1. A

    Enter a second email address to receive account notifications and password reset confirmations. Notifications not sent...

    Under Contact Information from the Webmail home page, you have a primary and secondary contact address set up to receive account notifications and password reset confirmations. We know that the Reset Password feature from the Webmail login page isn't functioning and a case is opened for that...
  2. S

    Cannot access Cpanel WHM - root password not working - can it be reset anywhere?

    Hi, is there anything I can do to recover my root password for WHM? I received this message: Nydus Installed This dashboard relies on agent applications running on your server for certain operations to work, called nydus-ex and nydus-ex-api. They work through connections to your server on...
  3. J

    SOLVED Roundcube password plugin

    I can't get the roundcube 'password' plugin to work with cPanel. I modified the plugin's 'cpanel' driver so that the username is the full email address (otherwise it errors). It also failed on the existing password check but commenting that out in the code works for now (for testing just to see...
  4. psytanium

    How to change the account password

    Hello, I'm trying to change the password but can't find it :confused: Here is a screenshot:
  5. A

    In Progress CPANEL-40730 - Webmail Reset Password Not Working

    I was testing the Webmail Reset Password Link..... First of all from the Webmail Home page/Edit Your Settings/Contact Information, there are two boxes under Email: "Enter an email address to receive account notifications and password reset confirmations. " This box is prefilled with your main...
  6. radeonpower

    Password Strength Configuration

    A question to you all administrators regarding the "Password Strength Configuration" feature in cPanel. What do you have setup in your server(s)? Do you just use the default from cPanel or do you customise it? Are you willing to share your settings? :) Thanks!
  7. welcho

    WHM API1 Account password change fails

    Hi, I am trying to chenge a cPanel account password using the WHM API command "passwd" described here; Update cPanel account password Autenticated with API Token as described here: API Tokens in WHM This are the relevant parts of my code: -------------------------------------------------...
  8. V

    is there any way complete Email List Export with username and password ...

    is there any way complete Email List Export with username and password ...Using Cpanel Or WHM Thank you in Advance
  9. A

    SOLVED Force Password Update

    Hello everyone. I have a trouble - reset password for all user in WHM. And few users have error when trying to change the password in the new. It seems like 1st time login to cPanel Okay. User input old pas and 2 times new pass. And click Change. But see error What is that? Where...
  10. L

    Unable to change DB User password: The request failed. (Error ID: rs5c6r)

    A customer got this when trying to change the password for a DB user. A look at the error log reveals: Cpanel::Exception::Database::Error/(XID az9mxb) The system received an error from the “MySQL†database “mysqlâ€: 1146 (Table 'mysql.global_priv' doesn't exist) at...
  11. T

    Change password email from not arrive

    Hello, I'm trying to change my password at and the email dont arrive into my inbox, try'd several times. I need to buy another product and the saved password at my browser dont work, I'm logged into the forums but when I try to access other areas it dont work. Thanks.
  12. M

    Calendars and Contacts password not working

    I have setup a new server and installed the DAV daemon. However, the existing email account passwords do not work for login. I have tried doing password resets and they work fine for IMAP, SMTP, Webmail, etc., but they do not work in connecting to the DAV server. I always get a "401...
  13. behinam

    This invitation is not valid. It may have expired or the server administrator withdrew the invitation.

    I used "Send login link to alternate email address" options to create new email for the user can set the password for this account, when I click on following URL for change password I get this error: This invitation is not valid. It may have expired or the server administrator withdrew the...
  14. L

    In Progress CPANEL-40668 - Case sensitivity for usernames in webmail password reset

    Please tell me this is a bug (v102.0.16): We've got a bunch of users set up with alternate emails so they can reset their mail passwords. If user [email protected] has [email protected] for a recovery address and puts in [email protected] for his email, the correct obscured recovery address hint comes up...
  15. G

    SOLVED CPANEL-40481 - Issue using whmapi1 CLI to reset password

    When using WHM API1 via CLI , if the user's password begins with @ , your system throws up the following error. [root@server ~]# whmapi1 --output=jsonpretty passwd user='user' password="@samudra123" Cpanel::Exception::IO::FileNotFound/(XID zjsfdw) The system cannot find a file named...
  16. D

    WebDav/Webdisk password resets

    We have a very strange issue where the password (I assume) for some specific accounts keeps... changing, I guess. All Web Disk accounts that have this issue have the same thing in common: Their "Directory" is configured as "/". Each Web Disk accounts is mapped as a network drive in Windows...
  17. J

    SOLVED Customers confused when changing cpanel/mysql password, website fails

    We have a customer that has been complaining about their site failing when they change the cPanel password. They finally realized that the mysql password was changing when they did so (props to them - not an easy troubleshoot). There is NOTHING in the process nor the related cPanel doc (Password...
  18. V

    SOLVED WHM Root working but SSH Says password invalid

    Hello, I can able to access the WHM Root with a valid password and it works but the same password not working with Root ssh it says Access denied I had checked the wheel groups and the root is under the wheel group
  19. I

    WHM password lost

    I did change the root password in my WHM but I dont remember it (I know, this is stupid), I have access via ssh to the server, how can change the WHM root password using SSH?
  20. N

    Removing horde user entries when mariadb was in "upgrade mode"

    After yesterday updates from version to version I have an error message says: Removing horde user entries with blank password ... Cpanel::Exception::Database::Error/(XID nyqhva) The system received an error from the “MySQL” database “mysql”: CR_CONNECTION_ERROR (Can't...