1. S

    SOLVED [CPANEL-20345] eximstats_spam_check cron job always sends root notification

    Hi, I have checked in WHM contact manager, and this notification is set to disabled, yet I receive several of them every day (I have one legitimate customer who sends a lot of emails throughout the day). Still I'd like to disable it (or be able to configure it to a higher threshold). But why...
  2. M

    Trouble updating AutoSSL settings

    Hello, cPanel 11.70 RELEASE delayed to april... Please I need a fix for this issue, everyday all my cpanel servers send a lot of emails about AutoSSL. I try the fix posted (SSL Notifications in cPanel 68) but this not work. Thank
  3. J

    Disable 'Contact Email' Change E-mail Alerts

    Hello everyone, Sorry to bother you but I was hoping that someone might be able to help with this one. We would like to disable the e-mail alert notifications when we change an accounts e-mail contact in WHM. What I mean is on the 'List Accounts' page if we put in a new e-mail address in the...
  4. N

    New Security Advisor notifications with Medium importance

    I am getting email about New Security Advisor notifications with Medium importance but Security Advisor are not showing this.
  5. B

    SOLVED Custom Server Notification for Slack Not Working

    Hi Kennerth, Thanks for the reply but it didn't answer to my question. I folowed this kb article: How To Create Custom Server Notifications - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation to make the custom notification. I have Slack setup and generated a token. My Schema Module is working fine...
  6. L

    System email from address and domain

    I have a client who is running their own Exchange mail server at their premises. It's an older version of Exchange, perhaps 2008. Initially he had set up his account by pointing the A record for to his IP, and setting the MX record to mail.domain, however he left he...
  7. V

    POST notification wrong time and no host address

    Hello, I have set up POST notification under contact information in Basic WebHost Manager to a php which then pushes the data to my telegram username. I test fire a notification from server contact->Contact manager and the test message received has the time mentioned in UTC as below while the...
  8. Michael-Inet

    Change to "New Security Advisor notifications" emails?

    I’m sure this is the wrong area, please move this or direct me to the right place, thanks! # # # As a suggestion consider this change to the “New Security Advisor notifications with ...” emails for: New Security Advisor notifications with High importance Type Module Advice High Kernel...
  9. A

    SOLVED Email Notifications to Wrong Email Address

    I am receiving some notification from the system even after I have changed my email in cpanel setting to new email address. Some notifications go to the new address and some persist going to the old email address. How can I resolve the issue without creation of a paid support ticket request...
  10. D

    Change sender of password change notification?

    Hi, When changing password of email account using cPanel API 2 then, that email account get email notification for password changed!. In that notification email sender display in this format : cpanelusername@hostname. I want to change that sender so how can I change it for that notification? I...
  11. F

    How disable "Software Security Notice - Script installs need upgrading" notifications?

    Hi all, I search and try with lot of options but i can't disable this kind of notifications. It generates by Script Library of auto-install CMS and other software.
  12. N

    AutoSSL Client Notifications

    Hello, How can we stop AutoSSL notifications related to renewals, expirations, unable to renew etc, from disrupting our clients/end-users? This is causing us some unnecessary headaches. I have found that can be done over API using something like the snippet below (untested), but is there an...
  13. O

    Automatic Updates Notifications?

    Hi, in WHM, the default parameter of update (cpanel and Operating System Package) is "automatique", To avoid any problem after updating, i want to assist to the update. If i chose Manual updates only and a new update is available, i get notification in CPANEL (notification of new update...
  14. rinkleton

    Notifications emails

    I'm using WHM 68.0.14. I'm having some trouble with configuring notification emails. Some of it has to do with AutoSSL, but not everything. Contact Manager - Version 68 Documentation - cPanel Documentation Says there should be many autossl emails possible to configure, however in my list...
  15. albatroz

    Users receiving emails with the subject AutoSSL certificate installed!

    Hello! Some of my customers are receiving emails like the attached picture. Can somebody explain me the reason?
  16. postcd

    Can i disable e-mail notifications when AutoSSL renew certificate?

    Hello, there are e-mail notifications when AutoSSL renews a certificate (maybe AutoSSL sends also other e-mails to cpanel users) Example unwanted e-mail i received as a cpanel user: Subject: "... AutoSSL certificate installed!" Good news, AutoSSL has successfully renewed the Domain Validated...
  17. R

    SSL Notifications in cPanel 68

    [Moderator Note] Here's the most recent update on this topic for anyone visiting this thread for the first time: [End Moderator Note] Hello, I hope someone can help me. I upgraded to cPanel 68 and the instant I did so (and every day since) all my users have started receiving autoSSL error...
  18. Samet Chan

    Enable SFTP/FTP/SSH login notifications?

    Dear, I can't find any tutorial or documents for SFTP/FTP-Pured, SSH to enable for notification send to my email.
  19. I

    Disk quota notifications

    I set up a new account and transferred old website files onto it as I create the new website. Wordpress framework. Notifications are still going to the previous hosts email. My email is the only one set in cpanel. This is a new account. Her email address is not in the database at all...
  20. J

    DNS Only Email Notifications

    Cpanel DNS Only server is sending me drive space notifications that I want to adjust/disable. The email it sends provides a link to my services but the page does not resolve when I use it. I understand that the program is a limited version of Cpanel, and i have successfully used it as intended...