php 8.0

  1. N

    disable_functions has no effect in php 8

    I need to use the proc_open function in my Drupal installation. But when I remove the disable_functions in Multi PHP INI editor, it seems to have no effect. I obtain an error in my Drupal installation: "The Process class relies on proc_open, which is not available on your PHP installation."...
  2. F

    PHP safelock failed to create a lockfile

    I have WHM v102.0.14 with PHP 8.0.18. Since upcp ran last night, PHP reports the following error on startup: warn safelock: Failed to create a lockfile '/etc/userdatadomains.lock-b232a7f711a9-4100a619-1250' in the directory '/etc' that isn't writable: Permission denied at...
  3. P

    IonCube in PHP 8.0

    Hi I want know about install ionCube in PHP8.0 this version of PHP support this app or not? if no How can do this? thank you
  4. O

    SOLVED Unable to install any options using easyapache4

    I have a couple sites running cPanel 98.0.6 and suPHP. One site won't let me upgrade to php 8. Actually, it won't let me install anything using easyapache4. I think there is something wrong with my easyapache. Is there a way to remove it and reinstall it or force it to upgrade?
  5. cPanelTabby

    EasyApache 4 December 2 Release

    We are happy to announce that cPanel, L.L.C. has released an update for EasyApache 4! Take a look at some highlights below, and then join us on Discord or Reddit to talk about this update and much more. ea-apache2-config COBRA-11968: Fix Let’s Encrypt HTTP DCV under SSL force-redirect...