1. S

    Migration Problems Unable to find owner

    Trying to move a domain and I continue to get the error "The system failed to find an owner for the domain “ADD-ON_DOMAIN.TLD”." I've tried googling for this error but can't find anything thats similar to my issue; We have 2 dedicated servers with BlueHost (SITH1 & SITH2) we'd like to migrate...
  2. P

    No access to protected directory after migration to new host

    Hi, Any words of wisdom would be welcome. In the process of migrating to a new host, I have lost access to a password protected directory, which holds an in progress version of my website. When I try to access through browser the login screen comes up, but will not accept my - or any of the...
  3. Jeff P.

    WHM says trial license after IP Migration

    WHM says trial license after IP Migration I verified the IP at cpanel and I ran this and rebooted: /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt still WHM says I need to purchase a license. Yes, I changed the main shared IP.
  4. A

    PHP 4.29, Centos 7, Account Migration Question

    Hi, I have old custom apps, that use php 4.29. I got a new server, and the server is centos 7. Can cpanel still install 4.29 php? Also how do I exclude mail files from being transferred in account migrations. I only want the public_html folder.? EDIT. Hmmm, I just read on some forum that...
  5. C

    Transfer Tool config migration

    I'm looking to fully migrate from one server to a fresh VM. It would include all accounts and configuration and I understand that version 56 allows the config to be migrated. My question is, do I need to get a new license for the new server to be able to facilitate the migration. After all is...
  6. S

    Strange phenomenon after migration.

    Hello, I moved accounts from the old cPanel(WHM 11.44) to the new Cpanel(WHM 11.48 latest) server. Old: CentOS 5.x Perl 5.8.8 New: CloudLinux 6.x Perl 5.10.1 After migration was completed, certain accounts indicate "Perl version 5.8.8" at the stats of cPanel :( and other accounts indicate...
  7. A

    Cpanel accounts migration to a new server and keeping same IP.

    I try to transfer my customers websites from server1 to new empty server: server2 After restoring cpanel accounts on server2 , how should i change the ip on server2 into the server1 ip , in order that domain names start pointing on the new server (server2) instead of the old one (server1)...
  8. vagkaefer

    Migration Help

    We have a server running CENTOS 5. But we must migrate to version 6, to use multiple SSL on a single ip. We have two options: 1) Do a full backup and then do an upgrade on Linux and pray that everything works. 2) Up a new machine, install cpanel, configure, migrate the accounts and then...
  9. A

    cPanel to cPanel migration

    Hello, I run a VPS with cPanel, and I'm migrating to a new server (same as the current one, same OS, and it runs cPanel too). About account moving, I can use WHM, but I want to move also server configuration. like access hosts control. php compile configuration files CSF rules etc.
  10. earthrat

    Issues with migration

    We migrated to a new server and there are some things going on that are not the same. What I dont get is why since both versions of cPanel are the same? Every time I have migrated to a new server the database password and cPanel passwords are out of sync. For whatever reason the tool that used...
  11. S

    Migration and Linode Image

    Hello, I was wondering if any of you had experience with "Linode Images". Here's the basic idea, I was looking for a way to create a template Cpanel/WHM install and have it available should I ever purchase more servers. I'm configuring an install right now, I've done a lot of work hardening the...
  12. C

    CNAME Records Not Resolving since server migration

    I recently upgraded to a new server. My hosting company handled the migration for the most part. It has not gone smoothly and I am now trying to solve what I hope is the final issue with it. All of my DNS zones were transferred over in the migration and when I click Edit DNS Zone on any of...
  13. F

    Change Multiple Sites VS Ip Migration Wizard

    What is the difference between the two options? -> Change Multiple Sites VS Ip Migration Wizard Thanks Frank
  14. postcd

    Migration and TTL value

    Hello, im before migration of hosting accounts from one cpanel server to another. My aim is to lower the TTL value of the nameservers so the ISP of website visitors dont keep old server IP value too long and its quickly rechecked and get new IP value from nameservers. My question is this: Do...
  15. O

    Complete Data Migration to new server.

    Hey all, I'm hoping someone can help with this. I'm struggling to find a clear answer.
  16. T

    Migration to cPanel from Blogger

    Hi There, I am Kedar.I have my tech blog - Removed - on blogger platform.I want to move it into my cPanel hosting.I don't have idea about how I can transfer the blog along with all its posts , comments to my hosting account.So that I can easily manage my websites with my blog under the single...
  17. M

    cPanel to cPanel migration

    Hi for transferring a website to another server do we first do step 1 ) goto WHM << account function << create an account and then do transfer of account via step 2) WHM << migrate account with user name and password OR do we just directly do step 2
  18. M

    migration mysql restoring

    migration using command line I successfully transfered all files to new server\\But how do u retore the .sql files \ I know just cpanel username and password i did similar to this mysql database_de < database_de.sql mysql database_deaq < database_deaq.sql But client says only...
  19. M

    migration error

    after transferring a cpanel backup to a server i try to retore but i get this error Account Restore Complete Unlocking password for user xidfdf.passwd: Successwarn [whostmgr5] program is not executable
  20. E

    Fatal error after migration

    Hello All, Testing using cPanel. My configuration is CloudLinux running on a VMware ESXi virtual machine. Migrating a WordPress site to a newly created hosting account returns this error when visiting the site: Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_convert_case() in...