1. M

    Altered RPMs found - how to stop notifications

    Hello folks, long time lurker, first time poster. I made a change to spamd and now cPanel keeps sending me "Altered RPMs found" notifications every single day. Could've sworn I saw some information, albeit months ago, on how to stop that from happening. If I run the --fix, would that not...
  2. sneader

    [Case 166849] AOL / AIM / ICQ Notifications not working on one server

    I have AOL (aka AIM) and ICQ notifications working on many servers. For some reason, on one server, neither AOL/AIM or ICQ are working. When I run the test script ( /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/sendaim test ) it gives no errors, and I see no entries in my firewall log, but yet I do not get the...
  3. M

    E-mail notifications when WHM updates?

    Is there any way I can get emails when WHM updates itself? Thanks.
  4. S


    I have set e-mail notifications for bandwidth exceed. But when those notifications will get sent those notifications are getting forwarded to '[email protected]' and to the e-mail account assigned to that user account. Please note that there is no e-mail address like '[email protected]' and there...
  5. I

    CPU limit notifications

    I'm getting "Package power limit notification" and "Core power limit notification" errors every few hours, I've tried googling to figure out what exactly they mean but really can't find anything that suggests a real problem. I'm running CentOS 6.4 (2.6.32-358.2.1.el6.X86_64) Errors...
  6. B

    AIM Notifications Don't Work

    We have been running our cPanel setup for almost a year now on a VPS. It has a dedicated NIC with a direct connection, not firewalls or routers. Everything else, including email notifications work properly. AIM notifications have never worked and I'd really like to figure out why. I verified...
  7. D

    Load average notifications

    Hi, where can I disable or modify Load Average Notifications? Also whats the default value when this notifications are sent? Thanks
  8. S

    how to send bandwidth usage notifications, without suspending an account?

    In earlier versions of cPanel we had an option in WHM to disable the option to suspend accounts when they reach ttheir bandwidth usage. But I see that option isn't there anymore. Does anyone know how to send clients a notice about their bandwidth usage, but not suspend them?
  9. movielad

    cPanel/WHM backup notifications

    Hi folks, I'm struggling to determine how cPanel/WHM sends out backup notifications. I'm running 11.28.27 (STABLE) and do not receive any notification (completed successfully or not) after WHM backups have completed. I receive all other email notifications from cPanel/WHM (Logwatch, etc.)...
  10. M

    Enabling bandwidth notifications causes exceeders to be suspended on 11.28

    I've just learned (the hard way) that on cPanel 11.28 you can't send bandwidth notifications unless you also want to automatically suspend bandwidth exceeders. If you disable "Bandwidth limit check" under "Tweak Settings" in order to not suspend bandwidth exceeders, it greys out all of the...
  11. N

    cPAddOn Notifications are wrong

    I have a client who keeps receiving the cPAddOn upgrade notifications: In order to protect the security of your website, we recommend that you upgrade the following scripts that were installed via the "Scripts Library" in your cPanel interface: - YaBB.0 v2.1 Location: at...
  12. I

    Bandwidth Notifications - Resellers

    Morning All, Can anyone confirm that if Bandwidth Notifications are enabled, that emails are sent to only Root and the User contact address - and not the account owner? The wording of the option is a little ambiguous, and our resellers are asking to be notified when their customers are...
  13. 8

    Problem receiving cpanel notifications

    Hi, I am not receiving cPanel notifications. [email protected] is set as the main contact for ALL domains on our server [email protected] is set in Basic setup 3-in Tweak Settings, we have checked "Notify the admin, (or the reseller), when an account has reached the "critical"...
  14. N

    Notifications for main server

    Okay I know under tweaking there is email notifications setttings, however, I want to get a notification when the whole server bandwidth/HDD usage reach certain level. So what I had done is: I created a reseller account with full dedicated server resource assigned to it, that's 250GHDD and...
  15. S

    Bandwidth Exceeded Notifications

    We seem to be having a problem receiving Bandwith Exceeded notifications and About to Exceed Bandwidth notifications. It looks like, if the account is owned by a reseller, then the main server administrator are not receiving these notifications. Is this by design? As long as the account...
  16. S

    Update Notifications

    Nick, I don't want to sound rude, but there are a lot of unexpected behaviors in this upgrade. I have received emails from CPanel telling us about errors in FTP, in Email, in the upgrade in itself, just to mention a few. Do we need to expect more unexpected behaviors? I have a RELEASE...
  17. K

    Pager notifications for bandwidth usage warnings

    I am receiving pager notifications for bandwidth usage warnings. How do I disable this? There is no option under "Contact Manager" in WHM. Thanks.
  18. N

    how can I stop SMS notifications for SSL expiration

    Every morning for the past week I've been getting 12 sms's from my server warning me about SSL certs that are going to expire in a month. I want to turn them off, but I don't see where to turn that SSL notification off, only other notifications. These notifications are quickly eating up my...
  19. A

    **New "Add On" Domain Name Notifications**

    Greetings from Canada, Prior to the release of the new cPanel/WHM upgrade, whenever a new "Add On" Domain Name was added to any Account we received a notification of it. An example of the eMail Notification is referenced below: "On Wed Jul 25 19:09:52 2007 the user xxxxx added the addon...
  20. S

    pager notifications for service failures

    Hello! A search of these forums suggests that I am not the only one that is experiencing pager notification problems. There is an official bug: . However, this bug is supposed to be fixed as of release 14975 (I am running 15076). To be sure...