1. K

    Recover email from mdbox files

    A client zipped up their mail directory for archiving and now needs to recover the email. Their hosting account no longer exists. Is there anyway of extracting the email out to text, pdf, or anything humanly readable? Any help appreciated.
  2. R

    how to block attempted security hacks

    I am routinely seeing hackers trying to gain access to my server by trying to compromise HTTP server or CGI issues. Most are very similar, if not the same, to the logs posted below: [2023-07-03 06:40:45 -0400] info [cpaneld] - - "OPTIONS /openid_connect/ HTTP/1.1" FAILED LOGIN...
  3. A

    Maildir vs mdbox? should i migrate?

    Hi happy new year to everyone, i currently have one whm server with almost 500 users, they all have like 30gb-100gb mail accounts, should i change from maildir to mdbox? which are the real advantages? of course i run everyday a backup offsite. thank you
  4. J

    Mail Conversion Questions

    Hello there, We're looking to free up some space on our system with many accounts. We've found a handful of accounts with mailboxes above 10GB. We've recently enabled compression, and we understand that it only affects new emails. We'd like to try and save space with the existing email. After...
  5. A

    Horde not listing mailboxes from default account login

    Same problem as the original poster of this thread: Horde not listing mailboxes from default account login ....except "Show All Mailboxes" (which solved their problem), is not visible under Folder Actions. Any advice? I have contacted my hosting provider (Hosting Provider 1), and they...
  6. Hedloff

    ClamAV on mdbox instead of maildir

    Hello, How does clamav scan work on mdbox? On maildir it will remove a email that is infected in the same folder when running command: clamscan -ri --remove But in mdbox the emails are compressed togheter in same file, how will that work?
  7. C

    MDBox -> maildir format conversion - delete old storage/keep old files removal

    After a few conversion over time we noticed we had a mixed enviroment on our cPanel server. To handle better recovery we wanted to move all mailboxes to maildir format. We started "Mailbox Conversion",choose to "Convert to maildir", selected the users and selected "Keep old mailbox files"...
  8. B

    SOLVED How is mdbox pruning / rotation handled?

    I've searched and found no answers relating to how cPanel servers handle deleted emails from mdbox storage. I know there are settings for rotation, both in size and in time, but it appears that just relates to how often a new file is started; not anything to do with how existing files are...
  9. L

    Email quotas after mailbox conversion

    hello, we converted some of our servers to mdbox and it seems that the old emails are also compressed. But, now we have a problem with the quotas. ALL the users used quota are to 0 ... I did a try with the /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/fixquotas script, but the used quota are still 0. What can i do...
  10. M

    Mailbox Compression and Maildir-->MDBox conversion

    Hello, I just enabled Mailbox compression today. 99% of the mailboxes on said server are using Maildir. I want to gradually migrate, per account, users' email from the maildir format to the mdbox format. New emails coming in are automatically being compressed. Old emails are not...
  11. Hedloff

    Maildir vs Mailbox (mdbox) when transferring account

    Will it work to transfer accounts without any issues from other hosting providers if they are using maildir and we are using mdbox? Or if they are using mdbox and we are using maildir? Can we have customers with maildir and mdbox on the same server?
  12. Hedloff

    Mailbox (mdbox) vs maildir on R1Soft

    Has anyone converted from maildir to mdbox and how is that with R1Soft and restore?
  13. J

    SOLVED mdbox oddness

    To get my mail compresses, I converted all accounts on our server from maildir to mdbox, then mdbox to maildir. A couple mailboxes didn't convert from mdbox to maildir, the rest of their account got converted. Is there a command line option to convert these mailboxes? If not what is best...
  14. C

    Dovecot compression

    Hello, since v66 of whm, we now have Dovecot compression. I read up on it, and understand by activating it, it will compress future emails from either mdbox or maildir accounts. Does this option affect reliability in any way ? as in data corruption or unable to read the compressed emails...
  15. C

    mdbox reliability

    Hello, I am currently thinking of converting the biggest email accounts to mdbox to help with performance. I was wondering if there is any disadvantages to move to mdbox, I am asking because in WHM on the conversion screen, under maildir, it says "improves reliability"... Does that mean mdbox...
  16. WebHostPro

    How to remove old maildir files after upgrade?

    Hi, I've changed my server email to MDBOX. And chose the option to leave the old email in case of an error during the transition. Now that I have MDBOX working. How can I remove the old emails that used MAILDIR? Thank you for your help.
  17. WebHostPro

    Mailman error after mdbox upgrade

    I upgraded my server to mdbox and now mailman is failing over and over. The error is:90 Waiting for “mailman” to start ……Job for mailman.service failed because a configured resource limit was exceeded. See "systemctl status mailman.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details. …Waiting for...
  18. C

    SSH command to detect if domain is using mdbox or maildir

    Hello, I was wondering if there was an official way to detect using ssh if a domain is using mdbox or maildir. The reason why is because I am building a little script that would run on cron and empty the spam assassin spam folder. But since the mdbox and maildir storage directories are different...
  19. W

    Missing emails after maildir to mdbox conversion

    Hello. I converted a domain from maildir to mdbox via the WHM Mailbox Conversion utility. Everything seemed to go smoothly, but now I have users saying that they are missing older emails—basically anything prior to the conversion. I opted to "Keep old mailbox files" and also took a snapshot of...
  20. F

    Conversion to mdbox

    Hello, I'm taking baby steps to convert my mailboxes from Maildir to mdbox in 11.60. One account conversion seems to have gone off without a hitch but I've got questions. - I chose to keep the old mailbox files; however, since the conversion seems to be OK, how do I get rid of these files? Do...