1. K

    SOLVED [CPANEL-23708] warning on migration

    upon performing migration on latest release 76.0.11 this warning pops. just wanted to give a heads up. : Use of uninitialized value $domain in concatenation (.) or string at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/DAV/Config.pm line 161. RESTORE: Account “xxxx”: Warnings : Use of uninitialized value $domain...
  2. Rogerio

    Migration to another datacenter with same hostname

    Hello, I want to move my server to another company/datacenter but keeping the same hostname to be transparent to the users and avoid change each domain DNSs, that are configured as ns1.myhostname.mydomain.com and ns2.myhostname.mydomain.com. Since the server has ~100 accounts, I want to move...
  3. C

    Migration : Set destination partition

    I'm trying to migrate an account using pkgacct and restorepkg scripts. Is there a way to set the destination partition name before migrating? for example: my account is in /home1 and I would like to restore it in /home2 in the new server. Is there a config file where you can set the "homedir"...
  4. S

    Server migration global settings

    Hi, Is there a way during server migration (cPanel to cPanel) to transfer the global settings for things like Tweak Settings, cpHulk, CSF Firewall, any other such server-wide configurations? If not, can this be added as an enhancement request some place? Thanks!
  5. S

    Migration to new server

    Hello, it's not clear for me (and I'm a little bit confused) how to migrate my server to a new physical machine. I have found two articels about that: "How to move all cPanel accounts from one server to another" in the KB and "Transfer Tool" in the Documentation. I have one server with IPs...
  6. L

    cPanel server migration - need to transfer zones without cPanel accounts

    Hello, I have migrated all cPanel accounts from my old server to new server. I have several dozen zones on the old server that do not have associated cPanel accounts, so did not transfer. Is there and easy method to transfer these zones to the new server without manually creating them all? I...
  7. postcd

    How would you move/sync cpanel server to other machine with min. downtime?

    Hello, it may have been already discussed, but my issue is little specific, as i have cPanel on a VPS which i can backup and then restore. In the near future i will need to move OpenVZ virtual private server with cpanel installed on it from one physical server to another within one datacenter...
  8. T

    IP Migration Tool questions

    I have been reading this: IP Migration Wizard - Documentation - cPanel Documentation I am needing to change: 1. server IP 2. the shared IP assigned to all users (to the same as the new server IP) but NOT the dedicated IPs that have already been assigned from the dedicated IP pool on each...
  9. A

    Wordpress migration

    Hi I need to migrate about 6 Wordpress sites from one server to another, both running cPanel. Can I use the Transfer Tool, or is there a guide of some sort on how to do this? Thanks
  10. R

    HTTP Error 500 after migration to new server

    Hi there, I just moved my entire cpanel to a new server. First I run a full backup, then restore via whm on a new server. the restore went smoothly, all files and database are in place. I also setup the IPs correctly from cloudflare. but when i access the domain through browser, it shows error...
  11. J

    Centos 6 to 7 - Server Migration Checklist? Which Config Files to Move outside of Transfer Tool?

    I just setup a new Cpanel server running on Centos 7 and used the transfer tool to transfer a website from a Centos 6 Cpanel server. What I found was there was so things that were broke due to a difference in Apache, PHP, and MySQL config. I found this checklist but it is outdated. Is there...
  12. L

    Migration serveur vers x64 et centos 7

    Bonjour, J'utilise CentOS 6.8 en x86, je dois cette erreur: Fatal: Les nouvelles versions de cPanel et WHM ne sont pas compatibles avec votre système d'exploitation. Améliorez votre système d'exploitation ou d'utiliser l'écran de mise à jour des préférences pour sélectionner un soutien à long...
  13. A

    WHM IP Migration Wizard not updating DNS zones for shared IP migration under NAT

    im using ip migration tool for change my primary ip address to others ip, migration success but when i see dns zone all ip address change to proxy server. not my acctual ip address. i see in list account tab, all site bind to my primary address, but not dns zone. im using os centos 6.7 whm...
  14. A

    After a Migration "Not supported" Message on website.

    Hello, Im doing a migration of all account and database and configuration from cPanel server A to B, the A server had a version: WHM 56.0 (build 32) /Server B(new server): WHM 58.0 (build 19) When it's finisched i can see all the website withoout mysql (only html) all website with mysql...
  15. I

    After WHM migration, WordPress website downloads PHP files instead of parsing

    Hello, After migrating a third-party account from inmotion using WHM with an account username and password, the website doesn't load; instead it asks to download a randomly named PHP file that contains the WordPress file that should have been parsed. I've read and tried many possible...
  16. verdon

    Complete migration to new server with new IP addresses

    Apologies for asking what has probably been answered several times. I haven't had to do this in a few years, and WHM has evolved since the last time. Any discussions I'm finding are equally dated. I just want to ensure they may still be relevant. In a nutshell, I need to completely migrate from...
  17. S

    Migration Problems Unable to find owner

    Trying to move a domain and I continue to get the error "The system failed to find an owner for the domain “ADD-ON_DOMAIN.TLD”." I've tried googling for this error but can't find anything thats similar to my issue; We have 2 dedicated servers with BlueHost (SITH1 & SITH2) we'd like to migrate...
  18. P

    No access to protected directory after migration to new host

    Hi, Any words of wisdom would be welcome. In the process of migrating to a new host, I have lost access to a password protected directory, which holds an in progress version of my website. When I try to access through browser the login screen comes up, but will not accept my - or any of the...
  19. Jeff P.

    WHM says trial license after IP Migration

    WHM says trial license after IP Migration I verified the IP at cpanel and I ran this and rebooted: /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt still WHM says I need to purchase a license. Yes, I changed the main shared IP.
  20. A

    PHP 4.29, Centos 7, Account Migration Question

    Hi, I have old custom apps, that use php 4.29. I got a new server, and the server is centos 7. Can cpanel still install 4.29 php? Also how do I exclude mail files from being transferred in account migrations. I only want the public_html folder.? EDIT. Hmmm, I just read on some forum that...