1. A

    ClusterDNS external with PDNS

    Hello good afternoon. We are currently working on our own DNS cluster. To make this work we are working with PowerDNS. We are doing this to have greater possibility of management and integration with other platforms. The integrations are working very well, I have a question and would like to...
  2. bloatedstoat

    SOLVED Query to URIBL was blocked - pDNS & Bind

    Hello, I've been ploughing through posts that deal with the "Query to URIBL was blocked" error with blacklists. https://forums.cpanel.net/threads/query-to-uribl-was-blocked-how-do-i-set-up-a-caching-nameserver.593567/...
  3. M

    PDNS Received NOTIFY but slave support is disabled in the configuration

    I have a rather strange issue and after tons of searching for a solution / correct actions to take I still haven't been able to find out what I can do to safely correct this. I'm hoping that someone here can help provide some guidance. In the information below, example.ca was a hosting account...
  4. W

    Pdns wildcard

    ???????? underscore ?????? where ???? What am I missing? Regular A record with wildcard for rest of the subdomains...
  5. ankeshanand

    PDNS Service Fails to Start

    Hello Community, I've setup a stable server which was running from last 45 Days without any issues. Its load is also always below 2. Today, PDNS has stopped working completely. When restarting, It shows this: [root@server5 ~]# /scripts/restartsrv_pdns Waiting for “pdns” to start ……info...
  6. anton_latvia

    PDNS backup

    What is the best and correct way to create simple and readable dump/backup of PDNS database? We used to have simple incremental backup on named files, but lack this after switch to PDNS. It's ok to have cron to create dump..
  7. D

    SOLVED [CPANEL-24009] PowerDNS returns wrong CAA record in 'axfr' queries

    good day We are faced with a problem of not correct work of axfr. cpanel saves CAA records as TYPE257. after update  cpanel-pdns-4.1.3-3.cp1174.x86_64.rpm 2018-10-02  cpanel-pdns-4.1.4-1.cp1174.x86_64.rpm 2018-10-10  cpanel-pdns-4.1.4-2.cp1174.x86_64.rpm 2018-10-29 When requesting an AXFR...
  8. J

    PowerDNS also-notify syntax error when reading from named.conf

    Am not sure this is a WHM issue or a PDNS issue. PDNS will not start if there is an also-notify section in named.conf Have been running BIND for quite a while, with hostname A records in my zone pointing to the main IP and my registrar pointing to those hostnames. Everything working OK...
  9. P

    Questions about PowerDNS

    I’m quite new to Linux/WHM. I have just got at Linux VPS with WHM/Cpanel. I choose to use Powerdns since it supports DNSSEC. I already have a Windows VPS where I use Cloudns as slave name servers. I would like to do the same with my Linux VPS. I therefore have some questions – I hope you will...
  10. U

    PowerDNS Clustering Question

    Hello Michael, Thanks for the information. One more question. I have a cPanel server and cluster DNS server. Now it's using Bind. I would like to get DNSSEC by enabling powerDNS on my standalone server. In PowerDNS what is the backend used Sqlite or mysql ? cPanel Server has = NS1 and NS2...
  11. rpvw

    PDNS run levels

    So v68 bought a lot of eagerly anticipated new features.......and seemed to have gone backwards at the same time. Secondly......pdns Every upgrade seems to reset the run-levels for bind to being enabled for levels 2345 which breaks the DNSSEC. (I run pdns) So I have to run chkconfig named off...
  12. N

    Installed conflicts pdns: cpanel-pdns-3.4

    I am getting one error "installed conflicts pdns: cpanel-pdns-3.4" please let me know this fix. You could try using --skip-broken to work around the problem ** Found 1 pre-existing rpmdb problem(s), 'yum check' output follows: cpanel-pdns-3.4.10-1.cp1160.x86_64 has installed conflicts pdns...