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    Disk Quota Notifications

    Hello all, One of my resellers claims that he is not receiving disk quota notifications for his customers. He has his email as the owner for each domain, but says he does not receive them. Question; do the notifications goto the account owner? Or some default email address at each...
  2. S

    AIM/ICQ Notifications in WHM?

    Does anyone have this working in WHM? I am running the latest version of WHM which uses for sendicq and sendaim but I never seem to get any messages when a user creates an account or do anything else on the server. (Notify is at 3) Someone help? :(
  3. M

    How i can stop Cpanel notifications

    I want to stop Cpanel notifications from Contact Manager. i use a monitoring system and i want to stop these mails that i don´t look. Any way to do ? Thanks.
  4. C

    Configure Cron Job Notifications

    I have a cron job that runs every 3 minutes and I get an email every 3 minutes from this job. How can I exclude the notifications from this one job? Thanks for any help.
  5. E

    Bandwidth Quote Notifications Send Too Early

    I noticed this a few months ago but thought it was just a one off but it happened again today. One of my users has used 42% of their monthly bandwidth and they got sent the 80% email. From the looks of things the email was sent out when they reached 40% which is exactly 1/2 of what it...
  6. K

    How to stop notifications

    Guys, how do i stop this notification from happening within my cpanel server. I am using cpanel r82 / redhat enterprise 3 / spamassassin and clamav. I have a modified exim.conf file but thats about it. Spam detection software, running on the system "", has...
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    WHM not sending new account notifications

    Hello, Perhaps someone can help me with this. When any of my clients create new hosting accounts in WHM, the system no longer emails them with all the accounts details such as username, domain, and password assigned to the account. Even as the root user I am no longer able to receive...
  8. M

    bogus "bandwidth limit" notifications

    I've noted this past week several bogus bandwidth limit notices. It's always on accounts that I have set manually above their pkg limit. ie, using "Bandwidth Limiter" to set it higher. How do we get whm to recognize the new bandwidth limit and not go by the pkg limit?
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    Bandwidth Notifications

    How in the world do you STOP the notifications for bandwidth? I have gone to "Tweak Settings" and UNchecked it (about a week ago) and have restarted cPanel, Apache, etc. I have also checked the file cpanel.config and I see this: emailusersbandwidthexceed=0 which tells me that it IS indeed...
  10. H

    bandwidth limit and notifications

    When i have the option to disable suspend of bandwidth exceeders not selected, it sends them an email saying your bandwidth is nearly used up etc... but when i disable suspend it does not send the email. I do not want to suspend bandwidth exceeders, but i do want to send them an email to...
  11. G

    ICQ notifications

    ICQ notifications now send an email to instead of sending an ICQ message. I would have entered this into bugzilla but evidently I don\'t have a password.