1. N

    Notifications returned to server

    Google is blocking cPanel and WHM notifications as spam. I've added the corresponding addresses to my contacts and have a filter rule for never marking them as spam, but I don't think they are getting to the mailbox to hit those rules at all. This message does not have authentication...
  2. C

    WebHost Manager notifications for multiple users?

    Hello Everyone, Is there a way to enable multiple users to get cpanel notifications? I am talking about the email account that is used when when initially creating a new hosting account (under 'create a new account') Thanks
  3. T

    System Notification using remote SMTP

    Hi Folks, So far it has been really fun setting up 100 + servers for my client, However they have a specific requirement which i haven't been able to solve or find answer to in this forum. Can somebody please explain how the system emails can be sent using a remote SMTP server instead? This...
  4. A

    AutoSSL notifications for www.mail subdomains

    Thank you for Michael providing the solution (and thanks to 4u123 for asking the question). I'd like to add that when this issue occurred on a couple of my servers there was no warning. Even with all of the notification options checked for AutoSSL, cPanel did not send any email warnings that...
  5. H

    SOLVED cPanel account receiving login notifications

    Hello, A client of ours is receiving some notifications about logins: Successful Login as "[email protected]" from a Known Network Domain: my-domain.tld Service: dovecot Local IP Address: Local Port: 993 Remote IP Address: Remote Port: 6601 Authentication...
  6. rinkleton

    WHM Contact Notifications Post URL

    The notifications in email come in HTML format, which is nice, but the Post to URL notifications are plain text. Can they be configured to be in HTML format?
  7. K

    SOLVED AutoSSL sends notification for expired domains after cPanel v70 update

    We have several Cpanel accounts with expired domains in our server that is not yet deleted. They are dormant for several months now with no issue with AutoSSL. After Cpanel v70 update, AutoSSL suddenly sends email notifications with subject "AutoSSL certificate expiry..." with body along the...
  8. S

    Notifications disabled but still sent

    Hi, CENTOS 7.5 standard cPanel v70.0.42 In WHM->Contact Manager->Notifications, I have Account Creation and Account Removal set to Importance = Disabled, and Alert List shows "None", but they are still being sent when I create a new account or terminate an existing one. If it matters, I'm...
  9. DigitalEssence

    The domain does not exist on this server message

    Hi, I have two servers with domains spread between them both and am getting a lot of errors in AutoSSL when it runs but the domain is on the other server. The emails are also being sent to customers which is causing me a fair few phone calls. WARN Local DCV error...
  10. J

    hostname alerts going to spam

    My server email alerts which originate from [email protected] always go to spam. My DNS is setup as: Yet emails from [email protected] always end up in spam on the external email service that are receiving them. What is the preferred method for...
  11. S

    SSL certificate expiry notices

    Hi @cPanelMichael We've disabled the notifications as directed under "Manage AutoSSL >> Options" But we're still seeing 'SSL certificate expiry' notices sent out to users. Do we also have to disable "Send notifications when certificates approach expiry." under Tweak Settings? Thank you.
  12. Un Area

    Not receiving backup completed email

    I have two servers configured exactly, but im not receiving from one "the back process completed" email. I checked that in both servers the backups are made remotely ok. Is there a config for that? Thank you!
  13. S

    SOLVED Disable SSL Notifications in cPanel 70?

    Greetings, with this new cpanel version an old problem is relevant again. There are new AutoSSL notifications enabled by default that i don't want functional. In another thread this command disabled all notifications before: whmapi1 set_autossl_metadata...
  14. MajorLancelot

    iOS Mail Push Notifications Setup cPanel 70

    Since 64, we always configure this on our servers but usually, there don't use to be an existing certificate on that pane. On servers that were recently deployed, the "iOS Mail Push Notifications (APNs)" currently has a certificate with the server hostname installed so I'm wondering if this...
  15. R

    Disable notifications on reboot

    Hello. I like to be informed when a service goes down, works perfectly. But on this new Cpanel v68.036 I'm getting a bunch of emails of various services being down like: The service “nscd” appears to be down. Same for exim, ftp, bind, pop, lfd and the list goes on (39 mails). It was just a...
  16. R

    SOLVED [CPANEL-20917] Exclude users from "Large Amount of Outbound Email Detected" notification

    Muting the messages isn't enough. If a feature like this was going to be introduced (and who asked for it? CSF/LFD already has a much better version) then it needs to be configurable to set: (a) the number of emails that triggers an alert, and (b) which users will be covered. As it is, every...
  17. S

    SOLVED [CPANEL-20345] eximstats_spam_check cron job always sends root notification

    Hi, I have checked in WHM contact manager, and this notification is set to disabled, yet I receive several of them every day (I have one legitimate customer who sends a lot of emails throughout the day). Still I'd like to disable it (or be able to configure it to a higher threshold). But why...
  18. M

    Trouble updating AutoSSL settings

    Hello, cPanel 11.70 RELEASE delayed to april... Please I need a fix for this issue, everyday all my cpanel servers send a lot of emails about AutoSSL. I try the fix posted (SSL Notifications in cPanel 68) but this not work. Thank
  19. J

    Disable 'Contact Email' Change E-mail Alerts

    Hello everyone, Sorry to bother you but I was hoping that someone might be able to help with this one. We would like to disable the e-mail alert notifications when we change an accounts e-mail contact in WHM. What I mean is on the 'List Accounts' page if we put in a new e-mail address in the...
  20. N

    New Security Advisor notifications with Medium importance

    I am getting email about New Security Advisor notifications with Medium importance but Security Advisor are not showing this.