; enabled; vendor preset...
  12. J

    mailman page not foud

    I have a problem, I can create mailing lists, however once created if I want to enter to manage them, page not found appears
  13. brianc

    Mailman Password Weirdness

    I am seeing some strange behavior on one of our cPanel servers. A client will use a non-SSL URL to log into their mailman admin interface. After they are logged in successfully, any other page they access in the mailman admin section, logs them out and asks for their password again. Did a new...
  14. K

    Como quitar firma en lista de correos

    Hola, una duda Como podrian quitar esa firma que aparece cuando envie un mensaje a una lista de correos: La idea es quitar esa firma y el adjunto , muchas gracias.
  15. brianc

    Mailman subscription confirmation via email stopped working in version 80

    When you join a mailman mailing list, mailman will send out a subscription confirmation email to confirm your subscription to the mailman list. You can either confirm via a web page or email. Confirmation via the webpage works fine. The way confirmation by email works is the subscriber responds...
  16. WebHostPro

    SOLVED How to stop these checkdbs cron emails?

    Any idea how to stop these, I thought I stopped cron job emails by adding this to the first line of the file. MAILTO="" But I still get these guys: To: postmaster@host Subject: Cron <mailman@lv10> /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/restartsrv_mailman --status &> /dev/null && /usr/bin/python -S...
  17. D

    SOLVED Mailing List Moderation Request Link Broken

    Hello guys, I need some help here with the moderation link in mailman not working. So the thing is my client has separated web and email server. So it makes sense that the URL in the mailman emails aren't working as it uses the root domain which pointed elsewhere. My question is, how can I...
  18. M

    se puede crear un user

    se puede crear un user o un mail del dominio, para q solo maneje el mailman en el cpanel, asi lo acomodan a su conveniencia, sin darle acceso a todo el cpanel, so reseller, no se si influira
  19. G

    ftpd and mailman down

    Hello, update provided. Ftpd and mailman not working. Can you help me?
  20. C

    Limit number of recipient per email sent

    Hi all, I has been create new config of WHM to limit number of email sent per email of user as below: recipients_max = 20 recipients_max_reject = true but it also affect to mailinglist function also, I have mailinglist have more than 20 email in this list, now I can't sent to this list , have...