1. M

    Perl not updated after cPanel upgrade

    I've updated to WHM 60.0 (Build 25), however my Perl version is still showing as 5.10.1. How can I update Perl to the latest version? Thanks! Mike
  2. F

    Perl files return 404

    Hi, I'm running into an issue with .pl (Perl) files that I've uploaded to a /cgi-local folder. All theses files return a 404 when you access them directly. All other files inside this folder and it's subfolder can be accessed without any problem. I've no experience at all with .pl files but if...
  3. BottyZ

    Perl Query

    Hi all, This question has probably been asked a million times already, however I've searched the forum and Google and couldn't find a definitive answer, so please forgive me if I'm asking it again. I'm using the 'release' tier and I'm currently on whm/cpanel version 11.58 (build 25). I'm using...
  4. T

    scripts symlink problem?

    Hello, i am using WHM version 11.56 i am having an issue with executing scripts inside /scripts directory. if i try to execute the backup command from /scripts/pkgacct i get the error /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/perl: symbol lookup error...
  5. V

    SOLVED Upgrade Perl Modules

    Does cPanel automatically update the Perl modules listed at Home > Software > Install a Perl Module? If so, I do not think that is working on my installs. If not, is there a way to automate updating them all at once instead of having to click the update link on each one? Thanks
  6. P

    Unable to give Support Access ID due to wrong perl

    Howdy Guys One of our servers tried to upgrade last night and failed with: [2016-05-04 09:38:50 +1000] file /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/perl from install of cpanel-perl-522-5.22.1-9.cp1156.i386 conflicts with file from package cpanel-perl-514-5.14.4-6.cp1146.i386 [2016-05-04 09:38:50 +1000]...
  7. P

    Problems adding POSIX Perl module

    When trying to add the POSIX Perl module in cPanel we get the following and the module does not get installed:- Testing connection speed...(using fast method)...Done Ping:1000.0 (ticks) Testing connection speed to using pureperl...(62781.88 bytes/s)...Done Ping:1000.0...
  8. Osama Tariq

    Perl Can't locate Encoding/

    I have installed mailscanner and mailwatch along with cpanel/whm server. Can you please help me regarding this issue, why it can't fetch perl modules. /etc/init.d/MailScanner restart Shutting down MailScanner daemons: MailScanner: Waiting for MailScanner to stop.. Starting...
  9. natong

    cpan -u don't know our perl version

    I am using WHM 11.52.2 (build 4) and perl 5.8.8. When using command cpan -u or cpan -O, it doesn't know which is our perl version. It list and try to update to latest modules version of perl 5.22.1. Is these normal behavier? root 05:02:02 PM /usr/lib 1057 # cpan -D FindBin Loading internal...
  10. Motamedi

    Create A php or Perl or cgi file in :2086

    Hello I need to run a file perl or cgi or php at :2086 or :2082 or :2083 or any port of cpanel. for ex. we need run it without any login how to do it?
  11. C

    Perl modules installation

    Hello, I am on latest release tier version of cpanel. Can anyone explain please what is the difference in installing a module from rpm or through WHM module installer? WHM installs perl from CPAN. If I install perl module from rpm, the WHM doesn't show it in Installed Perl Module(s). Why is...
  12. grayloon

    Perl Errors

    Since yesterday, I'm seeing the following error when shelling into one of my cPanel servers. Anyone know what might cause this?
  13. H

    The perl module File::Scan::ClamAV could not be installed.

    Hi Lately, I've been getting this email everyday. Wondering if someone can give me a hint of how to fix it. More in the email below. This module is required by cPanel, and the system may not function correctly until it is installed, and functional. Below is the results of the auto-install...
  14. grayloon

    Perl Net SSLeay

    I have both Webmin (1.740) and cPanel (11.48.4) on a couple of servers. When I try to upgrade Webmin to version 1.750, I get the following error: error: Failed dependencies: perl(Net::SSLeay) is needed by webmin-1.750-1.noarch I know that perl module was installed. I've been using Webmin over...
  15. N

    "Check/Repair a Perl Script" option is missing

    Hello, I have two cpanel installed servers (CENTOS 5.11 x86_64 standard WHM 11.48.1 (build 3)) and neither of them have ""Check/Repair a Perl Script" option at WHM. Please check the screenshot below: I need to repair a perl script. Is there another way to access this feature? Regards
  16. R

    Trouble with Perl Modules

    I have a client who relies on Perl pretty heavily. He is having some issues recently. Below is an email he sent to me. Looking for help with figuring out what's wrong and how to fix: "I've been trying to investigate the problem today, but haven't solved it. There seem to be a number of things...
  17. M

    Problem on Perl

    Hello, On my server running WHM/cPanel, I have problem, is running anonym Perl script. And i can't find it. 2627 mysql 20 0 8018m 567m 5788 S 32.7 2.4 1201:40 mysqld 8766 username 20 0 260m 208m 2096 S 4.3 0.9 1:08.29 perl 8942 username 20 0 58152 13m 1044 S 2.6...
  18. F

    Perl Lost

    Houston, we have a problem. I have a CentOS 5.7 and I´m a newbie in linux :( When I enter with Putty, I get: Can't locate local/ in @INC (@INC contains: /usr/local/lib/perl5/5.8.8/x86_64-linux /usr/local/lib/perl5/5.8.8 /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/x86_64-linux...
  19. G

    Using "threads" with Perl

    I want to use some Perl scripts that require "threads". From what I have seen, Perl needs to be compiled with threads in order to have that functionality (using -Dusethreads?). I tried to use perlbrew to install a different version but had some trouble. Is it possible to recompile system Perl...
  20. M

    Prevent specific perl module from automatically upgrading

    Hi, Is there a way through WHM and/or CPAN that I can prevent a specific perl module from being automatically upgraded? The module Filter::Util::Call was causing a problem with the Switch module. I found downgrading Filter::Util::Call from 1.51 to 1.49 took care of this issue, but it was...