1. D

    Making sure that memcache/memcached starts on reboot

    Hello, I recently installed memcache and memcached on my server (CENTOS 7.3 cPanel & WHM 64.0). I used the updated instructions in the first post of the following thread: Installing memcache and memcached with EasyApache4 specifically: yum install ea4-experimental yum install...
  2. O

    Need help installing Memcached

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to install memcached on my server through the WHM/Cpanel interface, been able to correctly follow the steps over here - Removed - But it always end up with this error. WARNING: channel "" has updated its protocols, use "pecl channel-update"...
  3. F

    Starting Memcached

    Many thanks for replies. Hopefully just 2 more questions? Now running php 7.1. how do i start & restart memcached etc. how do get it to start automatically Are these correct And then start Memcached: systemctl start memcached Be sure that Memcached starts at boot: systemctl enable...
  4. D

    Issues With Memcached When Running With Socket

    I have been working on getting Railgun up and running which requires memcached. I have memcached installed and running and it works fine when running and listening on port. But when changing things up and trying to get it to use a socket it does not want to co-operate. It seems like it starts...
  5. J

    Memcached and Varnish cache

    Hello :) We use fastcgi. We use Varnish cache or our centos-cPanel server. I would like to ask: could memcached and varnish cache can be installed together on cPanel server. Is there a compatibility between those two cache methods? Thanks to all in advance!
  6. X

    Strange Result in Installing Memcached

    I use WHM & Centos 64 bit. I've tried installing memcached using these commands ( i read from ) wget tar -zxvf memcached-1.x.x.tar.gz cd memcached-1.x.x ./configure && make && make test && sudo make install I also installed libevent &...
  7. K

    suphp + memcached possible?

    I installled memcached on a server and everything says its installed OK but the stat hits are empty. Will suphp + memcached work?
  8. D

    Installing PHP Pecl "memcached" error: memcached support requires libmemcached.

    Hello i was able instal memcach from WHM » Software » Module Installers but wasent that successfull with memcached i get this error : and i tried install libmemcached by following these instructions but dindt work : # wget...
  9. R

    Memcached Installation error

    I did everything steps in the following link But while executing following command root@2962 [~]# pecl install memcached downloading memcached-2.2.0.tgz ... Starting to download...
  10. G

    Memcached on Module Installer memcached - a distributed memory object caching system It says that the latest version is 1.4.15 When i go to Module Installer on WHM i see How's that possible??? It sasys 2.1.0 whereas the official website says that 1.4.15 is...
  11. J

    Need help with Memcached problem on Xen/Centos VPS

    Hello everyone, I am a newbie to the VPS world and can use any help I can get with this. As you can guess, with a VPS no help is offered, so you guys are all I can hope to get help from. I installed the Memcached on the VPS following the step by step instruction from the Sudo Make Install »...
  12. D

    error instaling memcached

    Hello, I can't find what's causing the error i get when i try to install memcached. Can you guys help me out? Thanx in advance ;-) downloading memcached-2.1.0.tgz ... Starting to download memcached-2.1.0.tgz (39,095 bytes) ..........done: 39,095 bytes 11 source files, building...
  13. L

    Memcache / memcached problems

    I have been following this guide: / Install Memcache onto cPanel running CentOS | Mr PHP in my /etc/ i have: /usr/local/lib/ In /usr/local/lib/php.ini i have enabled the extension...
  14. postcd

    Memcached installation, missing

    Im lost in Memcached installation on my cpanel centos server. I have Memcached ticked in EasyApache, also its amongs the extensions in php config: extension_dir = "/usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20060613" zend_extension = "/usr/local/IonCube/"...
  15. P

    Update memcached -- how?

    Hi. I want to update memcached from the current 1.2.0 to the latest 1.4.5. I have EPEL and RIMO repositories (much more useful than the crap CentOS "Base" repo). When I do "yum update memcached", I see that memcached.x84_64 1.4.5 has been installed. Somewhere. Yet, when I restart...
  16. A

    installing memcached and others

    how does whm work? lets say we install memcached for our users via yum and put in our php.ini. will they get the same assess? with the same memory? is it shared or not shared? lets say we want to install varnish too, how does that work too?
  17. T

    Another Memcached Install Question

    Hello, I followed everything to the letter in this link: How to install and activate memcached on WHM / cPanel [Short HowTos] When I type "memcached" in shell I get: memcached 1.4.7 in WHM under Main >> Software >> Module Installers memcache 2.2.6 I was also able to recompile...
  18. T

    Help installing Memcached

    I have a cpanel server hosted by verio. I have been trying to install memcached. There is a PHP module installer for memcached in WHM. It produces errors when trying to run it. The errors are related to libmemcached being missing. There is no installer for libmemcached. I had verio tech support...
  19. P

    Memcache and Memcached confuse

    Hello On my cpanel i was enable the memcache using easy Apache and i thought that this will work for caching static content like some images and so on. Today i was looking to install a torrent system and i was read on installation: Install memcached on the server and memcache php...
  20. S

    Please help with memcached install starting to go pear shaped

    Hi all, I have been following numerous links around the forums and web on how to install memcached on a centos 5 cpanel server and come to grief in a couple of places now and decided to stop before I got too deep and broke stuff... Summary: I attempted to follow a process where an...