1. N

    Install a Perl module - search -- nothing happens

    I am trying to install a perl module. After filling out the search field, it starts searching for 1 second and then stops and nothing is displayed. Already restarted cpanel.
  2. F

    HOW-TO: update perl to 5.8.3

    is this supported by cpanel?
  3. D

    Perl broken after initial install

    Hi all This my first install of WHM and Cpanel, according to the documention the default server install should be done for RH9. This installs perl 5.8.0, when I install WHM it installs version 5.8.1 which breaks the whole perl thing, it doesn't install Digest::MD5 regardless of how often I...
  4. P

    3rdparty Perl Scripts and cpanel variables

    I am trying to build a perl script which will check the users domain, however, the cpanel print="domain"> tag does not seem to work in there... How can I get the domain name of the user, in a 3rd Party perl script? Thanks, Richard
  5. B

    Exim log. Is this some kind of perl error?

    --- 2004-05-30 17:37:53 1BULMH-00021J-Ry failed to expand condition "${perl{checkspam}}" for lookuphost router: You have exceeded the max emails per hour, your message has been discarded. -- failed to expan coniditon $perl bit.. Anyone else having this problem with the new exim since last...
  6. C

    perl with mysql dbd driver

    I have a client who needs a server with MySQL DBD driver support. Where can I get this and how to install? I search MySQL but its so much jibberish.
  7. A

    Perl Desk attachment error!!!

    Hello all, I have installed perl-desk on my server.But Now customers are complaining for errors ,while sending the attachments with mails.They can' send attachments with the mails. When I checked for errors I found the error as: PerlDesk: Script Error Perldesk was unable to...
  8. M

    Perl error with Exim 4.34.0

    After running Exim 4.34 for a couple of days im starting to see the following error in my exim_mainlog 2004-05-14 21:59:57 1BOrH5-0005rq-OM failed to expand condition "${perl{checkspam}}" for lookuphost router: Gid 12 is not permitted to relay mail at /etc/ line 346. 2004-05-14...
  9. JanusPaul

    Perl Modules

    I know there's a link for installing Perl Modules under WHM, but I was wondering either how that worked or how I could get my own custom /scripts/(Module) to work under WHM. This is for a mostly independent database system, just would be nice to have it working under WHM. Paul
  10. mickalo

    Perl upgrade issues w/DBM files

    Hello, I tried to do a search of this and haven't been able to find anything related to an issue we maybe facing with one of our servers. we are planning to upgrade one of our servers from perl V.5.6.1 to 5.8.1 and have found out there is a problem with perl 5.8.1 and DBM files using the...
  11. J

    Anybody know how to fix this Storable perl module error?

    I've been searching all over on how to fix this and could not dig anything up. Whenever I run a script, I receive the following error. I know that the data file is corrupted and I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix this. /usr/bin/perl /home/login/public_html/mt/
  12. N

    cgi-bin / perl won't run

    Ok have searched here and found all the relevant threads... But... Can't get any perl scripts to run... period have tried: (permissions - of course) suExec - disabled rebuilt Apache edited httpd.conf changed from STABLE to CURRENT etc So I'm at a loss... really need to get...
  13. K

    PHP vs Perl ownership

    I have a user that offers a Perl version of a guestbook and a php version. The perl version writes to the file as user:group like you would expect. The PHP version writes as 99:99 instead of adding the correct username. With the PHP version writing as the incorrect user it causes problems. Is...
  14. B

    Perl module - free type font support???

    Hi, I have a client with a weather website that uses a perl program called hw3.cgi (HAM weather) and it requires Perl module - I have installed that - but it also requires free type font support: I get this error when a test is done: FAILURE! True Type Font test failed. The...
  15. Solokron

    Cron Issue with Perl

    I have a cron job in a user account as follows... /home/vwketnk/public_html/autos/cgi-bin/ When I receive the output from cron to my email addresss I receive... Can't locate /home/vwketnk/ in @INC (@INC contains: /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.1/i686-linux /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.1...
  16. H

    Perl Modules for CPANEL

    Is there any way to get the 'commands' or 'structures' of the cpanel modules ?
  17. D

    Cpanel::Accounting (Perl)

    I'm on cPanel as a reseller and trying to setup my signup script. When I go to add an account that is already added $whm->{error} doesn't return any thing as far as I can tell. If the account isn't already setup it does get setup. <snip> BEGIN { push (@INC,"/usr/local/cpanel"); }...
  18. O

    Problem with Perl script after upgrade

    About 2 weeks ago, I performed an upgrade to cPanel, at this time a perl script that one of my clients is using stopped working. Although I am not sure if the recent upgrade is related or not, it is the only changes made to this site or server since it was last working. The script uses a...
  19. I

    Bandwidth Accessible by PERL?

    Well I've done some hunting around and all I've seen so far is one other person who wanted to know the same thing as I but he wasn't answered. I hope I have more luck. In short. I have audio available on my site. I have 20 gigs per month of bandwidth. I would like to write a PERL script...
  20. M

    Perl script to correct domains.

    Hi: i want doing a perl script that: - check all domains active. - if a domain isn't in httpd.conf, configure it - can configure any type of domains. To do it, i need to know if a domain ( ie ) is a subdomain, and not an domain. Cuestion is: Is there any...