1. R

    Anonymous mySQL user removed via update and broke several sites

    Hi, We just moved to new server (centos -> cloudlinux) both are/were whm/cpanel. I have 4 big sites that all share access to a generic Geogrpahy database that converts ip addresses to locale, among other things. I have always had an anonymous user with select privileges to this db set up so...
  2. O

    mysql 8 virt usage too high

    Hi I have the following in my server: As you can see myql is hugging 40 Gigs in VIRT and 6 Gigs in RES. and free -mh shows this: so why is mysql using around 40 Gigs in VIRT? while in RES it is showing only 6 Gigs? how can I bring it down? I am using the settings below: I have...
  3. K

    Server Migration from MySQL 8 to MariaDB 10.x

    I am planning to migrate a server running CloudLinux v7.9 and MySQL 8.0 to another server running MariaDB 10.x (preferably 10.6) using WHM Transfer Tool. Is it possible without problems due to compatibility issues with mysql 8 and mariadb 10.6? Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. Michael Legg

    Validating New Remote MySQL Server

    I'm trying to validate a new MySQL 8 Server running on AlmaLinux 9 and when I try to validate the profile, I get the error - Failed to “validate” Remote MySQL profile. 1 error occurred. The MySQL server uses the “caching_sha2_password” authentication plugin, which is not currently supported...
  5. S

    Mysql 5.7 deprecation plan

    Hello, i am currently running Mysql 5.7 on cpanel/whm v110.0.7. I host a couple of websites and i am not sure they ensure 100% compatibility with Mysql 8. given the fact that mysql reaches EOL in a couple of days, i was wondering on how long i will be able to use mysql 5.7 for my frontend sites...
  6. G

    Thoughts on Google Cloud MySQL?

    I didn't know that this was a thing until yesterday :-O It would be $42 /month for me. The biggest advantages I can see, IF IT WORKS AS ADVERTISED!, is that it eliminates local problems that I have to fix, and (allegedly) faster processing time. And it frees...
  7. P

    MYSQL service missing

    Hi, after an error during update from CentOS7 to AlmaLinux 8 I lost completlly the Apache server. I installed it back, but now I am missing the MYSQL service with phpadmin. It is also missing in the Service Manager. Also the restart of mysql servis is gone. When I try to restart mysql service...
  8. R

    Random Database Errors Following MySQL Governor Uninstallation and MariaDB Upgrade

    Hello everyone, I am encountering an issue with my database and need your assistance. Initially, I had MySQL Governor installed alongside MariaDB 10.5. I decided to uninstall MySQL Governor, which seemed to proceed without any issues. Subsequently, I navigated to the WHM menu option to upgrade...
  9. T

    Do JetBackup incremental backups succesfully back up MySQL databases?

    I'm looking to change my backing-up process, mostly because the default cPanel system creates compressed files that are getting too big for my server's disk. If I understand correctly, incremental backups don't cause this issue because they don't compress everything into one file during the...
  10. ljj3

    Moving Account to Server with Newer MySQL

    Can I transfer an account from a MySQL 5.7 server to one running MySQL 8?
  11. A

    Should it be safe to migrate all accounts from MariaDB 10.3 to MySQL 8 in a shared hosting environment?

    Hello, I need to migrate a CentOS 7 server to Almalinux 8 using the transfer tool. Unfortunately I have forgotten to set the desired rdbms (it would have been MariaDB 10.4) and now it's too late (MySQL 8 came by default and can't change to MariaDB any longer). 1. Should it be safe (I don't...
  12. Michael Legg

    In Progress CPANEL-43328 - Elevate Issue : MySQL

    When I run the /scripts/elevate-cpanel --check --upgrade-to=almalinux script, it identifies MySQL 5.6 as a blocker ... You are using MySQL 5.6 server. This version is not available for AlmaLinux 8. You first need to update your MySQL server to 8.0 or later. You can update to version 8.0...
  13. dsteam

    MySQL keep down after restart

    Dear Sifus, Need help for solve my server MySQL issue, it keep down no matter how many time restart it But in SSH it showed active? I cant view my PHPMyadmin, it show " mysqli_sql_exception: Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)" below is my.cnf file ---------...
  14. E

    How to load MariaDB 10.3 on a WHM system with MySQL 8.0?

    My server company has installed WHM with MySQL 8.0 and is not responding to my request to change this to MariaDB 10.3. Is it possible for me to do this? Is there a way to achieve this without a WHM reinstall? Can I just reinstall WHM from the current setup so that the DB server gets changed to...
  15. N

    root, mysql, mariadb.sys gone from mysql.user

    Hi, After mysql have small error unable to login with root user all cpanel user access denied in log err mysql. I check from phpmyadmin these user not exist in table user mariadb.sys, root and mysql. I am try recreate/insert command but not work since mysql running with skip-grant-tables. I...
  16. Entelekta

    Recover MySQL data using software based on IBD or FROM.

    Recover MySQL data using software based on IBD or FROM. Hello community. After I tried to restore the broken mysql database using a new mysql. To do this I created and overwrote the .ibd file and ran the commands: (ALTER TABLE table_name DISCARD TABLESPACE;) (ALTER TABLE table_name IMPORT...
  17. WebHostPro

    SOLVED Can you restore a backup with Maria DB MariaDB 10.6 to a server with MySQL 8.0?

    I have new servers that are forced to use MySQL 8.0. How can I migrate and restore accounts that currently use Maria DB MariaDB 10.6? There's no option that I can find to change Maria 10.6 to MySQL 8 Thank you!
  18. behinam

    Access denied for user in backup

    Hello I was using a script for database backup when I used Centos + cPanel, but this script in Ubuntu + cPanel Runs with an error: mysqladmin: connect to server at 'localhost' failed error: 'Access denied for user '-p'@'localhost' (using password: YES)' download script code URL...
  19. Entelekta

    Mysql Database restore / reinstall / rebuild CentOs Cpanel

    Hello i need your help After turning off the server and turning it on again, my MySQL database no longer works. How can I revive mysql with ERROR 2002 (HY000)?: Scroll down for pics Root: systemctl status mysqld.service Also has mysql.sock only 0 bytes so the file exists but without...
  20. S

    MySQL 8 out of memory on new server?

    I just got this today on a new server that has not been active for long. messages:Jul 31 15:14:12 main kernel: out_of_memory+0x1bd/0x4e0 messages:Jul 31 15:14:13 main kernel: Tasks state (memory values in pages): messages:Jul 31 15:14:13 main kernel: Out of memory: Killed process 1488 (mysqld)...