1. G

    Tracking logins to MySQL, potential breach

    I've had 21 instances of 11 existing users having an unauthorized login from a specific non-US IP address, starting on January 15. At first I thought they might be using the same VPN software or something, but twice the user tried to submit obvious spam through a form. That makes me concerned...
  2. M

    DO NOT transfer from MariaDB to MySQL

    We are trying to migrate from a 60+ account server: CentOS 7.9 cPanel 106 MariaDB 10.3 To a new server with: AlmaLinux v8.7 cPanel 106 MySQL 8.0 Assuming that since MySQL is the default option for new cPanel installs and MariaDB option is no longer present, it would be a better tech stack for...
  3. charliecres

    Mysql database error

    facing this error after importing an SQL file to my server, but this SQL file working perfectly on another server! Note: (Server version: 8.0.31-cll-lve - MySQL) I have attached a screenshot for better view.
  4. A

    Mysql folder in full backup is empty

    Hey guys I have two servers that cpanl have been installed on both, Manual and automatic backup work perfectly in one server but backup doesn't work properly in another one. In one of servers Mysql folder is empty (in full backup) and when I try to download Mysql via "Download a MySQL Database...
  5. J

    How delete large file server.log?

    Hi, on the VPS with cPanel the space has been reduced to the point that on an 800 gb SSD there are only about 100 gb left, so it is occupied for about 87%. Analyzing the various files and folders I noticed that in the /var/lib/mysql folder there is the server.log file which occupies about...
  6. jimjoe

    MariaDB upgrade needed for Kernel update - but I must keep php 5.6

    I MUST keep php 5.6 on my server, or I'm out of business, but now I see that kernel won't upgrade on MariaDB 10.2. What higher version of mariadb will still work with php 5.6? Is there a way to test to confirm if php 5.6 site will work with any mariadb upgrade before making it permanent...
  7. A

    MySql TLS version wannings

    Hello, MySql server is showing following wannings. A deprecated TLS version TLSv1 is enabled. Please use TLSv1.2 or higher. CA certificate ca.pem is self signed. I checked for updates and it is stating mysqld 5.7.40 and saying all packages are updated. Please help me fix this issue...
  8. L

    error: Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress.

    I had: PHP Version 7.4.33 and WordPress 5.9.5 Updated WP 6.1.1 >>> Updated to PHP 8.0.25 Success: Successfully applied PHP version “PHP 8.0 (ea-php80)” to the selected domain. >>> PHP Version 8.0.25 >>> I have gone to the WP home Blog home page and: Your PHP installation appears to be missing...
  9. tbutler

    SOLVED New Server Stuck on MySQL 8, Not MariaDB

    I'm preparing to migrate to a new server my datacenter just provisioned. My current cPanel server is running MariaDB 10.3, but as threads such as this one talk about, cPanel now seems to default to MySQL 8 during installation, which makes installing MariaDB impossible. I'm concerned on a couple...
  10. leonep

    mysql error on log access denied

    Hello, i have a lot of notice entries in mysqld.log. i tried changing the password from whm as well but it keeps flooding my log where can i look for responsible for this? ............luckily everything is ok and running on the server ! 2022-11-24T20:35:53.233369Z 671 [Note] Access denied for...
  11. charliecres

    MYSQL server getting slower

    MYSQL server getting slower and most of the site showing down. i need to restart mysql server once to solve this issue in every 12-15 hours. i need a permanent solution. is there any way to restart mysql server automatically in every 12 hours? or any cron job setup? i have included...
  12. Q

    cPanel / WHM Mysql offline

    Good afternoon, I wanted to ask the help of the friends of the forum! I currently have a cpanel/whm server with cloudlinux 8.6.0, and Database MariaDB 10.5 I'm having a problem with my database, it's suddenly going offline, to get back online I have to go online again. but this is happening...
  13. F

    High Mysql loads always on wordpress sites (Above 200%)

    My server shows more than 200% CPU load on Mysqld ( /usr/sbin/mysqld --daemonize --pid-file=/var/run/mysqld/ ) Total server load in peak hours with just a 1000 users online (above 20%), after this sites are slow and unresponsive. I have hired 2 cpanel management companies to optimize...
  14. G

    Cron to back up MySQL

    I want to back up one site's MySQL database every night, and every other database weekly. I have this for the nightly backup, which I'm pretty sure will let the database stay active so minimal impact on site users: 0 1 * * * mysqldump --single-transaction --quick example | gzip >...
  15. M

    How do I check, how many ' mySQL connections' a website is using?

    Hello, how do I check, how many ' mySQL connections' a particular website is currently using? Because my client is asking, for his website.
  16. R

    Concurrent mysql connections

    I have a dedicated Cpanel server and I want to lower the number of simultaneous connections for each user to 25. How is it done? Thank you
  17. J

    General Mysql and Maria and MySQLi extension for PHP question

    CentOS v7.9.2009 STANDARD kvm cPanel Version 106.0.9 I have a number of sites that are using MySQL 5.7.40. When trying to migrate to php 8 the follow error appears on the website page with error reporting enabled. The MySQLi extension for PHP is not installed or enabled. I use the WHM...
  18. V

    Can't setup remote mysql profile

    Hi, I'm trying to connect a new remote mysql server to whm, however it fails with the following error. I've performed the following command to give it the right access. GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'cpanel'@'%' WITH GRANT OPTION; I also performed the same with hostname 'localhost'...
  19. B

    Ive removed only_full_group_by from mysql but still get the error

    I have removed only_full_group_by from mysql but I still get the error that is still enabled When running mysql -sse "SELECT @@GLOBAL.sql_mode;" it says that it is not there STRICT_TRANS_TABLES,NO_ZERO_IN_DATE,NO_ZERO_DATE,ERROR_FOR_DIVISION_BY_ZERO,NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER,NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION I...
  20. S

    FAILED ⛔: mysql And than the web down

    Hallo, I got an email containing: And than got email back: But my web down, and can't receive email. Help plis