1. J

    PHP Version not Change after change in MultiPHP Manager

    I use PHP version 7.2 as the default, then I create a subdomain and use PHP 8.1 for the subdomain, but when I try php -v in the subdomain directory what appears is version 7.2. I've tried changing htaccess, restarting php-fpm and restarting apache but still php7.2 appears
  2. spaceman

    PHP Selector (by CloudLinux) vs MultiPHP (cPanel)

    I've been a cPanel user for, er, over 20 years. o_O The PHP Selector (by CloudLinux) vs MultiPHP (by cPanel) thing really irritates me! "With CloudLinux, you can also make use of a similar feature: PHP Selector. PHP Selector has an important advantage over MultiPHP Manager: it allows a single...
  3. B

    SOLVED CPANEL-42687 - Condescending bug in WHM 108.0.14, go to MultiPHP and click the update notification?

    There's a condescending bug in WHM 108.0.14 when you go to MultiPHP and click the red notification icon in the header to update WHM, then it redirects you to an error 404 page that tries to make you believe that you accidentally bookmarked or entered a wrong URL... *rolls eyes* How about cPanel...
  4. D

    How to set upload_tmp_dir to a dynamic path in multiphp ini editor

    Hi All, Is there a way to set the php.ini for all users for upload_tmp_dir to a dynamic path. Example I want all users upload path to be set to /home/$username/public_html/tmp This is the setting I found in WHM -> Multi php ini editor ; Temporary directory for HTTP uploaded files (will use...
  5. JAB Creations

    How to remove invalid PHP handlers from MultiPHP Manager?

    In WHM / MultiPHP Manager there are four "PHP Handlers": cgi lsapi none suphp Only cgi works with my software, the others (most especially light speed) cause massive amounts of chaos and are effectively the equivalent to the "none" handler. How do I remove the invalid PHP handlers from being...
  6. K

    MultiPHP Manager set to 8.1.1, and "php -v" gives 8.1.1 in public_html folder, but 5.6.4 in root directory?

    My web host recently upgraded my PHP 5.6 to 8.1, and installed MultiPHP Manager. For a domain, I used cPanel to set the PHP for the account to 8.1, and if I do "php -v" inside the public_html folder for the user, it says I have 8.1.1. But if I go to the root folder for the user, it says I have...
  7. D

    Using MultiPHP Manager may change PHP version changes site file permissions

    whm 98.0.4. This morning, I used multiphp manager. i noticed that a new site i had made recently was set to a specified php version, and not inherit. i set the site from 7.4 to 7.2 and tested the site and it loaded fie. I set it to 7.0 and tested the site and it loaded fine. i set it back to...
  8. I

    Issue on not loading extensions after changing PHP version from MultiPHP Manager

    Hello, I know the issue is with CloudLinux, but cPanel community is better (no exaggeration at all):) There are multiple websites and I have hidden MultiPHP Manager from Feature List in cPanel, but enabled PHP Selector CloudLinux. Now all users by default are in "cagefs" and use "inherit"...
  9. B

    SOLVED Can't change php version in MultiPhp Manager

    I can't change php version using the new Multiphp manager. Specifically, I have a subdomain I recevie the following error: Error: “/usr/local/cpanel/bin/python-packman” reported error code “1” when it ended: Traceback (most recent call last): File...
  10. U

    In Progress CPANEL-36246 - Bug in MultiPHP Manager

    There seems to be a bug in the new MultiPHP manager within WHM. If you view an account normally it'll show PHP-FPM as on for example. If you enter the same domain in the search bar and view it that way, it shows PHP-FPM as off and you then turn it on thinking it's off. Make a change to the...
  11. L

    Difference between MultiPHP Manager and Editor for disabled functions?

    When trying to install the APCu module, I got the following error: Warning: popen() has been disabled for security reasons in PEAR/Builder.php on line 525 ERROR: failed to run `phpize' I googled this and was expecting to find something disabled undr MultiPHP Manager > Manage Settings > Disable...
  12. E

    MultiPHP INI Editor- how to edit php.ini

    Hello, I have a cPanel&WHM version 86.0.16. I would like to know can user via MultiPHP INI Editor edit own php.ini? What is with default php.ini, user can have permission to edit default php.ini?? Thank you! Best regards, Elizabeta
  13. USA_Webmaster

    MultiPHP INI Editor > Home Directory

    If I update the "Home Directory" with corresponding PHP configuration do these settings apply to all addon domains that are inside the Home Directory? * Path /home/cPaneluser/php.ini * Path /home/cPaneluser/ I thought so, that would be logical... especially if the addon...
  14. kiopeed

    I have a question about MultiPHP Manager

    MultiPHP Manager What is this warning? I do not understand anything of this warning Your cpanel will delete PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, and PHP 5.6 soon or what I hope this does not happen sorry This is an idiot decision This is never impossible I have scripts running on PHP 5.6 How do you cpanel...
  15. WebHostPro

    cPanel account's MultiPHP only shows one version of PHP.

    For some reason in all cPanel accounts on one server it only shows one version of PHP. And the version is a ALT version. What's off is we never added it. I would like to remove the alt version and have the cPanel account's be able to choose from the normal available versions. We don't use...
  16. H

    Enable Multiphp Manager in feature list error

    Hello, After Upgrading to cPanel 80 we have 2 Problem : 1 : User Get Error when they want Install Wordpress from Site software section: error : Enable Multiphp Manager in feature list. We are using Cloudlinux PHO Selector and we disabled cPanel Multiphp Manager and no need ti enable MultiPHP...
  17. K

    Installing cpAddon Wordpress Error MultiPHP Disabled

    When installing Wordpress via the Wordpress Manager/Site Software in cPanel, an error is output as follows: Error: The system could not run the “/usr/local/cpanel/cpaddons/cPanel/Blogs/WordPressX/wordpress_use_best_php” install script and received the error code “255”: Cpanel::Exception/(XID...
  18. bloatedstoat

    SOLVED MultiPHP INI Editor exposing PHP version 7.2

    Hi, In all of our PHP versions I have expose_php set to off in the php.ini files. However; there is no option to modify PHPv7.2 within the MultiPHP INI Editor, it's not listed for me. The highest listed in the drop down is ea-php71. I checked a few sites on our server that use this version...
  19. W

    Upgrading PHP version

    Hi, We'd like to know if it's possible to upgrad PHP version on individual accounts on a shared server? If so, is there a guide that we can follow? Thanks!
  20. S

    .htaccess auto filled for MultiPHP?

    Hi, I see that cpanel auto add this when multiphp is enables : # php -- BEGIN cPanel-generated handler, do not edit # NOTE this account's php is controlled via FPM and the vhost, this is a place holder. # Do not edit. This next line is to support the cPanel php wrapper (php_cli). # AddType...