1. earthrat

    Help with setting up nameservers

    I have a new server with Liquid Web and I have to say I am anything but pleased with support. They initially setup the server but did not ask for the domain I want to use and I believe this is where everything fell apart because I am not experienced setting up the backend of cPanel and...
  2. F

    Moving to a new server. How do I proceed with nameservers

    Hi, I have the this situation: Server A, lets say with IP I use and as nameserver I have moved all the sites to a new server B, lets say with IP In Godaddy and point to In...
  3. G

    Changed nameservers to a CDN, now I can't get to port 2083

    I recently signed up with Ezoic, and part of the process requires changing the nameservers to their CDN. I did that last night, and now I can't access port 2083! That's cPanel and phpMyAdmin. The browser just runs until it times out. I can access WHM, though, and can get to phpMyAdmin that way...
  4. P

    How to fix "no glue" for nameservers?

    Hello Forum; Question: Can someone tell me how to fix (see first image below) where it says "None of our local nameservers can be authoritatively resolved, and no glue is provided. This will cause intermittent resolution failures when the cached local NS records are used to resolve your...
  5. C

    Hosting Custom Nameservers on Dedicated Server's WHM

    Hello, I'm trying to setup on own custom nameservers on my dedicated WHM server. 1) My domain is registered with namecheap. I've set up custom nameservers there 54.xx.yy.16 54.xx.yy.16 2) On WHM Home / Server Configuration / Basic WebHost Manager® Setup I've...
  6. H

    Private Nameservers

    Hi everyone Does anyone no the fix for these two reseller private nameserver issues below? 1. The delegation in the parent zone has one or more nameservers (NS) not listed in the child zone 2. None of the nameservers that are in the delegation (parent zone) are in the child zone
  7. C

    Hosting Custom Nameservers on Dedicated Server's WHM

    Hello, 1) My nameserver's domain is registered on GoDaddy. Let's say 2) On GoDaddy I've created ns1 and ns2 and pointed to IP addresses on my dedicated server -> 123.456.789.111 -> 123.456.789.112 123.456.789.111 & 123.456.789.111 ar dedicated IPs...
  8. K

    SOLVED Need to change machine name nameservers

    My web host setup the initial dns for our dedicated server. Unfortunately for the machine name they used the old nameserver from our previous server. Now we're getting errors on things like DKIM and SPF verifications. I've isolated the issue to just that machine name and...
  9. B

    Setting up redundant nameservers

    Hi, I have 2 servers, dedicated and vps on separate locations. I would like to setup redundant nameservers, and looks like i have to setup dns cluster? Both servers have websites on it with active accounts. Dedicated: Vps I don't...
  10. PeteS

    Moving server, keeping hostname and nameservers, changing IP addresses, single server with no DNS clustering

    I'd like some best practice ideas for how to handle a server move. Currently there is a single cPanel server that has 3 IP addresses (main/shared/hostname, NS1, NS2). The whole server is moving to a new server, which will have a new IP address (could have 3 IP addresses temporarily, by not...
  11. M

    Downtime with custom nameservers?

    There are several DNS features that are not compatible with BlueHost nameservers (DNSSEC, etc), so we'd like to update our nameservers to use our cPanel server as the nameservers. However, since the domain is our e-commerce shop, we cannot afford any downtime to occur. Below are the current A...
  12. inteldigital

    Directing domain names using nameservers to a landing page

    is there any way I can do this? I can't figure it out. Basically, we register tons of domains. And when I add our nameservers to the domains, I want the domain name to go to a landing page automatically. Just by adding the nameservers to the domain (irrespective of where the DNS is controlled).
  13. S

    Can't Park a domain - nameservers are set

    What is the logic that cPanel uses to determine if a would be domain alias is using nameserver IPs registered in /etc/ips.remotedns? I have a domain name that is using our nameservers - but I'm still getting a "This domain points to an IP address that does not use the DNS servers...
  14. C

    Updating Custom Nameservers with MX Records

    Our client has a domain with custom nameservers pointing to another hosting company that's not us. We have migrated the site to our cPanel. The client uses RackSpace mail. I retrieved the MX records from MXToolbox and added them to our client's cPanel on our server. I also went into WHM and...
  15. Spirogg

    Using a sub domain on another server

    Hello, This is my example IP’s and configuration below I have cPanel on And setup nameservers: IP IP I setup in my registrar google domains to use my nameservers instead of googles. ns1 ns2 for This...
  16. G

    Parking domains used as nameservers on another domain

    I want to make sure that I'm not going to mess anything up... Over the years, I've collected 6 domains that I've used for custom nameservers. I set the IP at the domain registrar, then create NS records on the server's DNS for and to match what I set at the...
  17. E

    SOLVED How to switch existing DNS Cluster (4 DNS-Only nameservers) to PowerDNS?

    Hello, Our four DNS-Only servers are used as ns1/ns2/ns3/ns4 for all our shared web hosting servers. (Each shared hosting server is configured to send DNS updates to all 4 DNS-Only servers with "Syncronize Changes" setting.) Right now, all the servers (shared hosting and dns-only) are...
  18. M

    How can i configure the nameservers

    Hello, it's my first post in the forum, i'm just learning about the WHM and Cpanel, i have a question, i have a reseller hosting, and i want to configure my own name servers. but when i try to connect the domain with my name servers it's says "servidor de nombres no disponibles" it's seems...
  19. F

    Email Deliverability This system does not control DNS for the xxxxx.xx domain and the system did not find any authoritative nameservers for this doma

    Hi everyone, I'm facing one problem that is reported some times in this forum but i cannot find a solution to my case. I have a dedicated server with an fixed public IP Adrress assigned to the server and the right Reverse DNS pointing the hostname. Everything is working right on email...
  20. jimmy57000

    Nameserver issues after migrating cluster

    Hello, I migrated my server and cluster to a new infrastracturue! I have all changed ip addresses etc .. despite that the problem persists .. There is a problem with NS but it works but not correctly! Main server cluster configuration: - Removed - (ns1) Cluster configuration:- Removed - (ns2)...