1. H

    how i can get nodejs like this

    HELLO how i can make like this node already installed but not woek i hope help cpanel centos 7
  2. W

    The following conflicts are installed on this machine. They will be removed as part of this package selection

    hi i want enable nodejs16 on my whm but The following conflicts are installed on this machine. They will be removed as part of this package selection: nodejs10 and When I execute the following command node -v output: node: error while loading shared libraries...
  3. P

    SOLVED Data from app manager NodeJS API different from Port Call

    Apologies on the naming of the Title. I have a working API which i was running on port 3000. I have copied this api folder and am running it under app manager . lets say i create a record using the App Manager (call it PROD) version. This is created and sent via API to the DB. DB is correct...
  4. P

    App Manager is trying to use OLD nodejs10 folder

    Hi All, I had my app manager working before xmas as Im testing using this for the reverse proxy. My app is still working however I believe I have screwed up by installing node within my cpanel profile but also via WHM... (can that happen!?) Anyway i have: installed npm via whm installed node...
  5. P

    NodeJS POST not working when using Application manager (changes to GET!)

    Hi all, Very weird but I have a working NodeJS API consisting of: app.js route folders - Route.js files I have used application manager to assign this app to /myAPI The app is starting and running. The GET requests all work. The weirdset thing is that the POST request is actually being...
  6. A

    nodejs installation

    HI, I just tried to build app in whm server but the node which is installed in server is old version. Can i install node to the latest version in server, is there any problem happens to cpanel if i upgrade to the latest.
  7. M

    nodeJS won't run on cPanel "Preparation work before executing the app"

    Hi all, I followed cPanel infrastructure to prepare my server to run nodeJS project, and one of my clients faced the attached issue with running first nodeJS project
  8. manoaratefy

    No PostCSS Config found ONLY with CloudLinux NodeJS Selector

    Good morning, I have issue installing the following JS app: When running npm run dev, it say "No PostCSS Config found". Full command output: Note that we already have postcss.config.js file in root...
  9. Y

    Deploy Mern Stack app with Mongo DB

    I want to know the steps to deploy Mern Stack app with Mongo DB in Cloud Linux Node JS app creator. I've installed Mongo DB and created the database.
  10. R

    sample Nodejs app provided by cPanel for beginners NOT working

    The "getting started" sample app provided by cPanel itself (I'm referring to this one: Node.js Hosting Configuration and Installing Node.js Apps | cPanel Blog) is not working on my system. I've followed the instructions to the letter and what the result is simply the index to my directory...
  11. A

    NodeJs app runs again after server daily backup, reach number of processes limit, then 503 error

    hi I have a NodeJs app on hosting server with cPanel. I ran app with cPanel 'setup a nodejs app' tab and don't do anything. after one day I have 2 node apps that running on terminal! after 2 days I see 4 apps. after some days these running processes reach the Number of Processes limit and whole...
  12. M

    Console log when running nodejs application

    Hello, I am currently debugging a nodejs application that is being deployed on our cpanel server through the nodejs application handler (installing into virtualenv). The project is working perfectly fine local, but some of the functions are failing on the server (eg. image upload), where i...
  13. S

    i install and run nodejs on cpanel it worked one time

    i install nodejs through putty on cpanel and run it worked but when i start nodejs again it give me error that command not found ..
  14. N

    nodeJS issue : "Cannot read property 'resolve' of undefined"

    Hello, I try to import a nodejs project using express into my cPanel domain, but i've got issues when I try to run an npm install. Here are my logs : 17 silly fetchPackageMetaData error for cookie-parser@~1.4.4 Cannot read property 'resolve' of undefined 18 silly fetchPackageMetaData error for...
  15. leonep

    SOLVED node.js test app 403 fobidden error

    Hi, i am testing node,js on my server. i am following cpanel guide. curl test is ok #curl Hello World! NodeJS i have made test application in application manager, name; nodejsapp Application URL: /nodejsapp path: nodejsapp/app.js but if i open browser in my location...
  16. T

    Running nodejs script shows error

    Hello, can anyone help with this error: stderr: /opt/alt/alt-nodejs12/root/usr/bin/node: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory how to solve it? I cannot run any nodejs app anymore.
  17. I

    Node js application at root path

    I have been trying to deploy a node js application following the method provided here. But there is something misleading in that instruction: it was mentioned that you can access the app at "" where actually you can access it anywhere under "*" so...
  18. M

    How to install a script that requires node v8.9.3 ?

    I am trying to install the Wekan app using the built-in node support of cPanel. The app is distributed as a meteor bundle: I was following this When I inspected the meteor bundle I see the...
  19. R

    Node JS application manager error

    Hello with currently ea4 support to node,i try to install it but it got error - Removed - but if i access it from port it find e.g this work just find,buat if it failed last,can i register with root sub domain? i mean register application...
  20. Tarak Nath

    Node.js Selector on CloudLinux

    Thank you for the update. We have also configured NodeJS in our dedicated server using Node.js selector with the help of resource Node.js Selector | Documentation as we are using CloudLinux7.6. We have also configured a sample NodeJS chat application from...