1. D

    Blank Message cPanel Notifications

    I use a Chinese email account as my root email account. All of my notifications from the server arrive in my inbox and are easily readable as expected. However, none of my cpanel notifications have a visible message body. I have the following email encoding options for my email...
  2. T

    How to stop firewall system notification alerts

    Hi, how can I stop firewall alert notifications on the system? I am using a CSF firewall with Centos 7, due to security reasons I blocked SSH port access since I had KVM access. now the issue is the KVM viewer becomes so messed up ... the alerts keep popping up even if I open nano or vi...
  3. J

    Disabled Server Still Getting Failed SSL Notifications

    I've got a server that I'm not using anymore and let the Cpanel license expire but I'm still getting "cPanel service SSL certificate warnings" email notifications from the server. I don't want to delete WHM/Cpanel just in case I need to re-activate it for some reason later. So looks like the...
  4. V

    Mail Notifications are not coming from WHM Panel

    Hello Team We have on WHM server. Service monitoring is configured but no mail notifications are getting. Please help us on how to get notifications from WHM Panel. Thanks in Advance
  5. M

    SOLVED root login bash alias notifications

    A few weeks ago, I began seeing these messages when logging into root using SSH. -bash: alias: source: not found -bash: alias: /root/.bashrc: not found -bash: alias: source: not found -bash: alias: /root/.bashrc: not found -bash: alias: source: not found -bash: alias: /root/.bashrc: not found...
  6. M

    SOLVED Solr failure notifications during 06-22-2019 update

    Starting this morning every 10 minutes I'm getting the following email exception from cpanel. I'm on version 78.0.30. It stopped at noon but now again I'm receiving the exception every 10 minutes. I did not run any update or any maintenance manually. Any suggestion...
  7. J

    Reducing Unnecessary WHM/Cron Notification Emails, Sytem Updates, Integrity

    I'm tired of getting bombarded with email notifications that are regarding normal system operations. Specifically the system update emails with subject <root@server name> (/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/fix-cpanel-perl; /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/upcp --cron) I only want to get emails when there is...
  8. cPanelMichael

    SOLVED Influx of Account Creation notifications upon the update to cPanel & WHM version 80.0.14

    Hello Everyone, You may see an influx of Account Creation notifications upon the update to cPanel & WHM version 80.0.14. This is an expected occurrence associated with the following fix: CPANEL-27686: Ensure notifications are sent right away for new account creations. The fix addresses the...
  9. S

    SOLVED [CPANEL-27686] Not receiving new account email notifications

    I've upgraded to version 80 and now I am seeing email delays and just general weirdness. When I create a new account (in WHMCS or even WHM directly), I am not receiving the typical new account email notification. But, if I terminate the account, I immediately receive the account terminated...
  10. cPanelMichael

    SOLVED [CPANEL-27618/27634] False SQL service failure notifications in version 80

    Hello Everyone, Internal case CPANEL-27618 is open to address an issue where false SQL service failures are reported after the update to cPanel & WHM version 80.0.9 on systems where MariaDB is started improperly via the LSB init script. Here's an example of how the service failure notification...
  11. B

    Not receiving emails of completed backups

    I recently changed my hostname to a FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name). I stopped getting emails notifying me of completed backups every two days. Is there anything I can check? I was able to verify I have the backups and I have it set to send me emails like it had in the past.
  12. F

    Disable AutoSSL user notifications is not working

    I am running WHM v78.0.13 with Options set to Disable AutoSSL user notifications. This used to work but in recent WHM versions has stopped working and my end users are receiving notifications by email with my clients receiving the following email: The SSL certificate expires on Mar 23, 2019 at...
  13. F

    Backup Email Notification

    Hope this is the correct forum to report a bug, new to there forums. After updating to V78 when manually creating a full backup in cPanel and checking do not send email notification, the system generates an email anyway. Not a biggie but thought it's worth reporting.
  14. A

    Disk Quota Notification Emails

    Hello, Is there a way to modify the emails that are sent for disk quota notifications? Thank you!
  15. B

    Edit Account Creation Email

    Hi All, When a new account is created an email is sent to the new user. I see the priority of this can be edited or it can be disabled but how can the content be edited? I want to overhaul it entirely.
  16. I

    Possible to recreate the welcome email (email accounts)?

    When creating a new email account, there is an option to make a welcome email with setup information etc. Is it possible to generate the same email later, after the email account is created? For instance - for users who have deleted this email or for accounts where this option was not selected.
  17. Otávio Serra

    SOLVED notifications of wordpress updates.

    Hi, I want to remove this kind of notifications and I can't find where I turn it option off: Hello root, In order to protect the security of your users' websites, we recommend that you upgrade the following scripts installed via the "Scripts Library" in the cPanel interface: [user] -...
  18. M

    Account Email Quota Notifications for root user?

    Hi, I currently have cPanel sending out email quota notifications to the email address' that are 85% full but is there anyway I can get the emails as well so I know when a client is near their quota. Thanks Matt
  19. E

    SOLVED Chkservd notifications

    Hello, I have restarted my dns -only server and now I ´ve got some messages: Service Name dnsadmin Service Status failed Notification The service “dnsadmin” appears to be down. Service Check Method The system’s command to check or to restart this service failed. Number of Restart...
  20. L

    expiration notifications for add-on and parked domains

    How can we email reminders for add-on and parked domains expirations?