1. L

    account migration

    Using WHM as root to migrate accounts is a bit buggy. I used the migration tool to copy an account off a whm account where i was not root to one where i was. The mail accounts+messages didn't get moved over nor did the password protected directories. I am using red hat 9 on both machines with...
  2. P

    ip migration wizard

    Quick question how would someone get out of it I performed what I thought was a successful migration, yet then system seems wedged in the "we are migrating" mode, and blocks all further ip assignations...
  3. A

    Migration from plesk to cpanel

    Hello everyone :) It is possible to migrate from plesk in one sever to cpanel in another server ? If yes , how to do it ?
  4. M

    Server Migration

    Can someone give a detailed proceedure of migrating from one server farm to another using Cpanel/WHM at both ends? The data/account transfer is understood, but I find the setup and transition of DNS propagation confusing. I'm switching from IP hosting to domain hosting. I have mirrored the...
  5. A

    Website Migration

    I'm switching hosting companies, and have a few sites to move with mysql databases. What's the least path of resistance when doing this.
  6. G

    IP Migration

    We are having to move a dedicated CPanel server to a new DC with new IP's. What is the best way to perform the IP Migration. Thanks
  7. D

    POLL: Should a temporary dedicated "RedHat Migration" forum be created?

    With the End of Life (EOL) of RedHat 7.x, 8, 9 drawing near, many of those I've spoken with have expressed nervousness about the crisis not being address properly. There has been a desire for cPanel to create a temporary dedicated "RedHat Migration" Forum, so that, we the users, can more...
  8. WebHostPro

    Any info or anyone try the migration tool?

    I tried it tonght ona five domain server and did not have much success. It blanked aftyer three steps leaving me in the dark in what to do next... I then noticed the apache conf file had two i.p.'s oer domain, I manually deletedthe old one still noticed themain i.p. is not changed and the...
  9. M

    cPanel to cPanel Migration, addon domains lost

    It's not a secret that transfering a cPanel account with addon domains to another cPanel server via WHM will do practicly everything except set up the addon domains. Not sure quite sure if this has to do with the fact that the addon domains are not currently pointed at the new domain, which...
  10. M

    x skin migration wizard ?

    I take it some of you have done the x migration. What i was wondering is did it all work :) ??? and is there any problem just leaving the domains using the old skins like iconic ? (maybe they actually like the skin :) Also i have 3 xskins x,x2,xmail installed in cpanel themes and in the x skin...
  11. M

    Migration from Plesk to cPanel

    We are in the process of moving a fair number of single domains and reseller domains from a Plesk 2.5.5 server to a cPanel/WHM 6.4.2 server. The problem stems in the qmail to exim transfer. After using WHM's copy function for getting the accounts off of the Plesk server, neither users, their...
  12. S

    redhat 7.3 to freebsd 5 migration

    Does anyone know if loading the user accounts will work fine for this migration. If I load the backups from a older cpanel machine should that work fine? Thanks for all your help. cPanel.net Support Ticket Number:
  13. E

    Migration to cpanel from other systems

    Wondering if anyone has tried moving sites hosted on a cobalt machine to cpanel. If so did you have to do everything manually and/or is there anything i should look into that would make the transition work a little smoother than to calling each customer and giving them all new info? Love...
  14. J

    Account Migration + Resellers

    Hi, I currently have a reseller account on a CPanel server (call it server A). I am now going to get a reseller account on another CPanel server that I have root access too (I'm a server admin for the company). - Server B Is it possible to move my resold accounts from A to B with only the...
  15. M

    cpanel to cpanel migration

    Is there an easy way to migrate your Cpanel accounts to another server that runs WHM/Cpanel?