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    Upgrade mysql from 4.1.22 to 5

    Hi, I need to upgrade mysql from 4.1.22 to 5, How can I do it in cpanel server/whm? If I upgrade it, will WHM automatically correct users DB to match version 5? -- Regards, Ranj
  2. A

    Account transfer: mysql permissions with prefixing disabled

    When transferring an account between servers when DB prefixing is disabled, cPanel (sensibly) restores databases with conflicting names with a number appended to them. E.g.: However, it seems to still restore the privileges for the original DB name and not the new one. Meaning, the new...
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    mysql database no longer showing up in cpanel

    Hi This is a server wide issue after a server crash- mysql databases are no longer showing up in cpanel. When I click on the MySql icon in cpanel- I see no mysql users and no mysql databases but mysql databases still work perfectly on the sites in the whm phpmyadmin the databases...
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    lose database (mysql) connections during backup

    i have two sites using databases (wordpress) sites.... i backup every night using whm's backup. as soon as the backup process starts neither site can connect to the database. after the backup procedure i have to restart mysql and then the sites work there any way to keep mysql...
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    WHM MySQL query for adding multiple CPanel MySQL users at once

    After restoring backups to a new server the cpanel mysql users are not showing up in WHM's PHPMyAdmin I have a list of all the usernames/passwords, but recreating them one by one through each site's CPanel will take a long time. If there is a way to just execute the SQL queries directly in...
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    making changes in WHM -> websites can't connect to MySQL

    When I perform certain actions like terminating an account for example, all websites suddenly can't connect to MySQL anymore, and I have to restart MySQL to get the sites working again. Actually, even simply accessing the sites' CPanel from WHM causes this issue. Any idea what could cause...
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    Create MySql in my dedicated server

    my web sites were in shared hosting,, and i rented a server now... but how to create mysql databases???? there is no place me to create db in cpanel
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    External MySQL server

    I found a thread at which was too old to reply on, but I still have a question related to the effect of using a remote MySQL server....If i setup an additional remote sql server can I still use localhost as the host to...
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    innoDB tables corrupt, mySQL failing to restart

    Good Afternoon, I have tried to contact support to fix the issue I am having, but they have suggested to get a DBA to fix the issues I'm having. While, in a perfect world I would be more than willing to do this, I don't have access to the cash in order to do it. While DB's are something...
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    incorrect mysql disk quota

    I am trying to restore mysql databases via ssh but lost connection, so had to delete two databases in cpanel and recreate them to restart the restore again. However, they remained there with 15mb and 672mb each. How do I fix that?
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    Cpanel and MYSQL in big mess up??

    Our production server ran on automatic updates for cpanel etc. Mysql 4.1 and WHM 11.30 (build 23) Migrated to new server and ran into a lot of problems. MySQL 5.1 and WHM 11.30 (build 23) Except for of course many client scripts that now don't work with the MYSQL 5.1 the problem with...
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    How to Suspend user Mysql database Auto if use high cpu & memory

    How to Suspend user Mysql database Auto if use high cpu & memory
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    mysql upgradation

    Hi, I m using cpanel version 11.28.87.I have running 900 domains on my cpanel server.Now I want to upgrade mysql database with new version.Can i directly do it with yum or..?What are the other consideration before doing it? Please guide me for it. Thanks, Benjo
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    [Case 49886] MySQL: Manage user privileges page doesn't fully load.

    Good Afternoon, I have a server that is running cPanel. I create an account in WHM and usually not from any error, and when the user accesses cPanel to create the database appears in the following issue: You normally create the database and database user via the icon "MySQL Databases"...
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    How to Setup Remote MySQL ?

    I have Server ONE current handle MySQL, I want use Server TWO handle all this MySQL and Server one only handle APACHE only. Both Server Install Cpanel (Centos). Anyone can tell me step by step to do this via WHM. Thank :D
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    Mysql in Home Partition?

    Hey everyone, I have a quick question. Is there any technical, performance or logical problem with placing the mysql databases in the /home partition? I am pretty sure it should be fine but I wanted to hear from the experts! Thank you.
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    Need to secure MySQL more than usual

    I have a client who has been getting attacked via his mysql port so I'm working on hardening his mysql installation. First, is there a simple way in a cPanel system to configure mysql to use unix sockets in place of TCP? Second, does anyone have a list of recommended my.cnf settings to...
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    MySQL grant privileges not saving

    Hello, I upgraded MySQL to 5.1.56. When creating user and database, they both exist but the user has no privileges to the database even the privileges were granted when added as user to the database. Script installers won't select database. For ex: WordPress: I scoured Google for a...
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    MySQL refuses access to everything...

    I ran and upgrade from 5.0 to 5.1 using the cPanel upgrade manager (for MySQL) and ever since then nothign has been able to make connections to MySQL, but there is a twist. Things that already have a connection (for example, my forum and blog work because they were around before the upgrade)...
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    [Case 48889] Bug report: Space for Removed MySQL databases remains visible in cPanel

    Hello, I've noticed that the "disk usage" shown in cPanel for an account is not correct when a MySQL database was removed earlier. It keeps showing the space used by the old MySQL database after more than 24hrs. In WHM the "disk usage" is shown correctly though for that specific account...