1. M

    cPanel reseller to dedicated migration

    reseller account has no ssh access and I am trying to migrate accounts to a dedicated server with cpanel as well. I get the following error after uploading the backup tar ball in the new dedicated server then using whm<backup<restore full backup/cpmove Restore for accountqww Searching...
  2. sozotech

    Inventory cPanel server setup prior to customer migration to new system

    Hello, I have inherited some old crusty cPanel servers that desperately need upgraded hardware. My challenge is to move the domains to new cPanel servers while minimizing breaking any sites once they are moved. Some of the domains are using old technologies like ASP, FrontPage and older...
  3. S

    VPS cPanel to phisical cPanel migration

    Hello. 3 years ago, I had to create a VPS for migrating an old server and hacked to cPanel. That worked very well. However, for these things of life, the VPS is a bit smaller now. What I need now, is to migrate to a physical hosting, keeping the same / 24 IP address range. Does...
  4. R

    Special characters not working - Migration Cari Net -> cPanel

    My website works pretty fine on the server it is right now. It was built mainly in PHP and MySQL. I'm migrating it from a server that uses Cari Net Panel to another one that uses CPanel. The problem is that when I send my website files and DB to the new server, my website loses special...
  5. I

    cPanel migration from crashed server’s backup to new server.

    Hello, Just I want to know the step by step procedure for Disaster Recovery of Cpanel server. E.g. My cpanel server1 is crashed. I have full Cpanel backup of it. I have installed the same or latest version Linux operating system on new server2 and installed the latest version of Cpanel...
  6. S

    cPanel to cPanel migration problem..

    The support team at softlayer have seemingly exhausted their resources on this.. new server provisioned yesterday, two drives on both old and new boxes.. Get error when trying to copy sites from old to new.. I've got a TT in on this since this AM but thought I'd see if anyone could give me a...
  7. D

    Migration, no downtime

    Hello, I'm going to be migrating all accounts from one WHM server to another. I am using dns servers on this as well as email servers. How can I do this without either dns or email being down? I will setup the dns name servers etc in my domain registrar just before moving. Thanks
  8. A

    Migration from mod_ruid2 to DSO only and public file permission

    Using DSO and mod_ruid2 has been going rather well the last year. But when using mod_ruid2, it restricts me too much from choices I can make when wanting to experiment with other modules, so I've been thinking about stop using mod_ruid2. 1. If I stop using mod_ruid2 on my server, how will it...
  9. G

    WHM migration showing old IP address

    Hi, hope you can help. My webhost has moved me to a new, faster node and 'migrated' my existing WHM/cPanel setup. I have now logged in to the newly hosted WHM but found that all accounts are still using/showing the old server IP address. How do I change, in bulk, all accounts to the new...
  10. G

    migration from from whm to whm

    i was using whm and cpanel on my vps , two days back purchased a dedicated server , so i need to migrate all of my websites data to new dedicated server , using whm migration feature i entered the extact details and entered but error occurs all time , saying wrong password .... the password is...
  11. S

    Migration Module questions

    Hi All, Let's suppose we are migrating either the whole server or a few accounts to another server with WHM migration module. 1) Is there any way to do so from command line? 2) Let's suppose we are moving Very Important Forum With Heavy Load. We have moved them and now we don't switch DNS...
  12. W

    I need help! I need a migration service

    Hi, Does this website offer to migrate my existing website to a new server? It would be cpanel to cpanel Wende :)
  13. L

    3rdparty migration like WHMSonic

    Hello, Does anyone know how to migrate a 3rdparty like WHMSonic to a new server? Thanks
  14. M

    Problems after migration to Rackspace cloud server

    We're in the process of migrating two cpanel installations to cloud services using Express Transfer via ssh. The first to TekTonic, all 90 domains migrated smoothly and are working properly. From the second, two domains were migrated to RackSpace - there were no errors in the transfer, but...
  15. B

    cPanel Migration to new machine

    Hello, ive seen several posts about migration to a new machine, I've understood how works for accounts and settings. Im now curious about dns, how do i move it ?
  16. A

    cPanel to cPanel migration

    Hi Everyone! Ive just started to use cPanel and so far its pretty great! I had cPanel VPS with one provider but then wanted to move it to another, so I set up the new one and used the account transfer option, this worked well and everything is there. I had 2 nameserver configured...
  17. F

    Server Migration Question

    Hi, Quick Questions. My plan looks like this. Current server set up: hostname=server.mydomainname.com Nameservers NS1.mydomainname.com and NS2.mydomainname.com New server set up: hostname alpha.mydomainname.com Nameservers NS3.mydomainname.com and NS4.mydomainname.com Wanting to...
  18. P

    I need to change ip and do Ip migration.

    Hi All: We changed bandwidth providers and and now have a new subnet. The old t1 is being turned off soon. I need to change ip and do Ip migration. Question 1 can I put new ips on second nic. That way I can have servers on both subnets while updating or does this cause problems. I have cpanel...
  19. Spetsnaz

    500 Internal Server Error After Migration

    So my old VPS I migrated all the accounts to a brand new VPS. The only problem is that the new VPS I get Internal Server Error error when accessing some websites. I tried to create to create a .html file on the directory and then when I type domain.com/index.html I get Not Found The requested...
  20. M

    Large migration - set up test account and change primary domain

    I have a forthcoming migration to manage. The website is no problem, but the emails are... Squirrelmail is used by users to access their email and these accounts need to be migrated. In total, I have about 7GB of data to backup and restore. I have no issues with the data part of it...