1. M

    Live & Dev in on cPanel accounts or two cPanel accounts (Performance)?

    Hello, I wonder what is the suggested approach an why? When I am on a reseller account myself, should I create better a separate account for the live site and the dev environment? Or is it better to just have them in one account? I wonder if the performance would be impacted in a different way...
  2. C

    Increase performance on Cpanel accounts / Plans

    Hi team, I am trying to increase the performance of a Cpanel account, as it is not performing well. It has a high resource consumption because it is a heavy and powerful web, but I can't manage to enable more resources for it. Among the options I can see that there is an option to limit the...
  3. 7

    Please Help Me Optimize MariaDB, Database is Really Slow

    My server has really slowed down recently. I think it's due to MySQL. Please find below the results from -------- Storage Engine Statistics ----------------------------------------------------------------- [--] Status: +Aria +CSV +InnoDB +MEMORY +MRG_MyISAM +MyISAM...
  4. mlopez

    Recommended hardware for 300 hosting accounts

    Hello, I'll need to host between 200 to 300 hosting accounts, most of them WordPress installations and and average of 20 email accounts each. Server should run DNS, mariadb, php7, exim, dovecot, spamd, etc. What would be the recommended hardware for that kind of load? Thank you in advance for...
  5. mlopez

    Server is going down because of jbd2/dm process consuming all I/O

    My web/email server is going down several times a day because of the process [jbd2/md1-8] which is using 99.99% IO according to iotop. I've realized that MySQL (MariaDB 10.3.28) has something to do with it: the problem seems to be caused on database reading/writing. I benchmarked the HD and...
  6. mlopez

    bash: fork: Resource temporarily unavailable - Slowing down server

    Hello, When I try to connect through ssh and became a specific user I get this bash error. I read this thread and tried the solution presented by ispro but when I run the script I get this errors: 1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file bashrc.rej 1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving...
  7. M

    Add more disk quota to an package: how WHM organize the data in the SSD?

    Hi friends, I have for example a package in WHM/cPanel with 3GB of disk quota. When a client buy this package the system assign 3GB in the SSD, check this image: img1 But what happens if I update this package in WHM/cPanel and now he have 5GB of disk quota?, the system will assign 2 additional...
  8. A

    Server is failing to asynchronously serve files? Extremely bad performance when embedded videos are present on page.

    I am in the process of slowly setting up a replacement cPanel/WHM server to move all of hosting to from a server that was compromised last month. Every time i get close to prime time for the full migration another test seems to fail. This time we deployed a brand new WordPress site to the new...
  9. G

    Performance of mod_security2, mod_unique_id, and modsec2-rules-owasp-crs

    I'm setting up a new VPS, and I'm strongly considering turning off mod_security2 and mod_unique_id. I understand that there's a significant performance hit from them, and I don't use mod_unique_id in any of my written applications. When I turned it off, though, it took mod_security2 with it...
  10. V

    Caching & Wordpress

    I'll try to keep this short and clear. Sorry if I failed. ;) I can not get caching working on one of my cPanel accounts and it's domains. I have multiple domains under one account, when I do a fresh Wordpress install, by default gives this response header: cache control: private...
  11. G

    Does using multiple cpanel accounts improve performance?

    Hello, I have an idea and I wanted to know your opinion, if someone hires for example a reseller account in a hosting, where each cpanel account has limited resources (ram, cpu, i / o, etc), they could use a cpanel account only for database data and another cpanel account to have my site...
  12. manoaratefy

    How to enable LSAPI slow log?

    Good morning, In order to debug slow websites, I need PHP slow log. With PHP-FPM, I used to enable PHP-FPM slow log (like this). I'm looking for similar feature on LSAPI, but I didn't found any yet. Is there any documentation about it for cPanel? Thanks in advance.
  13. J

    SFTP extremely poor performance on specific account

    Recently I have noticed that transferring files to a certain account on my server via SFTP is extremely slow. I have tested on other accounts including root on the same server and it is fine. FTP is fine for all users. Instead of using all 10 threads, only 1 file gets uploaded per approximately...
  14. C

    Apache global configuration settings for performance

    Hi i have a server with Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-1650 v3 124gb ram 240gb ssd centos 7.4 i need some suggestions about the global configuration settings because at default sites are down with a simple ddos i use. the problem seems to be at Server Limit (Maximum: 20,000) and Max Request...
  15. USA_Webmaster

    Performance Comparison: Dedicated vs VPS

    Will the cPanel installation on VPS perform the same, worse or better than the cPanel Dedicated server? Hypothetically, the dedicated server specs would be similar (if not exact) to the KVM VPS specs. 16 gigs of ram Intel Xeon E5-2620 v2 @ 2.10GHz 80G SSD CloudLinux Just curious, maybe you've...
  16. S

    Email volume, performance and account size limits?

    Hi all, Looking for some guidance please; We have a WHM VPS we have finished migrating our accounts to - 49 in total. Everything is running nice and smooth and the migration process was largely straight forward (kudos to the Transfer Tool). Currently the server is processing ~1000 a day...
  17. T

    vServer with 4 cores has 100% CPU-Usage

    Hi there, since some weeks I have a problem with my vServer. If there are more than 8 running tasks the 4 cores are all showing 100% at htop. And that aren't the rough processes: 1 MySQL and 7 PHP processes. On the server there is a webshop running and all sites are dynamic. It hast 4 cores and...
  18. S

    Difference Between cPanel and WHM memory

    I only signed to this forum because I have a question. I have a VPS and I have been paying 60 GB for at least five years ( and I want to change to a new cloud hosting plan in another company ( How much memory will I need? I have differences between cPanel and WHM Why? I...
  19. B

    Can cPanel Benefit Site Speed Performance?

    Im very new to this. Probably an obvious solution. Wondering how Cpanel may benefit site performance speed if a site contains a lot of images and videos. Which methods could I consider in order to get the best of what Cpanel can offer?
  20. vlee

    Thoughts on Server and Website for better performance

    I am requesting thoughts on Server and Website for better performance for the server and for customers. I am currently running suphp Apache suEXEC Zend OPcache I want to stay with current above but I am think of of installing some or all items below APC APCu memcache memcached I am...