1. psytanium

    PayPal PCI Compliance security issues

    Hi, I recently attempted to activate PayPal on one of my accounts, but unfortunately, my application was rejected. I received feedback from PayPal Vulnerabilities Report regarding the rejection, and I wanted to understand their reasons for the decision. 17704 - OpenSSH S/KEY Authentication...
  2. V

    openssh privileged escalation vuln

    I ran a PCI scan on a cPanel server that I'm managing. One of the failed results showed this: Does cPanel have a patch or an update to version 8.8 ? Thanks! ----------------------------- OpenSSH Privilege Escalation Vulnerability THREAT: OpenSSH (OpenBSD Secure Shell) is a set of computer...
  3. E

    Upgrading OpenSSH v7.4 to 9.0 or above?

    Is this possible to upgrade the OpenSSH v7.4? I tried updating my OpenSSH to the latest version but there is an issue while connecting it. I'm using this version of cPanel cPanel version 104.0.8 CentOS v7.9.2009 Standard I tried following this upgrade tutorial...
  4. 000

    Upgrade OpenSSH on server

    Regards. ... finally, how we can UPGRADE SSH in server with cPanel/WHM ??? I have this: root@uu [~]# ssh -V OpenSSH_5.3p1, OpenSSL 1.0.1e-fips 11 Feb 2013 root@uu [~]# This is more of 50 months back!... Nothing new untill now? Thanks
  5. kenrbnsn

    SOLVED Updated OpenSSH Incorrectly

    Some of my users were having problems using SFTP and research via Google suggested that removing & reinstalling the openssh server would fix these problems, so I did the following from an SSH terminal session: yum erase openssh-server yum install openssh-server...
  6. W

    OpenSSH package not being updated

    Hello, I'm currently managing a server that's running WHM 64.0 build 24 on CentOS 6.8. The system's OpenSSH is stuck on openssh-5.3p1-118.1.el6_8.x86_64 while openssh-5.3p1-122.el6.x86_64 is available on the CentOS system-continuous-release repo. Our server management company's support team...
  7. L

    OpenSSH, the autofixer, and ports

    Hi folks, Today I upgraded MySQL from 5.1 to 5.5 (as requested by WHM/cpanel) which wound up rebuilding Apache and PHP along the way. Afterwards, though, OpenSSH went down and stayed that way, giving the the following message: Starting sshd: /etc/ssh/sshd_config: line 97: Bad configuration...
  8. E

    How to make the openssh on cPanel WHM?

    Hi, I need using putty login to my VPS by root. But how to setup the cPanel WHM to allow this? Look like default cPanel haven't enable OpenSSH Server..... And what setting do I need for security and safe after install/enable the OpenSSH Server. Thank you.
  9. C

    OpenSSH 5.8/5.8p1 released February 4, 2011

    Hi, OpenSSH 5.8/5.8p1 released February 4, 2011 OpenSSH 5.8 has just been released. It will be available from the mirrors listed at OpenSSH shortly. OpenSSH is a 100% complete SSH protocol version 1.3, 1.5 and 2.0 implementation and includes sftp client and server support. Once...
  10. J

    What's it take to update to OpenSSH 5.1 or higher?

    We are running the latest RELEASE version of cPanel on: WHM 11.26.20 REDHAT Enterprise 5.5 i686 standard When I do this at shell: yum install openssh* I get this readout: Package openssh-server-4.3p2-41.el5_5.1.i386 already installed and latest version Package...
  11. B

    Upgrade to OpenSSH 5.0

    I am needing to upgrade OpenSSH for PCI certification. How do I go about doing this in WHM?
  12. Serra

    OpenSSH backport

    I'm working on PCI compliance and I need to offer some proof the openSSL has been backported in RedHat. I came across a post somewhere (I think here) that showed how to list the patches applied to openSSH from the command line. After looking for an hour and a half, I can't seem to dig up...
  13. C

    Version of openSSH

    How do I determine the version of openSSH that is running on my server?
  14. Y

    Upgrade OpenSSH

    So Got an alert from PCI Scanner, saying the OpenSSH needs to be updated. I says it needs to be upgraded to version 5.0 or higher. Question is, will it break anything if I compile it from source? Or does cPanel plan on releasing a newer version soon? Thanks for your time.
  15. B

    PCI Compliancy - openssl & openssh

    I am trying to get past the PCI Compliancy checks that Controlscan does and two issues are flagged, openssl and openssh. Both are flagged as being version levels to old and insecure openssl 0.9.7a should be 0.9.7l, and openssh 3.9 should be 4.7. What I'd like to know is are the current version...
  16. handsonhosting

    OpenSSH Version Upgrade

    Hi guys, Been scanning the forums on how to do this, but there's no info. Basically the issue is that a number of our servers have verison 3.9pl of openssh installed on them. This is no longer PCI Compliant and thus we need to upgrade. The new version released by OpenSSH is 4.7/4.7pl...
  17. P

    Is it Okay to Change AllowTcpForwarding to "yes" (OpenSSH)

    Hello All, I was used to managing my databases with standalone software such as Navicat etc. But a couple months ago I subscribed to a hardware firewall for my server which settings cannot be changed. I didn't know it would, but this firewall stopped me from connecting to MySQL with my...
  18. G

    Reinstall/Reset OpenSSH

    Hi, I recently changed my SSH configuration to have SSH run on a different port that usual, but I think I messed up somewhere, and now I cannot connect to SSH, and it always fails when I restart it from within WHM.... Is there any way to reset, or reinstall OpenSSH from WHM? Thank You. -steve
  19. J

    Possible SSH Compromise - Is OpenSSH VULN!?!

    In openssh-3.6.1p2-33.30.6 vulnarable? This is the version of Openssh on my RHEL3 server. When we secured the box, we moved ssh to another port and disabled root logins. We moved it to port 7755 lets say and enabled SSH 2 and disabled root logins. When we attempted to login to the server...
  20. K

    HELP!! OpenSSH Fails to load!

    Hi, I had a problem earlier with apache which required a Datacenter Tech. to preform a hard reboot. After I fix it I preform another reboot. Cpanel/whm and sites load but shell doesn't. I tryed restarting it, with getting a failed to start message. I can't connect through putty. Please help...