1. N

    MySQL Optimization...

    I'm running around 19 total sites on one of my servers, only one of which is extremely resource intensive... The one site gets a large number of hits and is CONSTANTLY making long queries and updating data, the server load usually goes up above 2 with over 30 users online at a time. How would...
  2. H

    Server Overloaded - Optimization Needed

    My site has recently been featured in several magazines and newspapers, and is receiving a VERY HIGH number of hits. The problem is pages failing to load, and the processor on the 'top' command showing 0% idle for a very long time. The site is PHP based, and uses a MySQL server. I have...
  3. R

    How do you disable HD optimization?

    I want to disable this feature in cpanel, I enabled it but now I can't change it back to compare the differences. Does anyone know how to disable this feature?
  4. T

    HDD partition optimization

    can somebody tell me how to separate my hdd partitions to work fine with cPanel I have box with 240GB HDD and 2GB RAM. I will install centos 3.4 on it. if somebody tell me the most optimized variant it will be great
  5. Radio_Head

    mod_gzip optimization

    Cpanel install a preconfigured mod_gzip installing apache I suggest these modifications FROM mod_gzip_maximum_file_size 0 TO mod_gzip_maximum_file_size 500000 0 means unlimited and it could be a problem with extremely large html files FROM mod_gzip_temp_dir /tmp TO...
  6. F

    New optimization builds?

    ANyone runing the new edge builds from the last few days? I see in the changelog they are mostly optimization builds. I am curious on how much overhead was cut with these builds so I can govern how my servers will react once these changes make their way into the Current and Stable releases.
  7. A

    mysqld load and optimization??

    Hello All, I am bit struggling for load balancing on the Linux server.The rise in load is primarily because of mysqld daemon which occupies 99% of cpu.We have 4CPU and 2GB of RAM on server but still load on server always shows the figure of 12-20. With this I am attaching my output of...
  8. M

    Need help with optimization!

    Hey, I need some help with optimization of Apache & mySQL as sometimes my server load gets upto 1.30+. Average it remains 0.40+... I have already optimized my.cnf file by replacing the default my.cnf with the my-huge.cnf file. I had to optimize mySQL because a site that has a mysql db...
  9. R

    PHP Optimization Techniques

    erm, confused by the formatting. the way i read it, mmcache did the best? p