1. blue7

    Change the URL in Warning E-Mails?

    Hello, Where i can change the url in warning e-mails at the bottom? Here:
  2. nisamudeen97

    The server has 5 unmonitored services

    Hi, I am getting frequent cpanel messages with the subject "The server has 5 unmonitored services." Below is the screen shot of the message. I don't want to monitor these services nor receive email updates for this. How can I disable email alert for this?
  3. J

    Get upcp cron update emails only on erro

    I'm sick and tired of getting the upcp update cron emails every day. A major frustration is is when I do keyword searches in my Outlook, I always get these emails as matching as there is SO much text in them. (Yes, one solution would be to create an Outlook rule to permanently delete these...
  4. J

    550-Verification failed - allowing bogus sender domains

    I've got an internal server that needs to send a notification to an external email address. So the sending email address is [email protected] for example. internal.local of course does not exist publicly. I prefer not spoof a different return address. I have a third party spam filter...
  5. Karl1

    How to send server emails not from root?

    Hi, So, all emails sent from the server , or those from firewall alerts or cpanel are coming from root. Annoyingly it is going to spam despite adding the contact, so I assume that gmail is not enjoying that it is coming from root@server... Is there a way to change that sender to something else?
  6. postcd

    Can i get warned when my server disk space is low?

    Hello, please is there anywhere in WHM or in /scripts/ a way to get notified when my WHM server disk space is low? I am not talking about cpanel account disk space quotas, but server disk space. Thank you
  7. S

    Tailwatched Notifications

    Hello, I keep getting notified that tailwatched appears to be down. What is this and should I be concerned? Thanks
  8. C

    acount creation form server

    When a reseller creates a new account they get emailed from the server containing host name Subject: [] New account: XXXX ( from: From: cPanel for resellername on <[email protected]> client complaining that server name is shown...
  9. H

    Customize a notification template

    Hi, I'm trying to customize one of the notification templates and i have followed the instructions in the documentation. I copied /usr/local/cpanel/etc/icontact_templates/Quota to /var/cpanel/templates/icontact_templates/Quota The documentation says it looks in the...
  10. M

    cPanel Notifications via SMTP

    Hi By default cPanel uses the account "cpanel@hostname" to send out notifications via email and unfortunately a lot of these messages are marked as spam in the customer's mailbox. Is there anyway to force cpanel to authenticate with an external smtp account to send email notifications?
  11. L

    Notification Template modification

    Hi, We've been trying to customize the bandwidth usage exceeded notification template but so far, it doesn't seem to be working. We have copied files from "/usr/local/cpanel/etc/icontact_templates/BandwidthUsageExceeded/" into "/var/cpanel/templates/icontact_templates/BandwidthUsageExceeded/"...
  12. D

    Location of resetpass-email.tmpl?

    Hello, I am making a new login theme and using this guide: How to Create Custom-Branded Login Pages - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation It's great and I can manage everything I want to, except resetpass-email.tmpl and resetpass-email-html.tmpl do not seem to exist. I can only...
  13. T

    Email notification- domain exceeded max mails

    hello i want to get a notification mail if any domain has exceeded the max mail limit per hour. is it possible?
  14. O

    Purging of notification history

    The history of user_notifications emails sent - is there a retention setting in WHM for this specifically or the timing coincides with log rollover? Or not controlled at all at this time ? Safe to delete manually ?
  15. S

    Customizing notification template

    Hi, I am trying to customize the "changed contact info" notification sent when I create a new account. After creating a new account, our script calls savecontactinfo to update the primary and secondary contact email. Although we pass these params to the savecontactinfo call...
  16. C

    SOLVED Manually send an email again to who over disk quota

    Hi All, I'm an admin of couple of VPSs. Some clients want to increase their disk quota to delete some emails for reducing disk quota when they are over using it. But when I check their disk quota after few days later. nothing changed. So I would like to remind them using disk over quota...
  17. D

    Special characters in upcp log causing email truncation

    I have an issue where my daily upcp --cron log email is truncated. The update process completes without issue and the log itself is intact on the server. Looking at that log, it appears that special characters are causing the email to be truncated. The problem occurs during the MySQL version...
  18. I

    I'd like to get ICQ or some other live notifications from WHM

    Hi I'd like to get notifications from my server. Right now ICQ looks like the best choice. But I get this error. The system was unable to send the ICQ notification because of the following error: API failure: (XID 5aenyp) The system failed to send an HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)...
  19. V

    11.54: Disable email notifications when someone logs into cPanel

    How does a server owner completely disable the 11.54 feature that allows users to set up email notifications when someone logs into their account? We sometimes log into customers’ cPanel accounts to performing certain tasks, and don’t want this to cause email notifications to be sent out.
  20. Motamedi

    problem lfd notifications

    hello my problem is notifications lfd ... 20 emails per minute sended by lfd to my email ... Time: Fri Nov 6 04:06:12 2015 -0500 PID: 10030 (Parent PID:9922) Account: example user Uptime: 70 seconds Executable: /usr/local/lsws/fcgi-bin/lsphp-5.3.29 Command Line (often faked in...